Two Men Arrested After Fight On Front Street

May 20, 2018

Two men have been arrested following an altercation on Front Street, with footage of the incident having ‘gone viral’ after the altercation was caught on video.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 8pm Thursday, May 17th police officers and fellow first responders attended a reported disturbance on Front Street in the City of Hamilton, near the junction with Burnaby Street.

“It appears that two local men – believed to be 25-years-old and 31-years-old respectively – were involved in an altercation in the vicinity of No. 1 car park.

“On the arrival of police and emergency medical technicians [EMTs], one of the men was visibly injured – however he apparently declined medical treatment.

“It is said that the other man involved also declined medical assistance. Both men have since been arrested and currently remain in police custody pending further inquiries.

“A Magistrates’ Court appearance is anticipated Monday, May 21st regarding this matter.”

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  1. Oh,I see now says:

    We always said if and when the natives start acting up on front street the mayhem will come to a complete halt.

    Wishful thinking.

  2. Question says:

    Next time you’re driving along next to him you could mention it.

  3. applesauce says:

    I don’t know why they let so many unstable people hang out in town. We have drunk guest ambassadors on front street all day and night washing cars and doing what ever they want. Then you got the crew that hangs by the library doing who knows what just plotting on people and using drugs. Then the poor kids have to deal with all the unstable people around the bus stop when they get out of school. I remember as a kid being terrified of these type of guys.