Live Updates: Protesters On East Broadway

March 1, 2016

[Updating] Protesters are can be seen in the East Broadway area this morning [March 1], with a group of people holding signs, related to immigration reform, visible in the area. The police are on scene, and we will update as able.

This morning’s protest follows after the Government announced they plan to amend the law, with changes to include any person who is ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 15 years becoming eligible to apply for permanent residency, and any permanent resident who is ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 20 years becoming eligible to apply for Bermudian status.

This marks the fourth protest since the announcement was made, following after the chanting in the public gallery of the House of Assembly, the protests at the information session which resulted in the event being closed down, and the gathering in Hamilton last week.

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  1. Oh mhm says:

    Democracy at work. Love it.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Democracy at work, but also democracy broken. Have any of theses people actually requested a meeting with the minister or premier to present alternatives, do they have any alternatives to what the minister is proposing, they haven’t presented any alternatives? Yet they are saying they aren’t against the granting of status, so what are their suggestions, do they have any? When you listen to them, there is no one message, you have people wanting collaboration, but then you have have people in the same group saying they want Bermudians first, which is synonymous with denying status. And if they want bipartisan collaboration, why don’t they protest outside of Alaska Hall to demand that Mr. Bean agree to collaboration, he is after all the one who has said there will be no collaboration with the OBA.

    • Nanny Pat says:

      EPIC FAIL! You have officially LOST my support. I don’t get paid if I don’t make work.

      EPIC FAIL!!!!

  2. swing voter says:

    wish this happened when the money was flowing and we were borrowing like a kid with daddys credit card

    • Good Grief says:

      What are you talking about? The OBA Are STILL borrowing like that!

  3. Flabberghasted says:

    I think protesting in the middle of the road is quite the intelligent way of getting the point across.This really speaks volumes Smh

    • Hey says:

      Why did the Police not clear the street. Isn’t this illegal?

      • Hey says:

        Who is the Police officer in charge?

        • Really really Bettty says:

          Stand Strong the People Voices should be heard by the Government. ..

          Protests are a strong movement of the people and by the People. …

          Stand Strong

          Nothing is won without standing up.

          • Disappointed says:

            I’m all for getting your point across. But not at the expense of everyone trying to get to work Bermudians and non-Bermudians alike. It’s a very selfish and un-thoughtful way of pretesting, what does it actually achieve?

            If legitimate reasons for not allowing residents who have been employed and paying rent for 15 years and ultimately contributing to the economy of Bermuda should be allowed to stay then it should be debated properly. Not this, this is very bad for your cause.

            • Disappointed Onion says:

              Lynn Wynfield & her protestors have definitely lost my respect with such behavior of putting lives at risk “by playing in the traffic”, not only to themselves, but to those driving into Hamilton!

              • Onion Juice says:

                Obviously you haven’t seen protests worldwide, this was minor compared to what we see on the International stage.

          • Baltic says:

            Meanwhile 10,000 well meaning Bermudians are late for work as traffic comes to a stand still.

            These people DO NOT speak for the majority. Especially this morning.

            • filobedo21 says:

              You are absolutely right! I tmight be time for the Minister that is in charge of the Police, Mr Dunkley and the Government to start thinking about how to change how the general public are usign and abusing the thoroughfare. All types of people have used this thoroughfare to reach out to motorists over the years, I think it is time for some rules that the police can use to put people in check. In fact, I find people gathering with placards a distraction. Please have a look at this OBA Government.

          • hmmm says:

            They should have been arrested.

            Messing up morning traffic. any car crash bump or accident resulting from the backed up traffic is on them.

            What an absolute bunch of inconsiderate idiots.

            • hmmm says:

              So many of them hid behind signs too.

              Some are people who got status through marriage.

          • Mike says:

            You don’t get converts by standing in the road and screwing up everyones start to the day.


      • KJ says:

        Bermuda Police are WEAK They can’t even move 16 protesters !!! Lol. WEAK.

        • Charlie says:

          Really disappointed with the police. It’s pathetic that our tax dollars cannot even have a few bobbies keep the road clear in rush hour traffic.

          It’s not like any of those people would have had a fight with the police.

          Would NYPD have allowed this BS on the way into NYC?

