Film Series To Screen ‘Sugar Coated’ & ‘Infinity’

June 14, 2016

An award-winning investigative documentary about the sugar industry, and a feature film starring Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons, are to screen at the Weekend Film Series on Sunday June 19.

Screening at 3pm, The Man Who Knew Infinity stars Mr Irons and Dev Patel [Slumdog Millionaire] in a true story of the friendship between Srinivasa Ramanujan [Patel], a self-taught Indian mathematics genius who traveled to Trinity College, Cambridge – and his mentor, the brilliant and eccentric professor GH Hardy [Irons], who fought tirelessly to get Ramanujan the recognition and respect he deserved.

Trailer for The Man Who Knew Infinity

Set before and during the First World War, the film is the improbable true story of a unique genius whose pivotal theories propelled him from obscurity, and how he fought to show the world the genius of his mind. The film, which also stars Stephen Fry, Toby Jones and Devika Bhise, is rated ‘PG-13’.

Screening at 5.15pm, Sugar Coated is a compelling investigative documentary that pulls back the curtain on the tactics employed by the sugar industry, which for 40 years has deflected all threats to its multi-billion dollar empire while sweetening the world’s food supply. How did the food industry get us to stop asking the question: is sugar toxic?

Trailer for Sugar Coated

As obesity, diabetes and heart disease rates skyrocket, doctors are now treating the first generation of children to suffer from fatty liver disease. Today’s critics are smarter, bolder and madder than ever – and science is catching up. How long will the sugar industry be able to withstand this increased scrutiny?

The film, winner of the Best Social/Political Documentary prize at the Canadian Screen Awards, is rated ‘G’. Tickets for both films are on sale now at the Oceans Gift Shop, BUEI, or by calling 294-0204.

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