New Equipment For Track & Field Athletes

May 20, 2018

The Bermuda Olympic Association [BOA] has announced that the Bermuda National Athletics Association [BNAA] has received new equipment for its athletes.

A spokesperson said, “Attributed to the partnership between the BOA and the Pan American Sports Organization [PASO], new athletic equipment was purchased to help the BNNA in support the development of Athletics in Bermuda.

“The following outlines the equipment that the BNNA received through this program: three laptop computers required to support Fully Automated Timing [FAT] which captures the photo finish of each race, manages the data to compile the race results with athlete’s names and event, and to interface with electronic scoreboards, wind gauges, and displays boards that one might have at a meet. They allow us in real-time post results to the web.”

BNAA New Equipment Bermuda May 2018

“Two Lynx wind gauges. Lynx wind gauges can be line or battery power to replace the older GILL model units which were just battery power. This improves their reliability. The new wind gauges can function, as standalone units for events, such as Long Jump and Triple Jump.

“It will also allow for automatic, electronic integration into the FAT system to provide the wind readings. The wind gauge is used to measure the wind force at the time of an event to ensure any record breaking attempt conforms or is within the required wind requirements.

“Fifty hurdles and eight starting blocks to replace the aging sets that are currently being used.

“One IdentiLynx camera. The IdentiLynx digital video is fully integrated with FinishLynx photo-finish results. This means that users can simply click anywhere in the FinishLynx image capture and watch a full color IdentilLynx video jump to precisely the same moment in time but showing a head-on view of the finish line.

“With more local and international events taking place, we need to ensure that all of our equipment is in the best condition to support the efforts of our athletes and officials when participating in a meet.”

Judy Simons, BOA President, said, “The BOA is very pleased to be able to manage different programs such as PASO that enables Bermuda athletes to train and compete with up to date equipment.”


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