Bermudian Pilot Flies JetBlue From Boston

December 11, 2017

Today’s JetBlue flight from Boston was extra special, with Bermudian pilot Finnie Holder flying the plane into the island, marking his first commercial flight into Bermuda during his many years as a pilot, and saying “it feels good to be home.”

Bermudian pilot Finnie Holder Dec 11 2017 (1)

We asked Mr. Holder about his background, and he explained that after he finished training, his first job was flying cargo flights out of Milwaukee for a company called Air Cargo Carriers, which he did for four years.

“From that point I transitioned over to Continental Express, which is now United Express, out of Newark, New Jersey, and Houston Texas,” Mr Holder told Bernews.

“I spent ten years there as a First Officer and a Captain, and then recently as of November 2015, I transferred to JetBlue, this brings me here to Bermuda today, my first trip, and actually flying the airplane into the island, so it feels good to be home.”

JetBlue plane Bermuda Dec 11 2017

Mr Holder is pictured below with Herbert Siggins, General Manager of JetBlue Airways, who said, “I am proud to say that FO Holder and I as Bermudians work for JetBlue. It is an outstanding company and employs outstanding pilots such as FO Holder.

“My daughter is a Capt. flying for Cape Air and hopes to transition some day to JetBlue. FO Holder is a fine example of how Bermudians succeed in the aviation business and my daughter hopes to one day emulate his success.”

Bermudian pilot Finnie Holder Dec 11 2017 (3)

When asked how was the flight was, Mr. Holder said that the flight was great, with no issues, and explained that in the aviation world a “boring flight is a great flight all the time.”

“I love boring flights,” he told Bernews. “I’ll take them all day long.”

Mr Holder has many years experience flying to numerous places, and we asked how it felt to fly home for the first time, and he said it was actually a little bit unusual, as he had the feeling “people were looking out for me or checking on it,” and added that it was great to fly home.

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Comments (19)

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  1. Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

    Proud to be Bermudian!

  2. Terrylynn Tyrell says:

    Congrats Pilot Finnie Holder! My brother James and you were childhood schoolmates. Wonderful to see you doing awesome!!

  3. Nicky says:

    Congratulations Mr Holder on your first commercial flight to Bermuda wit Jet Blue. Welcome home and we are very proud of you. Great job!

  4. David says:

    Nice to see you doing so well Finnie

  5. Rich says:

    I was on that flight! Wish I had know beforehand, would have made it less boring. Well done Captain! Except for a couple bumps at the time of initial decent it was a beautiful and boring flight. As for Herbie, never boring!!

  6. Anthony says:

    This is an awesome story so prouda you bie.

  7. Yes I says:

    Great read Finnie!! A Bermudian pilots dream is to always land on the Rock!

  8. Antlee says:

    What a tremendous story! Well done indeed! Wishing you many more boring flights!!

  9. John Mencias says:

    Go Finnie. Keep flying high and flying in boredom!

  10. James says:

    Congrats bro that’s dream come true from day one.Proud of you man…..

  11. Mixitup says:

    How cool is that!!

  12. swing voter says:

    POINT BIE!!!

  13. St. David’s says:

    Congratulations on your successful career Pilot Holder. Safe skies to you.

    Great story Bernews. Every story like this builds our confidence as a nation. We’re small but mighty.

  14. Up D Hill says:

    Shoot for the sky kids!! You can be a Airline pilot just like Mr.Holder First Officer and Captain. A Bermudian role model.

  15. Trinette says:

    Awesome job Finnie! All of us “on the hill” are super proud!

  16. Tairik says:

    As a student pilot aspiring to one day fly for the big airlines, seeing another Bermudian living the dream inspires me to continue to reach for the Stars. Mr. Holder thank you for being a strong role model for young pilot’s and young Bermudians.

  17. Mike says:

    From early airtime as a master of the quarter pipe at PCC… to a life in the air! Man… what a path you’ve taken since those days of the North Shore BMX rats.

    Fantastic accomplishments… carry on and well done Finnie!