Min. Burch: Governor Should Not Present Cup

June 16, 2018

Noting that the first day of Cup Match is Emancipation Day, Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch said that the Governor should not be invited to present the Cup at Cup Match, explaining to Parliament that he has told Somerset Cricket Club this and made it a precondition to fixing a wall.

Speaking in the House of Assembly, Minister Burch said, “I also happen to be a member of Somerset Cricket Club, and I have repeatedly as a member of that club made the motion that I find it offensive personally, and also as a Bermudian, that we celebrate this annual historical occasion and then we turn around and invite the supervising power to come and present the Cup.

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“I have repeatedly made the request and motion in Somerset Cricket Club that we should stop doing that as it just doesn’t seem to make sense to me,” he said. “In the interests of justice still, that you probably don’t qualify to come and present a Cup in celebration of emancipation.”

“Suffice to say I have failed in that quest,” he added.

Noting he made the same request to the leadership of St George’s Cricket Club, he said “none of them will take the step” so he is “hoping he is giving them cover by these comments today.”

The Minister also said that when he was interviewed to be a Cabinet Minister, he had two pre-conditions; if you ask him to do a job you must have confidence he can do it don’t send someone to “sit on his shoulders,” and the second one, was that he would only go to Government House once, with the Minister noting he has already broken that rule, as he been there twice in this term which is “100% over his limit.”

Cup-Match-trophy cup bermuda generic

He then said Somerset Cricket Club wanted a wall fixed, and he indicated there were two pre-conditions, one was they had to recycle, and the second was they could not invite the Governor to present the Cup.

“They have been unable to find the fortitude to tell the man on Langton Hill thank you very much, but watch cricket on TV. Or football. Or whatever game you wish to watch, but you are not welcome at Somerset Cricket Club on Emancipation Day.

“I figured I would stand on the floor of the House and take the criticism,” he said. “To give them some cover, that I am calling on the membership of my club, so it could be very easy for St George’s to follow suit next year because the precedent has been set.”

“This is the right thing to do,” he said. “If people look at it honestly and sincerely, this is a celebration of emancipation of slaves, and so why would you still accept, in 2018, inviting he who enslaved us to come and not only celebrate with us, but to also be the person who presents the Cup.”

Audio extract of Minister Burch discussing the matter: 


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  1. local says:

    This man is just filled with hate, so sad that this men with so much hate for people who isn’t the same color as him is a leader in our country! He needs to be out of Parliament!

    • While you’re at it change Somers Day to Sally Bassett Day.
      If not your stance is hypocritical.
      You should’ve not let de Milkman present de Cup when we protested a few weeks before when we marched up Goverment House for de land grab.

      • shrew says:

        why should we not have a day to celebrate Sir George Somers and the original inhabitants who landed here?

        • For those who have common sense, can you enlighten me which is more appropiate to represent Emancipation, George Somers or Sally Bassett.

          • SMH says:

            “For those who have common sense,”

            how would YOU be able to tell? You’ve got to be the most ignorant poster here.

            • Meanwhile putting aside de personal attack, who is more suitable to be named for Emancipation, George Somers or Sally Bassett.
              Or did we do it like that for appeasment, like when they gave de Noble Peace prize to Mandela and DeKlerk at de same time.

          • BermieBorn says:

            Appears you don’t know we celebrate both Emancipation Day and Sommers Day, two public holidays that collectively comprise cup match.

          • Mark says:

            George somers

            • So what contribution did George Somers give to emancipate slaves or what role did he play to endorce slavery.

              • aceboy says:

                Sir George Somers crash landed on Bermuda and is the reason we are all here today.


                • Redman says:

                  @ aceboy, Bingo. not that it will matter to the victim mentallity types like oj.

      • Bermy says:

        You wanna talk about a hypocritical stance! On one hand “keep the slave master away” yet on the other let me “carry this title bestowed on me by the Queen”. Sorry but this bie can’t make his own mind up and us the epitome of hypocrisy.

    • Hey says:

      Burch should be removed, he is out of control, he is an embarrassment to all Bermudians. Everyone knows where this guy is coming from, and it wont stop here. Can you imagine what this guy gets up to behind the scenes when he’s alone in office? OMG, and when he was immigration minister? no wonder our wealthy ex-pat community are selling their houses and leaving, they don’t want their children being brought up listening to this garbage.

      • Kathy says:

        I agree. Black or White, Burch does NOT represent Bermuda! He instills hatred and he just doesn’t stop.

