City Issues Garbage Collection Safety Reminder

May 16, 2018

The City of Hamilton is reminding the public “to be mindful of garbage trucks while they are collecting refuse from around the city and to adhere to the rule to stay back at least 20 feet while the trucks are in operation.”

Senior Engineer, Ian Hind, stated, ‘The safety of the public as well as our City workers is paramount during collection times. There needs to be ample room behind the trucks so that the operators can access the truck’s hopper, especially when handling the wheelie bins and bulkier items.”

Truck Bermuda May 2018

“Garbage is collected from the City streets in any and all weather as well as during the hours of darkness, so we want the public to be especially vigilant and use caution when approaching the trucks.

“There are some instances when trucks are out during heavy traffic times. This is usually unforeseen, so we ask the public to exercise patience and understanding during these times as the operators may be traversing the street to collect refuse.’

“The City thanks the public for their cooperation with the collection of City refuse and encourages the public to be reminded of the Garbage Collection Schedule in an effort to keep the sidewalks free and clear of unsightly litter.”

The garbage collection schedule follows below [PDF here]:

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