Live Videos Replays: Hurricane Nicole

October 13, 2016

[Updated] Hurricane Nicole is making its way toward Bermuda, with the storm currently classified as a Category 3.

The live videos below offer a look at the approaching storm from the east end, and we are not sure how long they will hold as they may ’drop off’ at some point due to the impact of the storm on the island’s communications systems, however will stream for as long as we are able!

For our ongoing live updates on Hurricane Nicole, click here.

Update 10.34am: We lost one [we lost internet at location!] and the 2 hour replay is below:

Update 12.08pm: And the second one has now dropped as well, so the 3.5 hour replay is below.

click here Bermuda Hurricane Nicole

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  1. Rada Gast says:

    Be careful Bermuda – we have done well to get this far without anything major happening. Let’s ensure the next twelve hours (9.30am Thursday onwards) is the same.

  2. Wayne says:

    This won’t be as bad as Fabian, but remain vigilant during its passage.

  3. Jermain Lauder says:

    Please Lord all be safe! Dis is Madness!!

  4. Twohawk in Texas says:

    Praying for your safety through the storm, Bermuda.

  5. berlyn rogers says:

    be safe bda, stay in

  6. Jerkeyo Berkely says:

    O my god dis is complete madness, hurricane nicole is coming bermuda i about to be stat.

  7. Jerkeyo B says:

    If hurricane nicole come bermuda she will be sorry cuz it will be stat and ill be in cell.

  8. melving says:

    Message for Hurricane Nicole, F2F il be in a cell ull be in a coma