Photos: Tokio Millennium Re Triathlon Run

June 14, 2016

Tyler Butterfield and Ashley Estwanik recently won the 2016 Tokio Millennium Re Triathlon, which took place at Albuoy’s Point in Hamilton on June 12.

The event featured several categories; in the Senior Individual and the Senior Team category was a 750m swim, a 20km bike ride and a 5km run, and the Try-a-Tri, designed for those new to the sport, consisted of a 200m swim, 10km bike ride and a 2km run.

In the Duathlon category, children aged seven to 10 competed in a 1km run, 4km bike ride, and another 1km run. Juniors aged 11 to 15 competed over a longer distance, with a 2km run, 8km bike ride then a 2km run.

The event also included a Middle and Senior School challenge, where teams competed to win money for their school’s sports programs. The teams competed in the Duathlon [consisting of a 2k run, 8km bike and 2k run] and the Try-a-Tri course [a 200m swim, 10km bike and 2km run].

Kathleen Faries, Head of Bermuda at Tokio Millennium Re, said, “It was fantastic to see so many people taking part. We love staging this event and bringing people together in the community.”

The photos below show the run portion of the event; we’ll soon be posting photos of the cycling portion, and you can see photos of the swimming portion here; in the meantime you can view all of our coverage of this year’s and past years’ Tokio Millennium Re Triathlon here.


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