BTA Release Statistics On AC Tourism Impact

August 10, 2017

The Bermuda Tourism Authority released statistics covering the time span the island hosted the America’s Cup, saying the average hotel rate for June was 30% higher [increase of $133.38 per night] when compared to June 2016, and June hotel occupancy was 79.4%, which was on “par with the performance seen in 2016.”

There were 100 superyachts into Bermuda between May 1st and June 30th, up from 43 vessels in 2016, and from May 26th to June 30th, more than 7,000 air visitors came to Bermuda to stay with friends and relatives, a surge of 54% when compared to the same period in 2016

The BTA said, “New statistical data from the Bermuda Tourism Authority reveals the five-week long 35th America’s Cup in May and June 2017 had a positive impact on the island’s tourism economy.

“An analysis of that time period shows air arrivals, cruise arrivals and superyacht arrivals all up sharply when compared to the same period one year ago.

The BTA said:

  • Air travellers visiting for leisure up 9 percent
  • Air travellers visiting friends and relatives up 54 percent
  • First time air visitors up 17 percent
  • Cruise arrivals up 18 percent
  • Superyacht arrivals up 133 percent


“There were 100 superyachts into Bermuda between May 1st and June 30th, up from 43 vessels in 2016. Relaxed maritime legislation permitted superyachts to charter while in Bermuda before, during and after the America’s Cup.

“Their presence stimulated a positive economic impact across the tourism economy and the Bermuda Tourism Authority is working with government to create new legislation that will incentivise superyacht owners to return.

Infographic released by the BTA:

Executive Summary

“Our feedback sessions with superyacht captains tell us this unique category of visitor – many of which were first time visitors because of the America’s Cup – thoroughly enjoyed Bermuda,” said Pat Phillip- Fairn, chief product and experiences development officer at the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

“We’ve begun discussions with government and other stakeholders about how we adjust our regulatory environment so that a broad cross-section of business owners benefit from superyacht tourism going forward.”

“Through June 30th, 2017, superyacht arrivals are up 107 percent year-over-year. Air visitor numbers are also up sharply, including a 16 percent jump in leisure air arrivals in the first six months of the year,” the BTA added.


“Air visitors kept hotels and vacation rental owners busy with both showing strong numbers in June, during the height of the America’s Cup and Bermuda Heroes’ Weekend. The number of visitors choosing vacation rentals in June was up 42 percent.

“Meantime, the average daily rate for a June hotel room was 30 percent higher [or an increase of $133.38 per night] when compared to June 2016. June hotel occupancy across the island was at 79.4 percent, on par with the performance seen in 2016.

Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Kevin Dallas said: “The June hotel performance is satisfying because hoteliers maintained strong occupancy while growing their room rate number by 30 percent and their key revenue figure by 29 percent.

“That’s significantly important to hotel profitability and the ability of hoteliers to re-invest in property improvements. While at the same time, Bermudian homeowners saw more visitor spending flow directly into their pockets as an increasing number of them use their homes and their hospitality to become a part of a growing tourism economy.”

June Hotel Accommodation Statistics

June Hotel Accommodation Statistics Bermuda Aug 2017

Air Visitor Types

“Not every America’s Cup or Bermuda Heroes Weekend visitor stayed in a hotel or vacation rental in June. In the period between May 26th and June 30th, 2017, more than 7,000 air visitors came to Bermuda to stay with friends and relatives.

“That’s a surge of 54 percent when compared to the same period in 2016. Meantime, more than 19,000 said they were here visiting Bermuda for the first time in June 2017, that’s an increase of 17 percent on the previous year.”

Mr Dallas said: “While the initial hard data post-America’s Cup is positive and gratifying, the Bermuda Tourism Authority has always seen the true value of the America’s Cup to be the exposure it brought to our destination over many months and particularly during the event in June. We look forward to building on that platform of exposure to grow tourism sustainably into the future.”

The BTA said a comprehensive economic impact study to quantify what the 35th America’s Cup meant for Bermuda is expected to be completed by PwC in the coming months and shared publicly.

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  1. Well done says:

    And keep up the good work.

    BTA are putting Bermuda back in the tourism map.

    And compliments on attracting a new age demographic!!

  2. Um.... says:

    Dunkley was looking for these stats a few weeks ago….

  3. Tired says:

    Omg lies liea n more lies the hotel i worked in was nowhere as busy as we was in the past 3years… You must be talking about the people staying in the water in there super yaughts taxi drivers suffered as well!!!!

    • Torian says:

      The hotel I work at was constantly overbooked for the full duration. Not lies.

    • James says:

      How would you understand these stats? You cannot even spell!

    • James says:

      Which hotel was that?

    • Zevon says:

      The hotels were rammed and taxis had to be booked days in advance. Front street was full of tourists, ba scand restaurants were bursting.

