Man At Hamilton Business Stabbed In Abdomen

August 2, 2017

[Updated] Police responded to a stabbing incident in the area of Queen Street in Hamilton today [Aug 2] where one of two males involved in an altercation was “stabbed in the abdomen”.

A police spokesperson said, “Police responded to a report of a stabbing that took place inside of the Sports Locker in Windsor Place in the City Of Hamilton today at 2.00pm. It appears that an altercation took place between two males resulting in one of the males being stabbed in the abdomen.

“The victim was taken to the hospital via a motorcycle and the suspect made good his escape on a motorcycle.

“Police are interested in speaking with anyone who may have any information on this incident or specifically anyone who was in the Sports Locker at the time of the incident to contact police on 29-50011.”

This is the third confirmed stabbing incident in the past few days.

Update 5.37pm: Police made an amendment saying, “It should be noted that the victim was taken to the hospital on a motorcycle and not in a car as previously reported.”

Queen Street Bermuda, August 2 2017

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    • OJ ? says:

      Onion Juice. My how your tone has changed . For yeara everything was the goverments fault.

      Like they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  1. TotallyConfused says:

    Not understanding why the police were gathered outside of the store

  2. TotallyConfused says:

    Not understanding why the police were gathered outside of the store while numerous shoppers continued to shop after the incident occured? Considering this was a crime scene shouldnt the premises have been vacated immediately?? The police then decide to have the premises vacated roughly 15-20 mins after it happened??? Soooo now at this point tons of people have walked over whatever evidence could have been in the store?

    Doesnt seem like rocket science….but im pretty sure that area should of been completely cordoned off as soon as the police got there.

    • Stinging Nettle says:

      You were inside the store and gave a statement?

    • Chasie says:

      They need to learn some lessons from CSI! Lol

  3. Southampton says:

    These people who are doing the stabbing must be on drugs.
    What is wrong with these people?
    The ones who shoot or stab people should be beat or whipped.
    Prison does them no good.
    They get three meals each day, TV and whatever.
    Our laws are far too easy on these idiots.

    Those people who do not agree with me can kiss my backside.

  4. Comfortably numb says:

    Whatever happened to the law that gave a mandatory prison sentence to anyone in possession of a bladed article? Methinks it was never enforced:hence all these people walking around with knives.

    • JohnBoy says:

      Very true.

    • Just saying says:

      Any bladded article over 3 inches is illegal. Not all…

      • Tina says:

        Anyone that has a bladed article carrying it for no reason should be dealt with. There is no reason why these guys need to carry anything that they could stab someone with

  5. Cheese says:

    I was walking some tourist up the bus station when this happened. If we don’t stop this nonsense soon, there will not be any tourists.

    • Thinking says:

      It’s violence everywhere.

      • De Truth says:

        Lets stop worrying about everywhere else and lets focus on our Island!!! Thats whats wrong with Bermuda we always say ” Well it happens everywhere else.” Lets worry about Bermuda first!!!!

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    I want to see a crackdown IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!

    • fu says:

      What’s the plp doing about this? nothing?

      • Paul Revere says:

        Same thing the oba did, and promised over n over.
        Do I hear crickets…..
        The silence is deafening

        MP Caines has only been in charge of National Security for less then 3 weeks.
        So not sure what you expect.

      • Sigh says:

        How long has the PLP been in power? This existed long before this…don’t be ignorant!,

        • fu says:

          You’re right…gang violence started when the plp got power the first time…my bad…still the plps fault….sorry you’re so ignorant, Sigh.

          • Longtail says:

            ……..and at first, back then, the plp tried to tell os that gangs were not a problem in Bda. The government still have their heads in the sand, plp, oba, whatever.

        • Um Um Like says:

          Yeah, it’s existed for a while. Started to get really bad when the PLP were first elected.

      • No way Jose says:

        They had all the answers just two weeks ago.

        • la Root says:

          Exactly. Two weeks!! Wth is wrong with us crabs? We expect government to be our savior, when the community has a part to play in rectifying this mess. Stop relying on politicians!!!

  7. Zevon says:

    Everything seemed to be going so well. What changed all of a sudden?

    • mixitup says:

      Everything was going so well? For who? Ohh right… you must be an OBA supporter who saw no evil, heard no evil nor spoke any evil during the past four years…That eutopia right? Go long with yourself. There are challenges inherent with the system you so love, the result shows in many ways… Could be that these persons long lost hope in their own country, that a Gov’t that turned their back on them and didn’t blink an eye to investing 100 million in a sailboat race, these people see zero opportunity in this country… Now don’t get me wrong, they need to be held accountable for this violence, but there are fundamental issues in this country that manifest in different ways, some people who lose hope turn to the bottle, drugs, depression etc.others can turn to violence….Are you doing anything to make a difference? Or do you just want your beloved OBA Back? (We know that ain’t happening)

      • Really? Mixitup says:

        Gov’t turned their back on them, I’m sure you also talking about the PLP to cause news flash this has been happening even when they were in power for 14 years and didn’t do jack. Either way no party should be blamed for what these cowards are doing to each other. So enough about PLP OR OBA to whose the blame!!!!!

