Bermuda’s Court System To Celebrate 400 Years

April 3, 2016

2016 marks the 400th anniversary of Bermuda’s Court system, and as Bermuda prepares to celebrate, with activities planned from June through to the end of the year, the public is invited to help.

Chief Justice, Mr. Ian Kawaley stated, “As we plan events to recognize and celebrate the 400th anniversary of Bermuda’s first court sitting, which was on June 15, 1616, we are asking Bermudians to look through their old pictures and records and bring in any that highlight and celebrate those who have contributed to the court system over the years.

bermuda special court sitting Jan 2016 (16)

“During the summer, we will be unveiling a traveling exhibition and want to highlight former members of the Judiciary. We welcome pictures of former judges, clerks and documents people may have and not been able to share publicly before now. While we may not use everything, we will honour as many people as possible.”

Justice Kawaley concluded, “There are exciting activities planned for later this year. My colleagues and I look forward to engaging with Bermuda’s residents as we highlight the achievements of Bermuda’s court system, arguably the oldest continuous common law legal system outside of the British Isles.

“We will share the schedule of events closer to the start of the celebrations.”

Photos and documents should be brought to the Department of Communication and Information on the ground floor of Global House, 43 Church Street. Scanned copies of originals will also be accepted. Send emails to

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Comments (13)

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  1. RAPARATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Coffee says:

    Still after all those years , the kangaroo rules ….

  3. peter n says:

    Celebrate what?400 years of ********?

  4. sage says:

    I’m sure all those folks who have been through the courts will wax nostalgic…

  5. lwib says:

    the biggest joke in the world **** them!!!!

  6. Wayne Wonders says:

    Are they really serious???… proud to celebrate 400 years of injustice!!

    What is so ironic is the “400 years”…..doesn’t that remind you of something?

    A “judicial system” that excluded Black people and denied them their basic human rights, who saw nothing wrong with Black imprisonment and upheld slavery. A system that only until recently locked up Black men for “wandering abroad” in their own country?

    Yes, so noteworthy to celebrate 400 years

  7. Whistling Frog says:

    And still no equal rights or Justice for all.

  8. Davie Kerr says:

    Having read the above posts, Mr Kawaley, I have the strangest feeling that there are some people around who do not share your joy…..

  9. Full Fuulish says:

    While I’m sympathetic and downright disgusted by the injustices of the past(not sure how one couldnt be)- Bernews could write an article about something totally unrelated and it wouldn’t make a difference. Same group of people trolling articles looking for a reason to further divide the races! Guess they wont be pleased until an all out war starts!

  10. BLOW IN says:

    special discount fines and punishments this year only, HURRY NOW BEFORE OFFER EXPIRES .

  11. Evie says:

    Bermuda is beautiful on the outside but as far as the injustices that have been put on the black community and still no apologies from anyone or compensation forthcoming is sickening SMH

    • BLOW IN says:


  12. JurisprudenceAncientandModern says:

    “Arguably the oldest continuous common law legal system outside of the British Isles”.

    It’s good to know that Common law(Natural
    law/Divine law) is alive and well because some people would have us believe that it doesn’t apply in this day and age.

    Statutes and codes have trumped common law here in the US, as such remedy contained within the common law is not available to the common man who doesn’t know that “law is common to all” .

    I am not against law,I’m just for properly applied jurisprudence which isn’t taught to the common man or even those that represent them, barristers.