        We GET IT already that he hates colonialism but his actions speak louder than words and he is NOT what the average kind Bermuda (black and white) represents.

        TIME FOR BURCH TO HANG IN THE TOWEL AND GET OUT OF POLITICS. He is a STAIN on our beautiful people!

  2. porkchop says:

    i think Col Burch is getting to have a very high self opinion of himself. My way or the hi way. He is not god and his actions are certainly starting to speak as loud as his words. Pretty obvious he don’t like a certain group of earthlings, especially if they don’t bend and bow to his almighty word.

    • Hey says:

      What If the Governor was black? it’s not the office of the Governor that Burch is attacking, its the color of the Governors skin? “why should we invite and celebrate with the “people” who enslaved us”

      I think certain people should send a message to the Premier by BOYCOTTING Cup Match.( Both Days)

  3. Mark says:

    Why is this shameful man opening his mouth again? Think its time to put him out to pasture. Wheres the 24-12 crowd now? Defend this racist please

    • He has a point, you let a representative of oppression to present a symbol of liberation to descendents who were oppressed.
      Thats like a Nazi or German representative presenting a symbol of liberation to Jews.
      Just sayin.

      • Kevin says:

        he has no point the man should be committed and if he allowed to stay in a position of authority the government must be seen to agree with him …how low will these people drag us down

        • He is committed, to right de wrongs of social conditioning which is ingrained in our society.

          • newsforyou says:

            He’s committed to ‘right wrongs’ by being a racist bigot?
            Great plan.

      • SMH says:

        “descendents who were oppressed.”

        So, instead you enact legislation to oppress a segment of the population….indicating that, in fact, the current government is far worse than any perceived oppression by the UK overlords. Sadly, you’re far too stupid to understand this and simply look like a drooling fool

      • Wolffey says:


      • Beverley J Connell says:

        I have no problem with changing the presenter of the cup. Maybe make it the losing team who presents? then its not political or offensive. But why is it that a mature dialogue cannot take place, in private about the issue, with the Governor himself, and remove this theatrical, narcissistic, BS behaviour from (our) public domain? Is that just too much to ask?

      • shrew says:

        why don’t you move? if you think Bermuda is like Nazi Gemany you should go elsewhere. btw, we’d all be interested to know how you became Bermudian? where did your forefathers come from originally?

      • Mark says:

        And you missed my point. Dont really care about who presents the cup but you are defending a racist by claiming hes doing this as a point about oppression. Smfh. What do you think about hus comment about the new cj being indian?

      • Scuff says:

        The English member of the English Parliament William Wilberforce and Charles James Fox, (descended from royalty, as it happened), encouraged by Prime Minister William Pitt, Inspired by the great chronicler of slavery Olaudah Equiano, and pthers – fought for years and ultimately succeeded in ENDING slavery throught the Empire many DECADES before the Americans ended the vile practice. Infact former American slaves took refuge here in Bermuda. You may remember one of the first black members of Congress Joseph Rainey, lived in Bermuda during time?

      • Scuff says:

        Onion Juice, you remind me of a story I read from a few years after World War II. A young Jewish man was making derogatory comments while talking to his parents about Germans. His parents admonished him immediately, telling him that if it hadn’t been for Germans, they would not have survived the war.
        Even in the worst of times it is fundamentally and factually wrong to paint everyone with the same brush.

  4. Ringmaster says:

    Premier Burt needs the fortitude to fire this man. If he doesn’t then clearly Minister Burch is saying what Cabinet agrees with and shows the Premier is not in control. Premier Burt is weak. Surely it is the cricket board or the club who decides who presents the Cup, not Government. There is a polite way to do this and not the questionable way of blackmail espoused by a lame Minister.

    • Paul says:

      premier Burt, a lot of us are depending on you, so PLEASE get rid of the hate this man spews,it is time to say “so long bye bye.

  5. Micro says:

    I think the fact his fellow club members don’t agree with him speaks volumes.

  6. Ringmaster says:

    In fact Cup Match itself should be banned. Cricket was introduced by the British and Crown and Anchor by the Royal Navy. Think of it, the Crown represents the Monarchy. No one should attend in protest until a Bermudian game replaces it, but what should take its place? Maybe an onion contest?

  7. WSP says:

    He damaged our country for years to come with his immigration policies and we let him back in and he is gonna do it again.
    To be Honest I am thinking about whether I should stay on this island that is slowly sinking with hate or move,because I am losing faith in our beautiful island.