      And the PLP are full of udeas how to build on the success, of course. Full of ideas.

    • Sorry says:

      Don’t believe you. You may have got away with the first part but the taxi comment was too much.

    • Big D says:

      Tired, your comment is tired…. I am a taxi driver who made approximately 3 times my normal May and June intakes. America’s Cup was unbelievable! July and the start of August are also amazing… Hopefully we can keep up with the increased demand!

    • sandgrownan says:

      Tired old lies.

  4. Transparency says:

    How many hotel rooms paid for by “BDA AC” aka taxpayers funds…yet remained empty…
    resulting in housekeeping staff being laid off, while the hotel claims full occupancy

    • envytee says:

      literally no rooms were paid for the BDA AC. If you don’t have exact information, don’t be spilling lies.

  5. Bermy bud says:

    Nah Bermudian houses were getting rented! Not rocket science really!

  6. Mike Seal says:

    Is it only me. How can America Cup leave every country in debt when they leave and Bermuda be only one not. And we had less people attend in their history of America Cup.
    Bunch of lies.

    • Watching says:

      The America’s Cup has never in it’s history been hosted by an entire country before, but by a city (or prior to that, an individual yacht club). Until you can understand the difference, you do not have a hope in understanding how this event has made money for Bermuda.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Yes, it’s only you.

    • flikel says:

      I agree. How can this be?
      Every country incurred a deficit. Bermuda spent more money, than any other country. Also, Bermuda had the least amount of people attend the AC, compared to other countries…..yet, we claim to have a positive return.
      Something is not adding up.

      • Will says:

        Yes your information is not adding up. One thing you anti America’s cup people forget is that the money spent was well under the budget and secondly it was an INVESTMENT in the future of the island. Until you get hat you will be a sheep that follows the “they spent all the money” group. You can’t expect everything handed to you overnight

      • bee says:

        it’s quite simple. we ran the event more efficiently.

        • envytee says:

          yup. and the entire focus of the ACBDA/ACEA was to ensure a positive outcome so cost measures were put in place to ensure that spending/investment was at a minimum for a maximum return.

    • Antlee says:

      I really must see the International statistics on this…. Because if it really causee so much debt everywhere it goes, why hasn’t it missed a beat??? Why do locations continue to bite so hard at the bit???

  7. Mike Seal says:

    A lie don’t care who Tells it

    • bee says:

      yes, that’s how the PLP got elected. they deleted every fact/rebuttal on their FB pages, put out incorrect info and outright lies, had no platform and the peeple fell for it.

  8. Really says:

    Just compare these stats with what was promised by the OBA. identical hotel occupancy year over year ? What happened to the “Cup overflowing” that they promised? One thing is for sure….we’re getting closer to confirming what we already know: Those that have, got more through this event.

    • envytee says:

      If you were in the hotel industry, you’d realize that occupancy includes ALL days. The finals were just over the weekends, therefore those week days wouldn’t see the same growth YOY.

  9. Island Girl says:

    I don’t understand people sometimes. Here we have some great numbers and instead of celebrating it, some people choose to label it as lies. Are we wishing for bad news so we can say I told you so? We want an event and our country to fail so we can point fingers at political parties? Do we not want good news coming from the BTA? It doesn’t matter who is in government, increase in numbers from the BTA is a chance to celebrate a job well done by everyone involved. Let’s not be such Debbie Downers.

    • bee says:

      it’s the PLP way. everything is bad and the fault of others

  10. Jbda says:

    To all of you saying these are lies wake up. As a country we should be supporting the success we’ve had, regardless of whether or not you agree with the event. This was a great year for Bermuda tourism and we should all be very proud that Bermuda got great global exposure. Wake up and support your country.

  11. Jbda says:

    Also I would guarantee that all of you saying the America’s Cup being a waste of money and time and all that rubbish definitely went to the Village and enjoyed themselves. Just like that woman talking during the election calling it a “boat race” when she admitted at the same time she enjoyed herself at the Village. Some Bermudians need to realize the situation in our country is envious of those in other countries.

  12. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Bermuda in business is all about managing Risk.

    if we don’t compete we will come last.

    You all got to see the New Zealand boat pitch pole !

    Artimis Racing got rammed at the start line the went on to win!

    What more excitement do you want ?

    By the way the entire world got to see how beautiful an island we have, they are all green with envy and all you can do is complain .

    It was a “boat race” …….. you got that right !

    Stop complaining it is not healthy

  13. Just saying says:

    AND just where are the figures from the PLPS PGA GRAND SLAM OF GOLF OVER SEVERAL YEARS. how the hell did that event benefit Bermuda and its people? Come on nah Sayers of the AC. LETS HERE YOU NOW