Photos & Videos: People Gather At Court Building

April 7, 2017

[Updated with video] Crowds of people gathered outside the Court building as BIU President Chris Furbert, BPSU President Jason Hayward, Reverend Nicholas Tweed, BIU 1st Vice President Glen Simmons, Lilymay Bulford and Neville Goddard were all charged with in connection with alleged offences at the December 2nd protest.

People charged, including Mr Hayward, Mr Furbert, Rev Tweed & Mr Simmons, exit Court to cheers

All six of them denied charges of blocking the entrance to the House of Assembly and obstructing police, and were released on $1,000 bail.

The police were on scene from early this morning, and maintained a presence both outside the building and inside the Court room, and at approximately 9.30am, the first group arrived outside the Court, with many holding signs.

BPSU Members & Jason Hayward Head To Court

The BPSU General Council have already said that BPSU President Jason Hayward has their “unanimous and unequivocal support”, and they accompanied Mr Hayward to the Court hearing today.

They left BPSU headquarters and walked to Court with the BPSU banner and flags while singing “Solidarity Forever,” and upon arriving outside the Court, they were greeted with applause from those already gathered.

70-minute live video replay showing the second part of the scene outside Court

The people being charged and some of their supporters then entered the Court room, while other supporters remained outside.

The inside of the Court room was full, with standing room only, and those in attendance included Opposition Leader David Burt, PLP MP Wayne Furbert, PLP MP Derrick Burgess, PLP MP Dennis Lister, George Scott and more.


15 people have received summonses to appear in Court, and earlier this week three people were charged, so a total of nine people have been charged thus far, and additional people are expected to appear in Court on April 10th and 12th.

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