AG To Cast First Ballot Of ‘Vote Of Thanks’

May 22, 2018

[Written by Glenn Fubler]

As we observe the 50th Anniversary of Universal Adult Suffrage in Bermuda; on Tuesday, 22/5/18, between Noon & 2 pm, at the City Hall, the Attorney General will ‘cast the first Ballot of the ‘Vote of Thanks’ in appreciation of those who provided the foundation of our democracy.

The Honourable Kathy Simmons will be launching the two-hour opportunity for residents to take even a brief moment during their lunch period to join in the Xpression of gratitude to the trailblazers that played a part in moving our society forward.

The second ‘Ballot’ will be cast by Gerald Harvey, who as a teenager joined the campaigning during the ‘Gordon Era’ and subsequently played a role with the Progressive Group. While the rest of us will be appreciating Gerald, he will be thanking those who handed him the ‘baton’.

The third ‘ballot’ will cast by a student.

The Attorney General will also offer brief remarks on the significance of the occasion. There will also be brief remarks from the Shadow Attorney General as well as the Mayor of Hamilton. Representatives from the Youth Parliament, the Human Rights Commission, the National Trust and CURB will make brief contributions.

The vision of this unique event is to have something like a ‘Polling Station’, but much less formal. Brief remarks will be made from time to time as attendees make their ‘Vote of Thanks’ and share in the informative opportunities on hand.

Even if residents have limited time available, they can come by and make their ‘Vote of Thanks’.

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  1. The Original Truth™ says:

    PLP has been Pigeonholing the Universal Adult Suffrage movement into a racial rights movement when it’s more than that. I guess the rest of it’s movement for gender, literacy, wealth, social status, language, religion, and sexual orientation rights doesn’t fit there agenda.