13 Local Jobs Cut In Butterfield ‘Restructuring’

July 27, 2018 | 7 Comments

Butterfield has confirmed a “restructuring” has resulted in 23 jobs being lost, with thirteen of those in Bermuda. The other six jobs are in the Cayman Islands, while four are in Guernsey.

“Customer services will not be impacted by the changes,” Butterfield said, with the company also noting that in calendar 2018, Butterfield increased their headcount in Bermuda by 9 positions [from 538 to 547] so overall this year, “Butterfield’s headcount in Bermuda is down by four positions.”

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Comments (7)

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  1. What is restructuring??
    Does it mean once that process is complete, another foreigner takes over a job which could and should be filled by an intelligent and knowledgeable Bermudian??
    This restructuring must be looked into. It might mean that a foreigner is filling a spot which should go to a qualified Bermudian first.
    Bermudians, once you have been LET GO from your BUTTERFIELD job, follow-up, follow-up, long term to better know if this is deliberately done to destroy YOU and OUR Bermudian people who were born here, in preference of A FOREIGNER!!
    They are not smarter, nor are they better educated than we are!

    • Hey says:

      WOW…”they are not smarter, nor are they better educated than us” I think not.

    • Dumb says:

      And what? So a year later they fill the post with someone. What are you going to do? Sue the Bank for making you redundant? You negotiate redundancy as a consequence of them wanting you to leave! Get your health insurance and a nice compensation package and take the Summet off!

    • Answer says:

      I know this will be impossible for you to comprehend, but most people are not employed unless they competently do a useful job.

      Doesn’t apply at all in the civil service or any Bermuda government job. You can be totally useless and yet remain employed forever, as we all see demonstrated multiple times every single day.

      The problem is that this means some of you are a waste of money. Which is why many of us, the competent, useful people, dislike your guts, because you think the world owes you a permant job, paid for by us.

  2. Noel Ashford says:

    LoL here’s half of the issue… I am a Multi generational Bermudian and I care for my island, however people like this anonymous poster are deeply confused. Bermudians don’t deserve jobs just for their charm and good looks, they have to be a right fit and it’s not the companies issue to educate locals, it’s their issue and there definitely is a shortage of skilled labor in many categories. Telling yourself different just shows how disconnected some are from reality. You can’t say that during a layoff a foreigner who has a different and higher skill set should be removed in favor of someone with a totally different or lesser skill set. The moment Bermudians start accepting reality is the moment they start bettering themselves.

  3. sandgrownan says:

    The optics are terrible, the Micheal’s are at the NYSE ringing the bell, record profits, and then some poor folks get a Summer shock.

  4. Stormy daniels says:

    Sorry to hear that for what ever the reason. But hey look on the bright side, all those fintech companies I’m sure they will need employees.
    Right Mr premier!

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