DeSilva Elected Caribbean Association President

May 30, 2016

COPM_DeSilva1gg[Updated] Bermuda’s Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva has been elected President of the 24-member Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police [ACCP], marking the first time a Bermudian Commissioner has held the President’s post.

The ACCP was established in 1987 and is comprised of the Commissioners of 24 police services throughout the Caribbean region and Central and South Americas.

Its mission is to provide collaboration and cooperation between law enforcement agencies in the region to tackle crime, and to share strategies that improve policing, crime prevention and community relations.

The Association held its Annual General Meeting and Conference in Paramaribo, Suriname during the week of 16th May. The theme of the conference was Border Security.

The Commissioners examined international cooperative efforts that are being made to mitigate increasing threats of organized crime and terrorism that relate to the movement of people and commerce between countries.

Commissioner DeSilva was elected as President at the conclusion of the AGM. Five Executive Committee posts are elected annually, and they may be held for a maximum of three consecutive terms. This marks the first time a Bermudian Commissioner has held the President’s post.

Commissioner DeSilva said, “It is a complete honour to receive the confidence of my Commissioner colleagues and to take up the post of President of the ACCP.

“The Bermuda Police Service is one of the smallest in the association, but we have a good reputation in the international law enforcement community of being a modern, progressive and highly capable agency.

“The BPS has been a member of the ACCP since 2000 and we have maintained a strong presence on the Executive Committee. My two immediate predecessors, Commissioners George Jackson and Jonathan Smith, both held Executive posts during their tenures.

“I am looking forward to the experience and the opportunity to work with such a diverse array of international partners.”

Update 5.33pm: Minister of National Security Jeff Baron extended his congratulations to Commissioner DeSilva.

Minister Baron said, “An important part of the mission of the ACCP is to provide collaboration and cooperation between law enforcement agencies around the region and to share strategies that improve policing, crime prevention and community relations.

“I believe that Police Commissioner DeSilva is certainly up to the task to provide robust and strategic leadership to this important Police body.

“Policing in Bermuda is one of the most difficult professions. On a daily basis our Police Service has a challenging task in maintaining law and order and protecting and safeguarding the members of our community and they should be commended for their service.

“There are common challenges that each of the member nations of the ACCP face and the Commissioner’s representation of Bermuda at such a high level is quite timely, as Bermuda has recently had to grapple with its own issues regarding crime and violence.

“I believe that the ACCP will be well served with Commissioner DeSilva at the helm and I encourage all of Bermuda to join me in extending congratulations to him.”

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  1. Terry says:

    Thank you for your service.
    Now just retire and get some new blood in there.

    • Common Sense says:

      Totally disagree with the negative comment from Terry. Commissioner Michael DeSilva is one of the very finest Commissioners the Bermuda Police have ever had and he does a great job under very difficult circumstances budget. He has no doubt been elected President of the ACCP because of his ability and we as Bermudians should all be proud of him.

      • Terry says:

        “i.e.” limited budget.
        What an asinine comment.

        You get paid?

        You must be one of those that worked 20-25 years and now run security at a hotel or bank after easing your way through the BPS.


        • Common Sense says:

          And what rank did Terry reach after easing his way through the BPS? How far up the ladder to COP did he manage to climb during his illustrious career? There may be just a hint of envy in his comments about Commissioner DeSilva’s rise from cadet to Commissioner, and now President of the ACCP.

          • Jus' Wonderin' says:

            That’s because Terry was terminated and couldn’t cut it lol…

  2. Nicky says:

    Congratulations on being the first Bermudian Commissioner to be elected president of the Association of Carribean Commissioners of Police.This is an honour for both you and Bermuda. Well done!

    • Terry says:

      You mean above or someone from Bermuda.

      I give up.

      • Get a clue says:

        Go lay down Terry! The Commissioner is Bermudian, and his family have been here for several generations. It amazes me how ex-po like yourself have so much negative to say, but really do you hear what great things they did themselves when they were Bermudian officers. And that’s probably because they were a waste of space in the first place. Job Well done COP DeSilva!!

        • Get a clue says:

          *RARELY do you hear what great things they did themselves*

      • wahoo says:

        Good! Give up, you are wasting good oxygen.

  3. Y2K says:

    he ain’t done nothing here. lol

  4. Abc says:

    Terry a noob
    Shalom f noob
    Trill more

  5. Terry says:

    Get a clue I wish you would.
    You know nothing about how people were promoted just to keep them out of the way and shut them up.

    Not saying this is Mr. DeSilva’s case.

    It’s all political at the end game.

    Kiss a** go far.
    Prick on people go farther.

    1 Black Commissioner
    1 White Commissioner
    1 Portugese Commissioner.

    Who’s next………………
    Longest serving with status?

    Who gives a s#!t.

    There will never be another Leroy Maxwell Clark.


    • Common Sense says:

      Terry, It is very sad indeed to read how bitter you are about your lack of ability to ever progress in the Police Force. You constantly criticize and condem others who have risen through the ranks (your post above is a prime example), but you have never faced the fact that no-one is ever promoted unless they are able to pass their promotion exams. Those of us who know you, and there are many, know exactly why you were never promoted and why you constantly try to blame this fact on anything and everything but the real reason – You!

      • Terry says:

        B@lls and lies.
        Print your real name here.

        People like you made it easy for me to walk away after 18 years.

        You fool.

        • Common Sense says:

          It is so sad to see Terry demeaning himself, using insulting language about his fellow police officers, and choosing this column to do so when the article is actually about a highly successful born Bermudian Commissioner of Police who has risen through the ranks and has now been elected as President of the ACCP – an organisation representing 24 Caribbean Police Forces.

          As for the “lies” perhaps Terry can confirm if he ever passed his promotion exam to Sergeant which would have been the first rung on the ladder to success. It can be very difficult to accept the truth.

  6. CONCERNED says:

    Congrats Commissioner Michael DeSilva… well done

  7. mmm says:

    I do hope that more and more strategies can be learnt from our association with this inter-caribbean organisation to facilitate a slow-down in our current violent crime rate. Our own police officers need to be commended for the work they must do under more and more challenging circumstances, politicians need to say less and allow the service to meet the needs of thi s community. I recall Operation CleanSweep, it seemed to be making inroads with great success then it was abruptly halted. A few years ago police were keeping folks moving in the White Hill, Naval Field and Cambridge Road area s, empowered by legislation, that was also abruptly halted. In a few other areas of the Island this was happening or about to happen. It is imperative that law and order are maintained and all other related services, prison,customs,immigration do so as well.