  8. cpm says:

    Cup Match usually costs me $2000.00 but not this year
    Have a good cup match Burch
    I do have to ask why a Government Minister is fixing a a wall at A private Club at taxpayers expense
    Had it been a previous administration there would be a march led by Tweed and Furbert and the peoples campaign and let’s not forget curb

    • JohnBoy says:

      Just curious about how you spend $2000 during Cup Match.

      • Question says:

        How much do you think corporate sponsorships cost?

    • Anon Ymous says:

      I would think that there are people dropping at least that at Crown & Anchor too – the operators and concessions must be thrilled that the elected officials are suggesting that some people should stay home and watch on TV, being unwelcome and all!

      • JohnBoy says:

        Wow, I didn’t realise some people spent that much on crown and anchor!

        • Toodle-oo says:

          And some blow even more ! And that’s just one single aspect of their Cup Match budget.

          Lest we forget OJ’s favorite retort ..’Two Bermudas’

    • porkchop says:

      agree. lets look at it Govt to work on a PRIVATE wall does one smell a mini rat here like FOF and etc. Guess they wouldn’t get a bill for overhanging branches. Pure BS political bullying

  9. Colibm says:

    I’m sorry, regardless of who presents the cup, if it’s his ministery’s jurisdiction to mend a wall, then do it – don’t hold the wall hostage or the Club, fix the wall – it’s what all of us pay taxes for. Leave the politics and personal feelings out of it.

    • Retro says:

      i agree ,but sadly ,walls are very political both here and ironically enough in Trumps America.

      • colibm says:

        So true! Sad statement of the times we live in.

  10. Paul says:

    Burch ,will be the down fall of the P.L.P. why does he have so much dislike ? I think he needs some meds, or maybe some therapy…. the Premier is doing all he can to get the economy back on track… and one of his ministers is doing all he can to destroy it..
    The wall he refuses to repair unless it’s under his terms is disgracfull !!! I hope the club in question reports this to the attorney General…

    • Hey says:

      Burch hates not being in the spotlight, so when Premier Burt has centre stage, Burch will try and water it down to grab all the attention. You can be assured that in a few years time Burch will be licking his lips, and making his move to become Premier.

  11. Southampton says:

    Is this man for real? He must have his head up his a$$.
    If the Premier does not do something about this idiot, they can forget about my support for the PLP.
    A real A–H–E.

  12. Spilt milk says:

    He’s right! Those of you in a rant have no clue what cupmatch represents how it started.

    • SMH says:

      “Those of you in a rant have no clue what cupmatch represents how it started.”

      LOL, you’re clueless….do some research before proving your ignorance, again.

      look up who started berkeley as well…lol.

      • Spilt milk says:

        I dont see whats so funny. To answer your non-sequitur… Freemasons started Berkeley on court street. Cup match is about celebrating emancipation from slavery of which the British monarchy was heavily involved in. You wouldnt see a nazi at a jewish holocaust momorial. The only difference is that Nazi Germany does not exist anymore but the British monarchy still does. Not saying you cant come but that doesnt mean your invited.

        • SMH says:

          ” Freemasons started Berkeley on court street. ”

          Why did they name it after that white guy from England then?

          “Not saying you cant come but that doesnt mean your invited.”

          Oh, how nice….so, despite being a born black Bermudian, I’m not black enough for you?
          LOL…I know your type well…always the victim. LOL

  13. Debbie says:

    We need a lot more Col. Burch’s in Parliament. He speaks his mind and you all HATE him for this! Get over it! Thank goodness he can. I agree with him the Premier of the country should present the cup. What’s so hateful about that. Truth be told!

    • Hey says:

      Burch said “why should we invite the people who enslaved us” I think white people should stay away from cup match altogether. This guy needs to go.

    • Double S says:

      Trump speaks his mind as well.

    • Happy says:

      Right so for the record, Burch has:
      * Called Filipino and Dominican residents “prostitutes”
      * Uninvited someone to an IB meeting due to their political affiliation (his words “I’m not in the habit of justifying myself to people like you..”)
      * Ignored submissions on the railway proposal, well because..
      * Spoke out about the new CJ appointment, now if you don’t want to take that as speakign out against someone’s ethnicity, he as a government MP hinted another Bermudian shouldn’t have gotten their job due to their “place of origin” (breach of the HRA but it’s ok he said it under parliamentary privilege)
      * Now as a government MP is using his position to try and force a private organization to do something he wants

      I know there is a few more but I figure you should get the point..

