Groups Provide Water For Prospect Residents

May 4, 2016

Saying they wish to make a “small difference in the community of which we live,” members of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority are delivering bottled water to some of the residents in the Prospect area this evening [May 4].

Water to Cedar Park (9)

Many of the area residents have been dealing with brown water, and the Ministry of Public Works have started work on the matter, saying they believe “the most efficient way to attempt to remedy the level of discoloration in the Prospect area water is to feed the affected area by a different transmission main” and said this work is being completed today.

A spokesperson for the group said, “Over the last few weeks, there has been a tremendous amount of discourse around the quality of water at many of the residences at Cedar Park and Mary Victoria Road.

“Today, members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated stand together united as community servants in making a small difference in the community of which we live in.

Water to Cedar Park (6)

“It is to that end that we have partnered with local businesses as well as used our organizational resources to purchase water for the affected communities.

“It is our goal to distribute this water to the homes in the area and to use this as a small community gesture of love and hope. We will also be canvassing the neighborhood residents to identify if anything else can be done to assist them in their time of need.

“Special thank you to Pitt and Company, Hunt’s Food and Supply, FireMinds and Bermuda Health Care Services for their contributions.”

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  1. Brother Anthony Davis (AΦΑ) says:

    This was an awesome thing to take part in. Some residents were in tears. Many saying how this would help them cook. I encourage all to do whatever you can to help our brothers and sisters!

    • Problem Solved says:

      Im confused? I was sure I heard in one of the radio news reports that they had solved the problem by running new pipe around the problem area(s). Did I hear wrong or did that only fix part of the problem?

    • Good Deed says:

      This is nice and all, but the water’s deemed healthy to drink…

      Could have given water to the homeless, to starving nations. No, we’ll give it to the people who have (supplied) water.

      On a side note; what ever happened to the affected residents water tank water?

      • Serious Though says:

        go back to sleep

      • Um.... says:

        Do some research. They don’t have tanks. They rely on water distribution from government.

    • Awsome to see average Bermudians extending a heart of compassion in this economic climate, while our politicians boast about America’s Cup.
      F!@#ing Pathetic
      Bermuda’s Flint

      • Problem Solved says:

        Your complaining about the local government and Americas Cup but you have no problem with your former government and $800 Million in unaccounted for money, or the $807 thousand that the former government paid to the Trustees of Sandys 360 , TWICE, and nobody knows where the money from the second $807,000 that was paid unintentionally went? Did you complain about $4 million for Beyonce to sing? How about the Faith Based Tourism scandal. How much spent on Grand Atlantic to sell just 2 condos , at a time when people were exiting Bermuda and condos were everywhere. Where are your comments about that?

        Onion Juice, these stories can all be described as you said ” F!@#ing Pathetic”

  2. To whom it may concern,I would like to send a great big thank you to all of the sororities concerned in this gesture of good deeds to our community . There is àn old saying that the cream will always come to the top,need I say anymore.thanks again.

  3. Hurricane says:


  4. Thank You - Real Leadership says:




  5. mmm says:

    A tremendous act of kindness, I would like to see more networking as well in this community, having use of the Prospect Primary School from time to time to share with area residents——first aid/cpr, life skills, health seminars, resume writing, how to seek redress on various matters. Perhaps there already exist a community action group at Cedar Park and another at Prospect. These soroties are folks who know folks who can make a bit of difference in some situations. Softball, basketball, chess, and a few other activities for our elderly as well.

  6. choices says:

    Fantastic people and God is Good! This is Real Leadership, finding solutions to help those in need, instead of telling people its safe to drink!

    • Double S says:

      Real leadership is finding a permanent solution which is taking place in trenching and replacing all the old iron pipes to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

      If you truly cared you would’ve been around there much earlier as this problem has been going on for years.

      While it is truly a generous gesture it is only a temporary fix. Unless you plan on giving out water to these folks each week.

      • Um.... says:

        Or maybe it will inspire others to help until the issue is resolved. Even the biggest community groups don’t have the resources to meet every need. Stop being negative. How much water have you given those residents?

  7. Roxy says:

    Service is the rent we pay ……. In this so called journey called life!!!

    We were truly humbled and privileged to be welcomed in their homes!!!

  8. Cedar Park says:

    I will like to say Thank You again. This really speaks a thousand words and shows that someone cares.

    This has been going on for a while. The community has not seen anyone who is responsible for this problem or yet alone the minister or Mr. Smith come around to see if anyone needs or are Ok.

    Or yet alone to even see this for themselves. So once again we would like to thank all who donated the water, and those who delivered them to our house we appreciate you guys and ladies.

    • Double S says:

      Please also thank the taxpayer for funding the new pipes that are being laid to provide you with water.

  9. Henry Callis says:

    Very strong community initiative. Gives meaning to filling the gap and making a difference where you stand.

  10. How far can you swim says:

    Everyone knows someone who lives or lived in Cedar Park. We have to show we care for each other. While that was a small jesture it went a long way.

    Well done?

  11. watching says:

    Great job by these organizations. Doing what the MP and the Government don’t feel the need to do.
    Where is the MP on this issue anyway?

    • Double S says:

      Making sure that new pipes are being laid to prevent this form occurring again.

      Where have you been?

  12. person says:

    I just hope the people that needed got the water cause not all areas were having the problem I know I was not, I live Mary Victoria. But yes people have to remember the houses were built in 1972 not yesterday.

  13. MaryVictoria/ Alexander Resident says:

    This is awesome!! God Bless all of you!!! Thanks a million!!!
    I live in the flat roof homes and we have our own tanks. Our water smells like the looks of the brown water. The moment you turn on the taps you can smell the water. They also told us it is safe to drink. When my grands were younger I would bathe them in the tub. And as kids they would always try to drink the water while splashing. Bad mistake. That made them very ill, gave them diarrhea. Very severe. Had to be taken to their pediatrician and was told they had a case of salmonella.