Photos, Video & Results: BMRC “Wheelie Wars II”

June 5, 2016

[Updated with video] The Bermuda Motorcycle Racing Club held their second annual ‘Wheelie Wars’ competition today [June 5] at the Motorsports Park in Southside, St. David’s.

The event featured three stages — Longest Wheelie, Slowest Wheelie and Freestyle Wheelie — and a $1000 total cash purse, with the overall winner receiving $500, the second place winner receiving $350, while the third place rider picked up $150.


In the Wheelie Wars II competition Joshua Giraud was first, Luke Parker was second, and Chris Kairupan was third. The Style Competition was won by Chris Kairupan, Rakai Raynor claimed the title for the Slowest Wheelie, while top honours in the Longest Wheelie category went to Joshua Giraud.

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Comments (9)

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  1. Mr.Speaker says:

    Its good to see guys are doing this in a safe place and not on the main road

    • JohnBoy says:

      True, but that may be where they practiced though.

      • D. Masters says:

        I witnessed a young man on the main road last weekend, he almost caused an accident, then he rode his bike with no license plate no. all thru Coopers Island nature Reserve. So much for his Wheelie Practice. He almost ran over 2 Tourists walking on the Trails. I did report it to the Police, they came, but he took off .

  2. Kiverja says:

    Nice wheelies guys!!

  3. who cares most says:

    This behaviour extends onto our roadways and sum think it’s ok to do.
    Whem we applaud bad behaviour remember we praise it so when it happens in our roadways please don’t complain and officers don’t issue tickets for these offences as they are practicing to claim top prize.

  4. Seascape says:

    Unfortunately this is being continued outside of the track. I am seeing an increase in guys doing this on our roads. They are putting themselves and others at risk. Younger guys are trying to aspire to this.

  5. Zevon says:

    Makes a change from doing it on the sidewalk on Front Street I guess.

  6. Bike life says:

    If they was to give us more places to ride maybe we wouldn’t have to do it on the roads not everyone has the time to go southside all the time when we want to have fun

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