Photos: Island Students Host 5K Charity Walk

May 23, 2016

On Sunday, May 15, people around the island attended the Family Fun 5K Walk for charity, beginning at Barr’s Bay Park in Hamilton with a performance from the Bermy Bouncers jump rope team.

The organizing students – Yusef Bushara, Jordan Etemadi, and Morgan Kempe – say they “decided to help heart disease because it’s Bermuda’s most wide-spread disease.”

Yusef Bushara previously told Bernews, “Last year, Somersfield decided to implement the idea of a community project. The idea behind a community project is to get the M3 students to contribute something positive towards their local community.”


“This year, we decided to have a family fun 5K on behalf of the Bermuda Heart Foundation. Basically, with this, we’re trying to raise funds and awareness for the Bermuda Heart Foundation, through this walk and through this process of advertising and promoting this race. On Sunday, May 15, which is this coming Sunday, we’re going to be having our walk.”

A spokesperson said, “The event was made possible with the help of many people who supported a worthy cause and the ambitious group of students. Firstly, the event would not have been possible without the participation of the walkers [and runners] who took the time out of their day to complete the walk and support the Bermuda Heart Foundation and its values.”

Organizing students previously speaking to Bernews:

“Also, St Johns Ambulance was present throughout the walk just in case an unfortunate event occurred or medical assistance was needed. In addition, the Bermuda Heart Foundation helped guide the students through their first experience in coordinating an event and must be thanked for their contributions.

“Lastly and very importantly, Butterfield and Vallis provided participants with water and healthy snacks to boost their energy and their donation must be greatly appreciated.”

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