    • Mark says:

      You need to get out of my country

  14. Drowning in debt. says:

    Whilst they are at it can they fix the wall at the RBYC ?

    • Hey says:

      Wheeling and dealing again, “Unethical but not illegal”

  15. Selina says:

    Politics shouldn’t be in sports. He is just like trump. Foul mouthed and full of hate. My questions are:is the wall in question on government property or within permit that it’s governments responsibility to fix? When did Cup Match become a poltical event? When is the elected premier going to reprimand this man for the behavior he’s displayed over the past weeks?

  16. The hate is real says:

    If the Premier doesn’t get rid of this bitter, hateful racist, it means he is tacitly condoning this continued disgusting divisive behaviour. Bermudians deserve a better. Burt, time to finally man up here and do what’s right and fire this hateful man?

  17. Really says:

    He has got to be the most racist person on this island. As time goes on he gets worse his mouth is so nasty. He is definitely not a person that should be in politics. Burt needs to get rid oh him now. Nothing but a disgrace to his party. Had another person talked liked this Tweed and crew would hold a march for sure. Speaking of Tweed where is he awfully quiet now that his people are in control. Hippocrates the whole bunch of them.

  18. Hmm says:

    So let me get this straight Mr. Burch: you are in power, and still being just as divisive as ever? One wonders why our country is so polarised and stung with so much negative venom. I really have no hope in this ruling party’s bigotry!

  19. CLEAN UP COLONEL says:

    Yesssssssss. Can we all continue to live in truth and do the right thing.

    The Colonel is right. Somerset and St George’s Cricket clubs do the right thing.

    Get em Colonel. Continue to operate with personal integrity and be the voice for those that are too afraid to do and say the right things and stand up for progress.

    • SMH says:

      “Continue to operate with personal integrity and be the voice for those that are too afraid to do and say the right things and stand up for progress.”

      LOL, continue? He never had any integrity. He’s nothing but a small minded person
      It’s hilarious to hear ‘bermudians’ claim they’re doing the right thing…by removing human rights from some bermudians.
      You have the fortitude of a cowardly lion and the intelligence of a stone wall. Your hatred for your fellow bermudians is blinding.

    • Double S says:

      Personal integrity doesn’t include withholding government services until a politicians wants are met.

  20. JohnBoy says:

    “the man on Langton Hill”? At least show some respect for the position he holds.

    • SMH says:

      He deserves no respect.
      Nor do you, you’re a numptie.

      • Southampton says:

        Leave a Reply you are just as stupid.

      • JohnBoy says:

        I’ll pray for you, my friend.

        • SMH says:

          I prayed for you too…didn’t work…you’re still a hater.

          • JohnBoy says:

            You need some love in your heart my friend. I haven’t said anything to warrant your comment.

  21. Mark says:

    Someone should stop skipping his medication. If this moron hates the British so much why does he retain his Regiment title? Bet you he’d overcome his hate for knighthood.

  22. Onion Puke says:

    Such a walking troll. I’ll be giving him the one finger salute whenever he slithers around Hamilton.

  23. Kim says:

    I agree with Col Burch this is modern days and we are still stuck in the slavery days all you house ???? let us enjoy our day without the colonial system being involved

    • Onion Puke says:

      Colonial system built the infrastructure to get you there you mindless koolaid drinking twit.

    • Scuff says:

      Hhmmm, Kim, paint us a detailed picture of the Bermuda you’d like to see?

    • Scuff says:

      Excuse me? Why should whites be excluded from celebrating the abolition of slavery? And please don’t say white people haven’t been victimised in this way when everyone knows that’s not true at all. Many of not most whites in Bermuda have ancestors who came here as ‘indentured servants’ – another word for slave. There’s not a population in the world that has enjoyed freedom throughout their history, and every population should be free to celebrate its demise. It’s also true that slavery continues – there were undoubtedly several products in your grocery cart this week where forced, unpaid labour was part of the production process. The fight is not over and everyone needs to be brought onside to battle it.

      • AS says:

        Tragically, there are more people enslaved in the world at this time than there ever was during the worst years of the African slave trade. Women enslaved in the sex trade, children enslaved in never ending financial debt bondage, forced child slavery, forced marriage, domestic servitude, forced labour, victims made to work through violence & intimidation, sex trafficking, child sex trafficking, enslaved child soldiers…. the list goes on and its not all white people forcing this slavery onto millions of people. Power corrupts. It always has & always will.

