Parliament: Order Of Business For May 4th

May 3, 2018

UK action on beneficial ownership and the immigration policy for fintech companies are two topics due to be addressed in Friday’s session of the House of Assembly.

Other Ministerial statements due to be delivered include the MOU signings in finTech development, making healthcare affordable and accessible for all, the 2016 population and housing census report, the Government e-gazette initiative and the Youth Empowerment Summit and 2018 Male Outstanding Teen Award Winners.

The official Order Paper notes there are two “vacant seats” in the 36-seat House of Assembly, with this session following after the resignations of OBA MPs Jeff Baron and Dr Grant Gibbons, which will result in new MPs being elected.

The Order of Business follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. PBanks says:

    So again road safety pledges and education shunted aside?

    • sandgrownan says:

      But at least they have time for prayers. Because, you know, it’s the illusion of doing something but not actually doing anything.

    • harold e says:

      I am very intrigued indeed about this: “New Immigration Policy for FinTech Companies” Hon. C.W.D. Brown

      It will be interesting to see how this fits in one Bermudians first and Two Bermudas?

      • nerema says:

        This government still has not created one single job for Bermudians.

  2. What did the notorious and disrespectful oba do with that ACB money?? Keep it amongst “themselves”??
    What part of this populous benefited?
    Who was responsible for the distribution of the monies?
    How did the great Bermuda REALLY benefit??
    P.L.P. dig for answers for that terrible oba!!

  3. Where is ACB monies?
    Who benefited?
    Bermudians call for an EMERGENCY INQUIRY into that??
    Bermudians…call for an inquiry into Trevor Moniz actions.