JetBlue Flight Diverts Due To “Possible Smoke”

March 10, 2018

This evening, the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service Emergency Dispatch Center received a call from the Skyport Airport Duty Officer stating a JetBlue flight — en route to New York from Dominican Republic — needed to make an emergency landing in Bermuda due to “possible smoke in the cargo hold.”

Ms. Pamela Brockington stated that “a JetBlue Airbus 321 on its way to John F. Kennedy Airport, New York from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic will make an emergency landing in Bermuda due to possible smoke in the cargo hold.”

Acting Lieutenant Russann Francis said the “Airbus 321 was reported to carry 207 souls and 17,000 pounds of fuel remaining on board.

“Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service [BFRS] stood by on scene with 7 vehicles and 15 personnel as the flight landed safely in Bermuda at 18:10pm.

“BFRS personnel assisted with the evacuation of passengers and carried out a thorough inspection for signs of fire in the cargo hold of the aircraft.”

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  1. JohnBoy says:

    So this is why they stopped all traffic today

    • JohnBoy says:

      and why do we never hear the outcome? Was there smoke or not?? What was the final conclusion???

      • Laura says:

        I was on that plane. Originally the pilot told us there was a fire and they put it out. A while later he said there was no fire. So we are just as confused as everyone else. Very happy they took emergency precautions as we were all a little shaken up and the outcome could’ve been a lot worse. Jet Blue did a great job.

  2. cedar stump says:

    Better safe than sorry !

  3. speed says:

    Need to a better job than to shut the darn airport down for over one hour they have radar and know where the plane is just need to shut it do 15 before and the road would be clear in case they need more equipment to get through . DO A BETTER JOB

    • Zevon says:

      They can’t pick up trash properly. It takes over two months to get a new bus ready. So don’t expect them to do anything difficult.

    • DS says:

      Ya a real crazy one. Why would you suggest shutting down merely 15 mins before a plane is that is supposedly on fire rather than the 1 hr they shut it down. So your complaing tjat less tome should be spent taking prevautionary measures. Smh. Looking for anything to complain about. And Zevon who is they that you are referring to. PLEASE be clear ! You cant be referring to the politicians as though they are the ones collecting trash or carting put the precautionary measures at the airport? Who are you referring to?

    • Yes I says:

      Checks and balances. There’s a lot of moving parts that need to be in place in preparation for a worse case scenario. Public Safety being number one priority you should be glad they keep you as far away as possible. One hour to ensure the safety of all stakeholders is worth the “hassle” of inconveniencing the public.

  4. Sherbet man says:

    Souls lol

    • Billy de Kidd says:

      Technically, “passengers” is the number of seats occupied, “crew” is both the pilots and flight attendants on duty. So any small children brought on as “lap children” will not be included in the “passengers” count, but should be included in the total number of people on board.

      Dead bodies are sometimes transported as well. In this case, some might consider these “people” as well. In an incident, the bodies should not be confused with the regular passengers.

      So, “souls” effectively communicates the number of living humans on board.

    • Maya says:

      Ikr like does that include ghosts?

  5. Kirstin Chapman says:

    Our neice and her family were on this flight, I am grateful for the precautions taken. If their had been an emergency created, clearing the road prior allowed for emergency equipment and personnel to be available. Thank you Jet Blue for your precautions!
    To those that find it odd that the use of the word “souls” is used may not be familiar with the reference from many years ago. The term had been used in maritime ships prior to air transportation, living persons on board.

  6. Lauren says:

    I was on this flight with my husband – being from NYC we know the craziness that can happen. The pilots did an amazing job keeping us calm and collected and the entire airport team and JetBlue did a great job in guaranteeing our safety. Regardless of any “inconvenience” If there was a larger problem and the airport was full or another plane was there, could you imagine what would happen in 17,000 gallons of fuel exploded? Nothing could be known until investigated, The back of the plane could have been spewing flames and the pilots wouldnt know unless there was a light indicator and the team on the ground were ready. Who knows if they would have opened that cargo area and flames spewed out. They were ready for a fire on the ground, who knew what would happen. We were taken care of, not only were the passengers and crew safe the community was kept safe. These are massive machines with major technical parts beyond a layman’s understanding. I love Bermuda! I can’t wait to come visit for an actual reason :)