        Mr. Burch has power & he is using his power in a dangerous and distructful way. Nothing good comes out of hate and sadly, this man oozes hate. I feel sorry for anyone to has to carry the weight of so much hatred.

  24. Retro says:

    Its just so clownish! How is this an issue for Parliament . if you genuinely want a change to the trophy presentation why can’t you sort this out behind the scenes. Nobody is going to give a whatever with the added benefit of not making the rest of us (the electorate) look like clowns. What are we paying these guys for?

  25. Mitchell says:

    I’m surprised he’s yet to call for a renaming of the parishes, since they’re named after representatives of oppressive British overlords. What might Somerset become? Burchlands? Burchset?

    • Hey says:

      He is going to demolish all the buildings with a colonial past first.

    • SMH says:

      ” since they’re named after representatives of oppressive British overlords.”

      Aren’t thee the same overlords who grant titles to these bigoted politicians?
      I’ve never seen one of these plp racists refuse a trip to the UK for this? I guess they’re really all hate talk, but don’t have the guts to actually refuse the title.

  26. Miroslav says:

    Premier Burt needs to show some testicular fortitude here and fire this guy. Imagine a potential investor having to listen to the Col’s diatribe – I know exactly where I’d tell him to put it.

  27. San Patrick says:

    Let’s be honest, the Governor represents the Queen, he is the Queens mind and hands. The Col. swore allegiance to the Queen and her Heirs. It is treason Burch. Burt will not do anything because he agrees which is also treason. In addition, Burch is using his position to stop the wall. Where does this end?

  28. History says:

    Shame on the Premier and shame on the speaker of the house. What possible benefit can this vitriolic diatribe have on this community. Mature up government this might just be the straw.

  29. Lighthouse says:

    I usually admire Col Burch despite the fact that his approach tends to be controversial, but I totally disagree with his position as it relates to this matter. I can not believe that he would hold his own Club hostage (my Club I might add) by refusing to get the wall fixed if we continue to allow the Governor to present the Cup. Slavery is over! It is this mindset that continues to ruin this island in 2018. It blows my mind that he is in a position to rule over his own people, exercise power of control, and punish those who do not conform to his ways. This saddened me. His behavior is no better. We have come a long way and if he wants to use this issue to refuse to fix the wall because the Governor(who personally had nothing to do with the treatment of slaves in Bermuda back in the day) is presenting the Cup, then so be it. Cup Match will go on and we need to simply apologize in advance for not having the means to fix the wall on our own. Sorry Col Burch, you will not get my support on this one!

    • Bermyboo says:

      Very good comment.

    • Scuff says:

      Great comment. It is entirely up to the clubs who they invite to preset the Cup. This is not a political event.
      The clubs have hosted wonderful events for many decades where everyone feels warmly welcomed and has a great time.
      I would say most are aware of the history of the game, and the spirit of camaraderie that prevails is a tribute to that history. Everyone should celebrate the ending of such an evil as slavery.
      Col Burch has mar it clear where he stands over and over again.
      Everyone who believes in a diverse Bermuda altos go to Cup Match and support this great memorial event.

  30. Realist says:

    We continue to sink lower with these types of politicians. What’s sickening is all those that voted this party in sit silently saying nothing! Many don’t agree with a great deal of what is going on. The spending is out of control, the travel are out of control,stupid work to rule from buses, the racism is out of control….and yet we sit and no protests. Stand up to what’s right people!

  31. WSP says:

    The Friday of cup match is Somers day ,nothing to do with slavery so the governor has every right to present the cup.Ignorant fools.

  32. Minister Burch, talk on.I would NOT want that either.

    • Bermyboo says:

      And watch what happens! Do you have an exit plan for when it all goes wrong???

    • SMH says:


      You got it, they’re currently running it into the ground…and you love it!

      hateful bigot.

  33. Mark - Flatts says:

    So under Cornel Capt Burch (note he clings to his BRITISH military title like a wet diaper to a baby) the Premier should present the cup. So where was his foul mouthed ignorant ministrations when Dunkley was Premier?? All the Koolaid drinkers were silent then!

