Video: Restaurant Weeks Menu At Marcus’

January 13, 2017

The first video in Bernews’ behind-the-scenes series of Restaurant Weeks provides a look at Marcus’ at Hamilton Princess, with some of the featured dishes shown live on camera by Bermudian Chef Juliana D’Estelle.

Marcus Restaurant Weeks Bermuda, January 13 2017-1-2

Chef D’Estelle – who has been with the restaurant since it opened in May 2015 – provided a cooking demonstration, preparing dishes from the Restaurant Weeks menu, including roasted beets and pickled mushrooms, miso-glazed salmon, and rum cake.

Most the ingredients for the dishes shown today were grown in Bermuda, and Chef D’Estelle explained that “fresh is ideal whenever possible, we support the local farms and fishermen, it makes a better dish that way.”

Live video replay of Marcus’ at Hamilton Princess hosted by the BTA’s Glenn Jones:

This year’s Restaurant Weeks runs from January 12 to February 3, with the largest number of participating restaurants ever – 50 – and the introduction of lunch, which is being offered as two-courses for $22. The three levels of pricing for this year’s event are $32, $42 and $52.

Bernews will continue to provide behind-the-scenes look at some of the participating restaurants via live broadcasts on the Bernews Facebook page, and you can view all our coverage of Restaurant Weeks here and all our coverage of cuisine here.


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  1. Jahstice says:

    All right Jules!

  2. NO MORE WAR says:

    I visited this restaurant and the food wasn’t that good to me. I was not impressed.