          The Police are a joke here. All they needed to do was explain to the simple folk that they cannot block traffic, not even for a minute.

          Police standing there smiling and waving, idiots. Cut their budget.

        • filobedo21 says:

          No not weak, this was their way of protesting to, remember they have iusses, they don’t like the fact that they have been afforded Health Insurance that they did not have to contribute to, Incredulous, just imagine that. They have all had golden handshakes via health insurance, while at least CS are now paying a portionn of their insurance payments.

      • WhiteRoof says:

        It’s Illegal: Interruption of traffic
        Any person who, if assembled with other persons in such manner as to cause or to
        be likely to cause an interruption of traffic, does not, on being required to do so by a police
        officer, move on or disperse in such manner as to cease to cause or to be likely to cause an
        interruption of traffic commits an offence against this Act:

        • Family Man says:

          Was this an example of yet another civil service department that’s not doing their job?

    • BLIND SHEEP says:

      No its being a dick! and a way to frustrate people and lose support.

    • Al says:

      Spectacular own goal. Make the entire island late for work. Brilliant.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Gotta love it.

      • serengeti says:

        16 idiots. That’s not democracy.

        If you want democracy, I have a few ideas. How about a referendum on outlawing unions? Or taxing churches? Or equipping the police with tear gas?

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      It is a revenue stream right there. I remember when the ‘Same Love’ counter demonstration was warned that they would need a permit if they planned to block traffic on any roads… did anybody here a permit. Fine each and everyone of them individually for not having a permit and charge each and everyone of them for the police time to sort out their selfish mess… at overtime pay. And I call it selfish, as if their ‘honk if you support us’ campaign is any indication… at best they have maybe the support of 5% of the people. Almost nobody was honking.

      • hmmm says:

        They can foot the police bill if they didn’t have a permit.

        The police know who they are.

      • Disappointed Onion says:

        And Lynn Wynnfield , a status Bermudian, was holding the sign!

  4. Getting worrying says:

    Question is this not illegal and do the police have powers of arrest and will they use it?

    • Jus' Askin' says:


    • Family Man says:

      Apparently it’s only illegal for some people.

    • mj says:

      why are you so concerned about locking up people when there is a legitimate concern here! who paved these roads? Bermudians! Is this country Bermudians or not! since when does getting to work supercede conditions of the same or as is with some in Bermuda there is a scarcity of jobs for Bermudians, where is your concern there! who is really selfish are the bloggers who object to everything people do in order to be given some attention to their concerns tsk tsk tsk..the so-called vocal minority represent a large majority the same way Mr. Fahey is representing a people that did not even vote! What sense does it make when people who voted in an election get completely ignored in favor of people who just WANT to vote!

      • Cha says:

        Actually every single person who “paved these roads” on the Island is/was an immigrant.

        Unless of course you are a cahow.

        • Onion Juice says:

          Yup just like de European American’s, Canadian’s ,Australian’s and any other European that inhabits a country as their home other the Europe.

      • Come Correct says:

        What is this shortage of jobs you speak of? Just last week I was offered two jobs on top of the one I have as well as what I do on the side and I said no. I’ve quit two jobs since 2013, applied for one and got it, the one I have now was given to me over a cup of coffee and a brief look at my resume. I didn’t finish college and the only certification I have is in a completely unrelated field.

        • filobedo21 says:

          Good on you. Back in the days the sixties a lot of us got jobs on the recommendation of someone, and after the interview we were hired, it’s still happening today. While others rant and rave and cop an attitude, and of course don’t get hire.

          • Come Correct says:

            To be honest, not good on me. Good on the person that gave me the chance. If you put yourself out there something will come up that you can do. That doesn’t mean rolling out of bed and dropping off a resume at 3pm. Get there before before the place opens, like their employees do. Even if you have to take something you are over qualified for. I worked with a guy (black) who is now a good friend of mine, we did installations and his knowledge blew my mind most days, I quit and he now works in an office within one year. The opportunities are out there, be eager and be presentable.

      • hmmm says:

        There is not a scarcity of jobs …Look at the jobs board !!!!!

      • Jordan says:

        so its okay for the people that do have jobs whether bermudian or not to possibly lose an hour worth of pay because some people want to block traffic?

