Passenger Evacuated After Suspected Stroke

December 5, 2017

On Monday morning [Dec 4], a 72-year-old male passenger, who had suffered a suspected stroke, was successfully evacuated from the cruise ship ‘Seven Seas Explorer’.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “A 72-year-old male passenger was successfully evacuated from cruise ship ‘Seven Seas Explorer’ early this morning after suffering a suspected stroke a few days earlier.

“On Saturday afternoon, cruise ship Seven Seas Explorer, then 600 miles east of the island, contacted RCC Bermuda reporting that they were making best speed to Bermuda to disembark a passenger who had suffered a suspected stroke.

“The vessel, on route from Horta, Azores, to Bermuda and then Miami, was due into Bermuda for daylight arrival but decided to disembark patient a few hours earlier given his condition.

“RCC Bermuda continued to monitor patient status and vessel approach with the patient successfully disembarked via pilot boat St. David and taken via ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. Seven Seas Explorer is alongside at Heritage Wharf, departing again tomorrow afternoon.”

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