Photos/Videos: People Gather At Court Building

April 5, 2017

A number of people gathered outside the Magistrates Court building this morning [April 5] as people charged with alleged offences in relation to the protests on December 2, 2016 appeared in Court.

People walked up in a group, many holding signs, as the Court session was about to begin. They stayed for approximately 40 minutes as the Plea Court session took place, and then departed after the charges had been laid. Police had previously announced they would be present, and a few officers could be seen outside, and police officers were also visible inside the building.

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Yesterday the police said, “Summonses have been issued in relation to the protests at the House of Assembly on 2nd December 2016. The defendants in these cases will appear in Hamilton Magistrates’ Court on the 5th, 7th, 10th and 12th April.

“The BPS is aware that calls are being made from sectors of the community for members of the public to show support for the defendants by assembling at the Court. The police are putting plans in place in the event that large numbers of people attend on the days mentioned.”

Quick video showing people arriving at the Court building this morning

Those seen inside and outside the Court building included BIU President Chris Furbert, BPSU President Jason Hayward, Reverend Nicholas Tweed, MP Derrick Burgess, MP Walter Roban, MP Wayne Furbert, MP Jamahl Simmons, other BIU members and more.

Three people were charged with offences involving allegedly preventing entry to the House of Assembly on December 2, 2016; with all three granted bail. Additional people are expected to be charged in connection with the same matter on April 7th, 10th and 12th.

35-minute live stream replay

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