      • Yup yup says:

        You’re quite right mj. How dare people WANT to vote!!

      • Caitlyn says:

        Here is a question if two thousand people left Bermuda then why haven’t two thousand Bermudians filled those jobs.If we are honest we know the answer

        Headlines today a company moving here why? We can’t get to work…

    • BdaReally says:

      From my understanding they need to obtain a permit to have formed this protest. The Police Service was a huge disappointment this morning to have allowed these people to stand in the middle of the street obstructing traffic while people are trying to get to work. Stand on the side and protest! Why did they Not make them move onto the side walk, instead they diverted traffic from striking them. As officers of the law you should know the law and if no permit was provided and they would not move off the street they should have been placed under arrest if necessary. Again causing caos and inconvenience unnecessarily.

  5. Watcher says:

    Lock them up they’re obstructing the road way. I’m sick of a vocal minority being allowed to impact people’s day.

  6. Charlie says:

    You aren’t representative of the people!

    You’re a small and ignorant cross section of society who behave immaturely!

  7. Coffee says:

    Gather , come , remember the fate of the cedar tree ! We must turn back any steps toward the flooding of the electorate by these people !

    • Lualaba says:

      These people? Please elaborate.. Are we taking about height , sexual orientation, or was that a poor excuse for a racial remark?

      Wonder when your family were given citizenship?

    • Anbu says:

      Again u show your true racist colors coffee. What a simple minded fool you are. Flooding the electorate?! HA!!! Jackass

      • Coffee says:

        So it’s agreed that hate is the word used when one defends the sovereignty of ones birth place .. Ok got it !

        • Coffee says:

          Oh and Jacka$$ for looking out for future generations of Bermudians , black and white . Tell me , how is that racist ?

  8. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    Idiots causing a traffic nightmare. Idiots everywhere.

    • jd says:

      All of these Bermudian “idiots” will be your friends. Friends eveywhere around election time. Actually that would be the ideal time to stage this protest. Bet you would not hear any complaints about traffic problems then.This island is full of pretentious people.

  9. BDAGIRL says:

    You have every right to protest, but you do not have the right to block the main road ways.

    • Terry says:

      All actions this morning were totally illegal, period.

      Thank God there were no major fires, serious collisions, or people that needed to get to KEMH.

      Heads should roll over the obstruction and interruption caused.

      The question everyone should ask themselves is ‘who and whom are behind these wild cat actions; and whom is pulling the strings.

      The end is neigh…………………………..

      • Disappointed Onion says:

        Probably EB & his cousin Walton?

  10. lea says:

    protest… more like disruption of the peace. get out of the road ffs.. and learn to spell!

  11. Zevon says:

    What with this and ssm Bermudians are starting to look like they don’t care about human rights. Shameful.

  12. Jus' Askin' says:

    Bermudians Are AWESOME :-D

  13. steve says:

    Further evidence that ignorance is not Bliss.

  14. BdaReally says:

    I hope the police are keeping these protesters on the sidewalks. Some of us are trying to get to work so the foreigners don’t take our jobs.

  15. Um Um Like says:

    Ticket them for jaywalking!

  16. Awake says:

    I can certainly understand the right to protest, but those of us who truly want to get to work on time have the right to get there without interference such as this. It should be AGAINST THE LAW to be standing in the main thoroughfare to the city. If it is, I trust that arrests have been made already!

    • rhonda says:

      I can certainly understand the right to protest, but those of us who truly don’t care about your plight, want to get to work on time have the right to get there without interference such as this. It should be AGAINST THE LAW to be standing in the main thoroughfare to the city. If it is, I trust that arrests have been made already!
      Tax payers including protesters pay the BPS. and deserve due consideration, just like when you are driving with your lights out or even a little too fast and you get a warning..

  17. Enough says:

    Yup, making Bermudians who they say are disadvantaged in the workplace late for their jobs; awesome strategy.
    Police can’t win here. If they intervene it’ll be a police state blah blah and of course there will be an ex-pat officer somewhere within sight so all heck will break loose.
    Utterly irresponsible and much like the ‘People’s Party’/PLP, just annoys the general populous enough to make your actions counterproductive. Great job. Really smart.