  34. Demand this racists resignation says:


    • Anbu says:

      He wont cause he agrees. He will say he doesnt to your face but we all know how this administration operate And you know what? Who cares. Stay home for the game. Chill out in your ac or better yet, just go to the beach or something. They dont want you there anyway. Well we all know that burch sure doesnt want you there. Send them a message, not that it will matter. Lol. Next plp politician to show up at my door will deff be earning his paycheck.

  35. Some no longer welcome at Cup Match says:

    What this Minister seems to be saying is that whites shouldn’t be allowed to go to Cup Match. Nice. Guess what, I won’t be going this year thanks to this hateful trolls comments. I no longer feel part of my own country, the country of generations of ancestors.

    • cpm says:

      Somerset cc are going to lose a lot of money thanks to the colonel

  36. v smtih says:

    The Premier of Bermuda should present the cup, this game represents the abolishment of slavery,,so why in this day and age do we have a governor from England, presenting a cup is beyond me.

    • drew says:

      Yeah, I bet you got your British passport as soon as you could, when it became possible back in the early 2000′s, but you hate the Brit governor. Learn some history the British Parliament abolished slavery in 1834, guess what they didn’t have too, Britain was the preeminent power in the world then, no one would have said a thing. Brazil, you know that country that 3/4 of blacks on this island seem to support in the World Cup, didn’t abolish slaver until the late 1880s. You and many, very many are completely ignorant of world history.

      • Ringmaster says:

        @ v. smith. Consider the following:

        Cup Match is between Sandys Cricket Club and St George’s. It is not a Government event.
        Burch has spoken to both and they don’t agree with him regarding the presentation. So the Clubs, being the majority are happy with who presents the Cup.
        So Burch as a sole person wants his own way even though the clubs don’t agree with him.
        Using his role as a Minister he says if you (a private club) want a wall built it won’t happen unless you do what I want.
        The club is private so why is a Government Minister involved in a wall rebuild at tax payers expense?
        Burch is nothing more than a petty dictator and abusing his role as a Minister, and is in breach of regulations.
        Despite all of this, Premier Burt is too weak to fire him.

  37. SMH says:

    “…. is beyond me.”

    yes, everything you post ‘is beyond me’ as well.

    Read a history book, if you can. Your ignorance isn’t impressive.

  38. puzzled says:

    All of you live next door.
    You work together.
    You say hello.
    You hide behind pen names.

    Look up the word ‘useless’.


  39. BermieBorn says:

    If MP Burch is so displeased with “the man on Langton Hill”, accompanying regalia, pomp, circumstance, tradition, history and related context, why does he use the Lt. Col title from ‘that man’s’ army? The PLP continually bemoan certain aspects of our colonial heritage but relish, in fact demand, continued use of ‘their’ fancy titles.

  40. cpm says:

    We are in a downward spiral with the combination of Burch and the plp propaganda show constantly dragging racial harmony down

  41. lots of Bermudians don't look like Burch... says:

    Hey Mr. Burch,
    I thought leaders worked to bring people together. The Governor presenting the cup is a chance to heal the hate, and reinforce that we are all equals.


    I wish you and the majority of the PLP would choose to stop encouraging this hate and division and work to bring us together as Bermudians.

    Can the non-racist and progressive thinkers in the PLP please finally stand up against hate?

  42. Boycotting Cup Match says:

    Sadly, my family and I will be boycotting this years Cup Match in protest that the Premier of Bermuda has yet to call for this Ministers resignation. The fact that the Premier continues to condone this mans hatefulness disgusts me. Minister Burch needs to resign. Where is the Premier?

    • Redrose says:

      I agree 100%! Let the PLP and their followers who support this man who resorts to name calling and racial slurs have Cup Match to themselves! The rest of Bermuda will enjoy ourselves out on the water or at home with our families! How can Burt and Burch claim to be of the Church if they act this way?

  43. Joe Bloggs says:

    Perhaps Minister Burch should review his Bermuda history. Sir George Summers (and and the rest on the Sea Venture) did not arrive in Bermuda voluntarily. Why are they worth less than others who did not arrive in Bermuda voluntarily?

  44. Tyrone says:

    “inviting he who enslaved us to come and not only celebrate with us, but to also be the person who presents the Cup.”
    I was not aware that the Governor of Bermuda had enslaved Bermudians or even has ever owned a slave before! This Colonel guy is a freaking idiot and anyone who agrees with him on this particular quote is also an idiot…..end of story.

  45. puzzled says:

    Once again.
    You voted him in overwhelmingly.