BTA To Help Beautify Local Neighbourhoods

June 5, 2016

Local residents looking to beautify their neighbourhoods can now participate in an initiative managed by the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA].

Today the BTA launched the Neighbourhood Beautification Project, inviting the public to submit applications online to receive support in beautifying their neighbourhood.

Successful submissions will get the tools and expertise of local businesses and organizations to plan, organise and implement a series of activities resulting in the beautification of the roadway in their area.

NBP_Lighthouse_Road Bermuda June 5 2016 2

“Not only does this initiative serve a practical purpose, such as clearing and beautifying roadsides in Bermuda, it also serves to re-connect residents by providing an opportunity to create and maintain something special together that directly impacts where they live,” said BTA COO Karla Lacey.

“The outcome will be beneficial to their neighbourhood and to Bermuda and our tourism product as a whole.”

Eligible neighbourhoods must be near a visitor destination or in a tourism transportation corridor. The neighborhood also must designate a team leader who will be responsible for organising volunteers and ensuring beautification standards are maintained throughout each phase of the three-part initiative.

A full list of criteria is available on the BTA’s corporate website where applications can be submitted electronically.

NBP_Lighthouse_Road Bermuda June 5 2016

Resident volunteers from Horseshoe Road and Lighthouse Road participated in the Neighborhood Beautification Project as pilots earlier this year with diverse resident engagement, clear aesthetic results, and positive feedback.

“These efforts are done out of love for our Island,” said Dave Blakeney, neighbourhood leader at Lighthouse Road.  “We are Bermudians and residents working together to shine our light for the community and tourists who visit our island.

SAL Limited, Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB], Bermuda Landscaping Association and the Southampton Parish Council have all partnered with the BTA during the pilot process.

Applications will be accepted online until June 30, 2016.  Successful submissions will be notified at the beginning of August and prioritized to enter the program from September onward.

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Comments (4)

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    It’s great seeing “people” doing this for a good cause…We need to see more people taking an interest in our Island. Also there should be Laws that are enforced that will deter them that seem to have no problem littering :-(

  2. Seascape says:

    This should be done across the island in conjunction with Government workers. Our roadsides are terrible. It should not be limited to just certain areas. Tourists ride the bus or bikes across the island. It is sad to see our island in this state.

    Some companies have cleaned up during volunteer days only to have it all get overgrown again. The trees along North Shore need to be cut down and cut back/removed.

  3. Eve says:

    Is this really a BTA responsibilty or was it passed down from Minister of Public Works to keep his budget down???

  4. charles says:

    Here’s another idea in addition to this.

    There are several bus stops that could use improvement. A bit of landscaping, a bench and a sign on the pole which may give an idea what time the bus will be coming by. Some stops are even dangerous to stand and wait.Govt should coordinate with adjacent landowners to allow this to happen.