  18. average Bermudian says:




    • smh says:

      You say this now because the OBA is in power but forget who started this all. You’re beloved PLP. They issued more than 11,000 work permits when many Bermudians and foreigners left. Not to mention they were in power when they gave out those work permits and renewed them each time to those who have been here for the past 15 years. But no, let’s blame the OBA.

    • WillSee says:

      PLP were never bipartisan .

      • Disappointed Onion says:

        And from what I can gather, Mark Bean, wants no part of bi-partisan!

    • Enough says:

      Do you even know what Bipartisan means? When the PLP insist on disrupting talks and don’t want to sit down then you can’t have it.

      Stop jumping on the bandwagon and inform yourself of what this reform actually is before making stupid comments.

    • Dopiness says:

      JUST STAY OUT OF THE ROADS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Onion says:

      The PLP has:
      a) had a failed immigration policy when they were in office
      b) has no plan currently
      c) refused to even begin to discuss from a sensible position

      When one party is unwilling to be reasonable it’s impossible to be bipartisan.

      • Harry Buttle says:

        If the PLP were really interested in talking about immigration at this point they would have already put forth a framework of their counter proposal. I can’t imagine the opposition, no matter who it is EVER cooperating on immigration reform. Whatever the OBA puts forth, the PLP will oppose, and vice versa. Bipartisan (and I am beginning to get tired of that word) reform won’t happen with either of these lots around. Too much divide, too much emotion and neither group is obviously interested in anything other than their own agendas.

        I would like to see what the PLP envision as “comprehensive immigration reform” but so far they’ve been silent. PLP? It’s your move to do the big boy thing and put forth what you think is wrong with the proposed policy so that you have VALID talking points when the legislation is introduced, not a bunch of children chanting tired slogans.

    • Mhm right says:

      Pretty sure we have elections for a reason booboo, a majority of voters elected the OBA to make decisions for our country…

  19. Up D hill says:

    What you are doing is annoying the public by being inconsiderate and plane stupid with this BS you will never gain support this way simply childish!

  20. Rita Realistic says:

    Yet any one of them is free to go the the UK. Make them all hand back their UK Passports. If they don’t want ex pats here , why should they be able to go to the UK !

  21. Sigh says:

    It is illegal under several acts i.e. Section 6 of road traffic act

  22. Rada Gast says:

    Couple of signs there look like they are done on hanging files – good to see someone’s work stationery being utilized for work purposes…..

  23. Maple Leaf in Pink Sand says:

    One way to lose support for anything in Bermuda. Stop traffic.

  24. Outa Work Bermudian says:

    I bet the immigrant workers wouldn’t be blocking the road. You not having j on is on your own shoulders.

  25. Double says:

    Traffic was backed up past Stovell Lane this morning, like pre recession days. If these looney toons supported the immigration reforms then we would be closer to being out of debt and in session mode again.

  26. Animal Lover says:

    Lock them up. This is not the way to protest. Everyone has a right to say what they believe in. But you are a minority that believe in not giving PRC permits. If there was a referendum you would most likely lose. If you believe this strongly about it do a petition. Get thousands of votes not a 100. Because just like you the people who want this has a say too.

  27. Positivity says:

    So the protesters are blocking traffic so their fellow Bermudians are late for work? Brilliant.

    • confused says:

      and their bermudian children late for school….

  28. BLIND SHEEP says:

    BI-Partisan??????? PLP has 14 years to fix it. Now they getting bent out if shape…… But They coming for your jobs……… No they are not!!! They been here for 20+ years. they already have Jobs most of them are doing the jobs “Bermudians” do not want to do.

  29. Enough says:

    There seems to be a lot of confusion in that crowd given some of those signs!

    Get them off the road if they want to protest at something that they are clueless about, otherwise start arresting them.

    I’ll be coming with bull bars on the front of my car tomorrow…….

  30. Think About It says:

    They hold up jobs saying they care about jobs. But they prevent people from getting to their jobs. Ha!

    They pretend they are against immigration because it takes away jobs. But in fact, it promotes more jobs.

    The real reason they protest, is that they are afraid of not getting enough votes to win the next election. That is all this is about. They don’t care about the people. They have been fomenting hate in one section of society, hoping it will win them the votes they need. But these new voters might take away their power to manipulate the voters.

