Scaur Community Donate To Mirrors Programme

December 5, 2017

The Scaur Hill Community & Friends continued their charitable giving initiative by donating $620 to Mirrors, with the proceeds raised at the 11th annual Scaur Charity Salad Tasting & Talent Night Party held in September.

Guests relaxing before the activities started

Scaur Charity Bermuda Dec 2017 (1)

Mirrors representative Nicola Feldman attended the Scaur Salad party, spending time with the attendees enjoying the atmosphere, tasty salads, desserts and more.

She also addressed those gathered, explaining how important Mirrors is for Bermuda’s youth, their families and Bermuda as a whole.

Ms Feldman speaking with attendees

Scaur Charity Bermuda Dec 2017 (2)

This marked the second time the Scaur Community and Friends have donated to Mirrors this year, following after the annual Scaur Charity Soup Tasting Party in March which raised $811, thus the Scaur Community has donated over $1,400 to Mirrors this year.

The “Giving” ceremony from the September Salad Party

Scaur Charity Bermuda Dec 2017 (5)

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  1. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    THANK YOU BERNEWS for sharing the goods of the Scaur Community & Friends with the world. Much appreciated. Hope this story encourages others to donate to Mirrors also.


  2. Steffan Telford says:

    Great news! The Scaur community rocks!

    • ROGER LAMBERT says:

      Thanks Stefan. Is that your house in the background?