Video: Interview With Premier David Burt

June 14, 2018

Premier and Minister of Finance David Burt is speaking with Bernews this afternoon [June 14], sitting down for a wide ranging interview with journalist Don Burgess, discussing topics including the sugar tax, creating jobs, fintech, education, and a livable wage.

Premier David Burt Interview TC Bermuda June 14 2018 (1)

He also discussed the recent legislation and court ruling on same-sex marriages, racism, the holiday to celebrate the arrival of the first Portuguese immigrants, last week’s bye-elections, who he supports in the World Cup and more.

Update: The live video replay is below

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  1. Stevie says:

    Burt. Resign. Call a snap election now.

  2. Stevie says:

    Time to resign Burt.

    • Paul says:

      Premiere Burt, does not need to resign, he just needs to put the right elected people in position to do the peoples work… he needs in most people opinion to replace the old Burch,he will be the down fall of the party.

      • SMH says:

        “he just needs to put the right elected people in position to do the peoples work”

        So, what you’re saying is, so far, he’s been a complete failure. He should step down and let a qualified person take the helm. His ship is sinking fast.

  3. redrose says:

    I would love to have seen him really put on the spot about burch and pressed whether he 1. supported the actions seen on the video and 2. whether the use of the word indian was appropriate in the context within which it was said.

    • Paul says:

      I still think premiere Burt,will do the right thing when it comes to Burch, I think with the new addition to the party that was just elected would be a great replacment to the old Col Burch..and his hateful comments… it is time to move on people.

  4. Back of the Bus says:

    #Bermuda #Equality is not occupying the Premiers time. He is executing on his governments platform.

    SO… “executing” and legislating against #LGBTQ marriage equality seems to be the course for @Bermuda – SAD

    • shrew says:

      what has he done? all the PLP has done is take away rights of minorities (thankfully reversed), and push thru 2 new taxes.

  5. Harold says:

    On independence, the premier has flipped flopped as much as flip flop himself. On crypo, he did not discuss the discrepancies in jobs in the mou’s, on education he backed a minister who has done nothing etc hold workshops. I could go on

    Not good enough

  6. Harold says:

    Where is he on Ssm? Will his homophobic party appeal?

  7. Mark says:

    Either you are against racism or you are not. Time to march.

  8. Truth is.... says:

    Great job Premier Burt and the PLP! Thank you for caring about us Bermudians. The past 5 years were a nightmare…..Thank you PLP!!

    • Onion Juice says:

      Nightmare is an understatement, and notice how many of them forfeited their political duty after their embarrassing defeat.
      Makes one wonder if they were in it for the people or self gratification?

      • Toodle-oo says:

        You have no clue what a nightmare is .
        Now , had they cut the civil service by a 1/3 and gotten rid of you , ala Barbados style , instead of borrowing another huge sum of money to keep you employed then that would have been a nightmare . At least for you it would have been , but not for the majority .

  9. Back of the Bus says:

    The PLP lied lied and lied

    The Political agenda forged by the likes of Preserve Marriage and the PLP was a deliberate plot to deny equality to the #LGBTQ community.

    They used #fakenews and #fakefacts to try and convince the world that 68% of Bermudians are against same-sex marriage. That #Bermuda is a bold-faced lie.

    To win TWO Supreme Court legal challenges is not enough for the 38 year old Bermuda Premier who says he does not spend any time on this matter…… He says he is executing his partys platform. A platform that deliberately discriminates against a minority. Indeed he has attempted to “execute” #HumanRights and marriage equality for the #LGBTQ community.

    Burt can appeal, but he will LOSE in the Privy Council and will have spent $ 2 million of taxpayer $$$$$ to deny equality, when he should be spending that money on scholarships, a dire education system. seniors, healthcare and more. But to spend taxpayer $$$$$$$$ on denying equality is a disgrace.

    Mark Pettingill has it right:
    Mr Pettingill asked the Government not to go down the expensive appeal route and instead to draw a line under the debate.

    He said: “The judgment is so legally sound, that it would be folly for the Government to launch an appeal. It should be over. If common sense prevails, it should be.”

    He added the judgment, which ruled that the DPA went against a constitutional right to freedom of conscience and a provision against discrimination on the basis of creed, as “one for the ages”.

    Mr Pettingill said the decision reflected Bermuda’s “excellent judicial process” and a “democratic system that is working very well”.

    He added he was pleased that Mr Justice Kawaley picked up on a comparison he made to the days of racial segregation when black people were allowed to enter theatres but had to sit in different seats to white people.

    Mr Pettingill said: “This was always the crux of my case. What the Crown tried to argue was ‘but you still have … all of the same legal rights, what are you complaining about?’.

    “The argument back then was: ‘you still get to see the movie, we just don’t want you sitting in the same place’.

    “This was ‘you still get to have a legal relationship that the state is calling a domestic partnership but you can’t have marriage, even though other people can’. It’s a perfectly analogous situation.”

    • Onion Juice says:

      So OBA never lied?
      Thats why they are defuncted.
      Lay down and suck it up for de next 4 years like we had to do with those other dreamers.

  10. SMH says:

    defuncted….is that why you have that rash, OJ?

  11. SMH says:

    The OBA never lied, OJ…only you and your plp are liars…lol@OJ

  12. PANGAEA says:

    “We are not be know for who we are but for what we do ” .

    Why were so many questions”pushed under the rug”.

    Mr Premier what right does the Government have by controling peoples eating habits by using the instrument of taxation to increase revenue and flogging the wrong horse.

    By introducing this unfair sugar tax on people when we all know that you have to control spending and deal with the national debt.

    I see this policy as a dis service, as not every one is fat, and not every one has lost control.

    Our tourist visitors are beyond political control as they come here for a good time and for a day in the sun.
    by increasing visitors arrivals increases revenue and improves the economy by incorporatingcseasonal rates.

    People who have Medical issues are under the advice of their Doctors and not that of newely elected politicians.

    There are many packages food items containing carbohydrates ,sugar and salt, why did red meat and chicken containing fat and chemicals get under the radar , virtualy all foods unless consumed in moderation along with the lack of exercise can cause excessive weight and health problems.

  13. PANGAEA says:

    Bermuda is known as the island of Milionairs,how is that so! when so many here are living on the poverty line?

    The present system of taxation through the use to import duties was conseived by the 40 ! decades ago, this system caters specifically to favour the wealthy who pay the same un proportional import duty rate as the less fortunate. Aditional Taxation places a further burden,and we dont even have a Navy.

    It must cost a bundle to colect the present taxes.

    The entire slipery slope tax system needs to be carefully re visited

    Governments should not break the back of the people.

    The office mail girl and other low income groups also suffers the reality of payrol tax which does not leave much left for them to suvive on , while others, could take the afternoon off for a round of golf.

    If the present Government is the Government of the people, I doubt if the present revenue policies serve the peoples needs.

    They are not the Government of the few like in the good old days 60 years ago.

    The Town hall meetings of which there are few and far between give the people a voice ,only if properly organised.

    Becoming a MP is a 25 hour a day thankless job with responsibility beyond the wildest dreams.

    No body want the PLP or the OBA to fail if by doing so we all fail.

    The constant bickering get us no where, no body is perfect .

    Want better Education ! Place a Parent in every public school classroom .

    “We all reach the the level of our own incompetance.” and we all have are own special tattents.