    It is sad to watch. Some of these people have been hating for 50 years. Their world view is so entrenched, that they cannot move on, nor grow. I feel sorry for them. They will end their days in sadness, hate, and blame. One way or another, society will move on, and the power they wish they could revel in, will be lost forever. In its place will be new generations working towards a better tomorrow for all.

    God bless you all.

  31. Dopiness says:

    You Ignorant people!!!!!!!! You want people on your side and the first thing you do is say “Hey lets S###W with everyone first thing in the morning, by slowing traffic into work”. Have you all lost your minds? People aren’t beeping to support you – its to say get the h3ll off the road! You only making people angry and screaming at you as they ride by. I sure did!

  32. Reality Is says:

    The Reality of this ignorance is that the only true Bermudians are the Skinks and Cahows. All the rest of us are descendants of immigrants. If you’re against immigration why don’t you pack up and go back to whatever country your descendants before you came from! Bermudians seem to have no problem flocking to the UK when they can be accepted so why not accept people here?

    • mj says:

      the reality is some of us did not fly in on a jet or comfortable airline, and didn’t arrive on a scenic cruise making a decision to stay or not to stay..OUR ANCESTORS WERE FORCED INTO SLAVERY AND CALLED BERMUDIan, Why don’t you go back to where you KNOW you came from , some of us were STOLEN! and forced into slavery and a constant struggle to survive so when you start telling people to go back because everyone came from somewhere and there were only cahows ect here then YOU GO BACK. There is no going back anywhere for the true Bermudian who was ignored back then and continues to be ignored by immigrant settlers or colonist who insist that we just “play” along with this nonsense of a system!

      • Anbu says:

        right cause u were a slave. Ok i get it now

      • OnionX says:

        So whites and other colors don’t count as Bermudian according to your statement. People of all races came here and contributed to the community. That makes a Bermudian.

      • WillSee says:

        My heart bleeds for your ancestors but not you.

        • Disappointed Onion says:

          Many Bermudians arrived from the West Indies in the 1900s, because Bermuda offered better opportunity & especially after their Islands became independent.

      • Sunfish says:

        When there is nothing else to say, its slavery ! you are so boring it ain`t funny. The only slavery in the now (which is what matters) IS THE CHAINS WRAPPED AROUND YOUR BRAIN!

  33. Cod Fish Breakfast says:

    Bermuda so richly deserves the future being planned for it.

  34. Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

    A wonderful way to gain support is to cause a traffic jam and frustrate commuters on a monday morning…must be the idea of Ms Winfield

  35. rich says:

    Martin Luther King and the organizers of the theatre boycott engaged in civil disobedience to protest the injustices of their time.

    These people are not protesting injustice. They are protesting in favour of maintaining an unjust status quo.

    Any attempt to equate the two is cynical and outrageous.

  36. Devonshire Devils Advocate says:

    If there was a protest in regards to the Gay marriage referendum … We’d all be arrested on the spot.

    OBA – you are upsetting a lot of people!

  37. Ignant says:

    PLP supporters have learned a new word since the last election: ‘bipartisan’

    • just wondering says:

      I am confused – as I recall it the PLP didn’t care what “we” thought!

  38. Something stinks says:

    Police should be fired isn’t it illegal to block traffic?? It’s OK to protest but on the sideside.
    Maybe the police want a permit) ::

    • Lualaba says:

      It’s also illegal to block passage on the sidewalk.

      Wonder how many o the protesters are people who’s fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers (or mothers) were granted Bermudian citizenship? I would love to see the percentage.. How would they feel if they were the ones that had been in Bermuda for 20+ years, been part of building the country and now realize that their neighbors no longer want them here?

      FYI my family arrived in Bermuda as privateers and ended up farming in the west end of the island. I an smart enough to know that we NEED to increase the islands population and receive an infusion of cash. I have been saying for years granting citizenship is the best way.

      • Frank says:

        Privateers were just LEGAL pirates!! Thieves and robbers… just because something is legal doesn’t make it right!!

        • Lualaba says:

          Frank… And that’s all you can find to comment on? Actually a significant number on the privateering ships were slaves from Scotland and Ireland who were forced into service on the ships… But regardless… I’m sure all your ansestors were saints!!