      • No way Jose says:

        Perhaps Zevon is an OBA supporter that every time something like this happened during their 5 years in power it was the OBAs fault, or the PLP would fix it. Bermudians are given so much more than others around the world. Our schools spend much more than any private school in Bermuda.

        The truth is that no criminal will change their ways because of a political party. No addict will stop using because of who our leader is. No drug dealer will stop dealing because of who their area politician is. If you think any government or law can fix these kind of problems, all I can say is don’t drink the purple koolaid.

        Perhaps you should ask yourself the same that you asked of Zevon. Mixitup, what did you do to make a difference in the last 5 years, and did you just want your beloved PLP back? Did you see , hear or speak no evil during the PLPs previous 14 years in power? Well you got what you wanted. Now what. Until many like you stop with the political games and power struggles nothing will change no matter how much money you invest in a community, what kind of opportunities you provide, or what you build. Why do I say this? because people appreciate what the build, develop and earn for THEMSELVES. No government will save you MIXITUP, not the PLP, OBA as long as we keep making excuses and giving a hand out instead of a hand up.

      • Covfefery says:

        I love the complaints about the spending on America’s Cup. How many people went out and voted PLP with thousands of dollars in their pocket from extra shifts, extra tips, or working at the AC? How many others made $5000 a month ($120,000 over two years) from renting a guest apartment that would’ve gone for $2500 in a normal market?

  8. fu says:

    “What changed all of a sudden?”


  9. Dontworryboutathing says:

    I got a bad feeling about Cup Match this year?

  10. Bermudian says:

    lol it’s not a public problem it’s an INDIVIDUAL problem……. you can lead a horse to water but u CANNOT force em to drink. The shooters & stabbers have to want to stop this anti-social behavior!!!

    • Once Upon A Time says:

      You eloquently hit the nail on the head imo.

  11. 2025 plan says:

    Now let’s see if the current administration will crack down, they said they will way before leading up to the election. They got the reins now.

  12. fu says:

    “Now let’s see if the current administration will crack down,”

    I think they’re too busy fighting against equal rights for all Bermudians.

  13. Really says:

    I’ve already said this once today. With no response. Where are the church fanitics? Why are they not using there time effort and money to help? STOP putting all your effort into whom people wish to marry! Why are you not wailing at the wall for these kids stabbing and killing each other?

    • Enough says:

      The “Church Fanatics” as you so call them do a tremendouse amount of work with the youth. Just about every church on this island has a youth program, of which I am a member of in my own church and have been working with the youth for many years, instead of always criticizing the church maybe join one and then maybe just maybe you might be able to assist instead of criticizing. You would also get to see that a lot of the problems start right at home, and that’s all I’ll say about that. Everyone is so ready to blame the Governments, blame the churches, blame the schools, well how about taking some of that blame yourself. Are you out there talking to the youth, somehow how I think not, shame because maybe you could have a positive influence on just one youth but then again with your negative attitude maybe not.

      • Really says:

        I have a very positive attitude towards most things, I went to Church most of my formative years, as did my children. My issue is and always will be the effort and funds the church folk have given towards fighting gay marriage. My heart goes out to these young kids killing each other. They are lost children, and I am assuming they have not really had much direction in their lives, which is Yes a social issue, Not a church or a government issue, but IMO the efforts the church have put into gay marriage would be better utilized getting the community involved with helping these lost boys.

    • Concerned says:

      These aren’t kids. 30 and 40 year olds are NOT kids. More than likely, they are fathers. Nice role models, guys. Don’t blame the schools of today when your kid grows up and follows in your footsteps.

  14. Hello says:

    Don’t blame the PLP/OBA ….this all stems from the day they are born.. most if not all without two parents guiding them. They need to be shown right from wrong in the very beginning, and not when they start school. The teachers have to deal with their bad behaviour, and where are the parents?

  15. jim hill says:

    No matter which government is in power, they can’t fix this by themselves.
    We need to help.
    These people are someone’s sons, someones friends. We know who they are, yet remain silent.
    We have eyes, we see, yet go blind when asked if we saw anything.
    It’s up to all of us to say ‘enough is enough’ and start turning them in.
    If the community remains deaf, dumb and blind, no government, police force or quantity of money can solve this problem.
    If you know something, SAY something.

  16. Gloria says:

    What does the crime have to do with politics it starts from home.