    • Sunfish says:

      BPS Are a bunch of Lillys!!

  39. Limey says:

    Amazing! This really hurts. Bermudians protesting about immigration. I am English and although I have worked in Bermuda on and off for 18 years I still have no more rights than a tourist. I am not resident and therefore these reforms will not make any difference to me, but let me make a few points:

    As a British subject I have:

    No rights to live in Bermuda
    No rights to any public service whatsoever
    No more rights than an American on holiday

    You as Bermudians:

    Have a UK Passport
    Have all the rights in Bermuda and all the rights in the UK
    Can come to England and sign on for social security
    Can come to England and use our free health service
    Can claim all the benefit payments that I can
    Will be protected by our armed forces (if needed)

    And now you turn your backs on the Ex-Pats, and the message I am hearing is “We take what we want from the UK but don’t want you living here.


  40. Spanky says:

    No support from me. Congrats to the protestors. Youve just pissed off any hope of grass roots support.

  41. melissa says:

    There wasn’t a better idea among you all? Blocking a major road? Thank you to the inconsiderate group of you for making some of us late to work. You may have the right to be heard but we also have the right to make work on time and not lose part of our pay cheques through no fault of our own.

  42. What? says:

    Making people late for work…great way of garnering support!

    If you want support, there are other ways…DON’T F*** WITH THE TRAFFIC!

    You want a conversation? When the government came to speak, you just screamed and shouted NO! That’s not a conversation.

    I truly believe a conversation is needed, but it has to be a two way street.

  43. Keystroke says:

    Why the hell aren’t the police arresting this tiny group of people?? They are breaking the law. How on earth can the police expect respect when they fail so obviously to do their jobs?

    As for the protestors…….grow up.

  44. Frank says:

    The Police need to do there job and clear them.i for one need to get to work.This is why no one respects the Police.Do gour jobs clear them.

  45. Enough says:

    Get the hoses out and get them off the street some of us have to go to work. The are better ways to do this. Maybe this is just shy some of them don’t have jobs

    • Smh says:

      Get the hoses out? Fellow Bermudians , THESE are the types of people we’re dealing with in 2016. Happy black history month smh.

  46. Triangle Drifter says:

    The offence is simple. Traffic obstruction. Has anyone been booked? If not, why not? Who made the decision to let them get away with interfering with others passage on the the road?

    As far as what they are protesting goes, after the stunt at the church hall is anyone surprised? Rent a mob in action again.

  47. Space Ship 2.5 says:

    I need people with BRAINS so don’t stand in my way NO BRAKES dumb inconsiderate a** H****

  48. just wondering says:

    How is your right to protest greater than my right to work and feed my family!!! You selfish inconsiderate ………. ( I cant use the word I want to here!!)- this is MY island too!!

  49. ACAB! says:

    Head of police needs to explain why his men were allowed for traffic flow to be hindered, as I am sure this was illegal.

  50. John E. Thorne says:

    Why on earth were they allowed to protest in the street. They should have been asked to move onto the sidewalk and the grass verge like every other group who uses that spot to advertise or get their message across. If I tried to stand in the middle of the road with a sign, I would be arrested if I refused to move.

  51. rhonda says:

    Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

    Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    • OnionX says:

      Interesting…thanks for the History lesson. Also, wasn’t Hitler and the Nazis against immigration as well? If so, these people fall under what side of your reference? The Nazis was a loud minority but that didn’t stop them ruining Germany. While, the vast silent majority (which was good) let it happen. So let’s not history repeat itself.

    • just wondering says:

      news flash Rhonda – no one is coming for you – no one is coming for anyone – the ones who SHOULD be blocking the street protesting are the ex pats who have been here for decades and deprived of access to citizenship!!

    • Truth is killin' me... says:


  52. Brech says:

    This Island is going down soon if we are not careful we will become a 3rd World Country… I am disappointed in the law allowing these 30 people to disrupt this country when thousand of people are trying to get to their place of work…

  53. great says:

    Smh im done talking about how inconsiderate and oblivious we act as bermudians.. its making us look like idiots. Im going to start taking matters into my hands . only because being oblivious and inconsiderate is important to human nature in order to communicate. Watch the movie idiocracy this is what this island this inconsiderate and oblivious place is getting like!!! Be smart bermuda common sense is not so common

  54. Doiiiiii says:

    Yeah the evil ppl is taking our jobs that we are too lazy, uneducated, and incapable of doing!

  55. Myboy14 says:

    The Special Bunch. GET THEM OUT OF THE ROAD.

  56. wow says:

    Sorry, just maybe the believe there isn’t any other way than to take this sort of action. I’m not for blocking the morning traffic, but sometime extreme measures brings about a listening ear…..

    • Robert Richard says:

      It takes two hours for the police to do anything. But ride a bike in Bermuda and see if they are auick to react. It’s an embarrassment that these people are PAID to do this job. It’s obvious the police had no idea what to do. It took two hours to organize anything, when everyone else with a pulse knew what to do.

      I don’t care what protest you have, get out of the god damn way you fool.

      Good to know that if anything serious happened the police will respond swiftly. Like the next day. How could you then react at 8:45 when I called you at 6:30 about this. 2 hours to figure out what to do with cardboard signs in the street, but we should believe that in an emergency they will protect us.

      A bunch of idiots.

    • Had Enough says:

      it didn’t bring about a listening ear it made alot of haters

  57. Doiiiiii says:

    dont ever compare hitler nazis and germany to anything because you dumb dumbs dont know anything true about them, so dont go making yourself look even DUMBER please and SHUT UP

  58. JD says:

    This is so bonkers. Just so everyone knows when the PLP says we want “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” their opening position is that we will not grant anyone status until we go independent.

    So “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” = we will do nothing. Everyone needs to know this.

    So 15 people stopped traffic today in the name of doing nothing, sounds about right

  59. Southampton says:

    East Broadway is already a nightmare on a regular day so this just makes it worse. Out of all the places they choose to stand, they just had to pick there. There are people who just want to get to work on time and in peace. This is just ridiculous.

  60. it says:

    Is this what all the proceeds from the fish fry days went to?

  61. Lemon Tree says:

    Heard they were out there at 5am to express themselves. Wonder just how many are at work on time on a daily basis?

  62. John says:

    Any one of them can go to work for me today… I’ll take the day off….. In fact let’s all us expats sit off tomorrow on crow lane. Wonder who will rent my apartment when we are sent home.
    Sad and very disrespectful bunch.

    Let the Bermudians / expats who want to and do work hard get past your nonsense so they are not late.

    Sad sad sad

  63. campervan. says:

    I’m scared for my expat/LTR friends and the Island in general.
    I’m really concerned that this is the start of something more sinister.
    One guy being interviewed says they are NOT bashing expats/LTR’s but I see and hear otherwise.
    Don’t be fooled and keep your heads until things have run their course.

  64. Too Early says:

    I honestly road cross and didn’t realize it was for the reform I thought it was the people from MAWI advertising a fundraiser or something.. Probably why they can’t get a job.

  65. Torian says:

    Between this and Same Sex Marriage protests, I really feel ashamed of my fellow “welcoming” Bermudians. I would say times have changed but these people have always been here smiling to your face and talking about “that foreigner” or “that gay man” behind your backs. Ugh I feel slimy.

  66. Unbelievable says:

    The traffic this morning reminded me of the good old days when we had 0% unemployment and strong economic growth. The traffic would be backed up for miles in the west end and the you would have to leave home extra early if you wanted to make work on time. The country was flourishing
    back then.

    Thanks protestors for bringing back some fond memories; when everyone who wanted a job, had one. Unfortunately today’s traffic was not due to those positive things. It was merely a poor attempt at disrupting the majority of people who want to see this island flourish once again.

  67. whatwillittake says:

    Grow a pair people. This is getting your attention IIsn’t it? you are ticked off? Good. All you whining, privileged bunch of spoiled kids who never had to fight for anything, will benefit from thier civil disobedience. Wha wha wah…..I am late for work. Whopdedoo.

    • Mhm right says:

      All those “spoiled” kids going in early to work their butts off never fought for anything? These people going to work are the positive influence we need in Bermuda.

      Bermuda as a whole will only hurt during idiotic protests like this occur. They are counterproductive. There is a way to make your voice heard and this is not the way!

  68. Mhm right says:

    If you’re pro Bermudian then get d hell outta my way! I’m tryna go work

  69. Frank says:

    The Police need to do there job and clear them.i for one need to get to work.This is why no one respects the Police.Do your jobs clear them.

  70. Trisha says:

    This days the island seem to be disturbed perhaps this Government is bringing to much kaos. They better fix this immigration problem before things get out of hands

  71. Trisha says:

    Also by looking all these posts that only shows OBA how many unemployed people we have on the island otherwise they would be at work, working, not posting comments.

    • Terry says:

      There all old and retired or their day off or late shift.


      • Come Correct says:

        Or on their phone stuck in traffic.

  72. filobedo21 says:

    The Premier should be asking the Commissioner of Police about how his officers have handled this protest. Why were they allowed to take of a whole lane during Rush Hour. And to Trisha, you know full well that when employment increases such as the hotel sites, Pink Beach which is to open in the Fall, the airport project… many Bermudians will be working. Bermuda is not the only place that has had an economic down turn, why do people feel that we should not fell some of the pain that others endure, such as some of the Carriben countries.

  73. Avocado Anarchist says:

    As a 20+ year resident of Bermuda. I am fed up being told I am not wanted and have no rights while Bermudians take full advantage of a UK passport.
    Leave Bermuda to Bermudians, last one out turn off the light.

  74. Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

    the most ineffective protest ever..people texting me from Warwick stuck in traffic and they are enraged…..

  75. Scorpio king says:

    I would like Bermuda status shoooot

  76. TRINIBDA says:


    • wahoo says:

      Trinidad? Let me tell you if you really want to take these people to Trinidad you can have them, apparently they have lots of qualifications and may be able to assist with whatever Trinidad needs. There is a no return policy of course.

  77. Cow Polly says:

    What would have happened if an incensed driver stuck in the traffic trying to meet a deadline at work took it upon themselves to drive up the inside lane and hit one of those idiots? What would the Police have done then? Arrested the driver? For what?
    The fact they did nothing is a very dangerous precedent to set. We can now expect one of these a week whenever a handful of people have got their knickers in a twist about something.

  78. A person with intelligence says:

    I just think these protests are ridiculous… protesting against foreigners that can apply for permanent status..really? If you want to get historical . Technically we are all immigrants.. there is no indigenous race from bermuda. I believe a person has the right to apply for permanent residency if they dedictated 15 plus years to this island. Especially if they raised a family .. been working for all those years contributing to the economy.. doing positive things for the island. This includes Bermudians as well wanting to live some where else in the world and dedicating their lives to that country. Both Bermudians and immigrants play an important role in substaining Bermuda’s economical impact. There are some jobs that some/most bermudians aren’t qualified or have the experience. I feel as if some Bermudians believe that they are ‘entilted’ to these jobs without having the requirements. Wake up people that’s not how the real world is. I feel that there are enough jobs but the real question is do some of the Bermudians that don’t have jobs want to work at that job? Do they feel as if they are too good to be working at that place/job . That’s another reason why immigrants are important to fill in those empty holes. In my eyes every single job plays an important part in terms of Bermuda’s economy. It doesn’t matter if you are a garage truck driver or cleaning the streets etc. Another reason why immigrants are important they bring multiple cultural aspects to the island which is beautiful to see and we should being cherishing this Not compaining about immigrants taking up our jobs.
    Another point I want to bring up is . why are we protesting about things that are not negatively impacting our island ? Where are the protests against the increasing crime rate, the burglaries, gang violence ? Ooo yeah we stay silent when it comes to that .. where are the protest against the government in terms of the corruptions that goes under the table or the promissions that never get full filled ?
    With that I’m going to end my argument ..

    • So Tired says:

      Good points, especially on the last part of your argument regarding the lack of protest against the “…government in terms of the corruptions that goes under the table…”

  79. james says:

    How can the Commissioner state this was ‘Spontaneous’ at 630am? Had to be planned. They should all have been locked up. They can ticket all the cars by Elbow Beach at Christmas because the caused an obstruction but nothing happens to these people that caused thousands of hours of lost work by people who got to work late.

  80. ALVIN WILLIAMS says:

    Could it be that all those cars got tickets because they were expat oh the unfairness of it all.