BISA Spirit Scholarships For Smith & Vaucrosson

July 7, 2018

Two students have been awarded scholarships by the Bermuda International Shipping Association [BISA] to sail on one of the Spirit of Bermuda’s summer voyages for students.

Massassi Smith and Quentin Vaucrosson were selected as this year’s recipients. Both students said they are very pleased to be given another opportunity to sail on board the Spirit and are very much looking forward to the experience.

Photo: Clive Langley – BISA Director, Lauren Yelle-Simmons – Education and Programme Manager Bermuda Sloop Foundation, Felicia Govender – BISA Director, Scholarship Recipients – Massassi Smith and Quentin Vaucrosson, Branwen Smith- King – Executive Director Bermuda Sloop Foundation, David Goodwin -Chairman Bermuda Sloop Foundation and Angelique Burgess – BISA Director

Charlotte Watlington Scholarship Bermuda July 2018

The scholarship entitles the students to participate in the Youth Skiller Voyage where the students circumnavigate the island and have an opportunity to enhance their navigation, seamanship, teambuilding and leadership skills.

A spokesperson for the BISA said, “This is the second year of offering the scholarship and in keeping with the aims and objectives of the Association which is to assist students who have an interest in maritime by further developing their knowledge. Through the partnership with the Bermuda Sloop Foundation, BISA are pleased to be able to offer two scholarships this year.”

Branwen Smith, Chief Executive Officer of the Bermuda Sloop Foundation thanked the Bermuda International Shipping Association for supporting the Spirit of Bermuda’s summer Skiller Voyage program.

She said, “Massassi and Quentin are very deserving of this scholarship; they both have demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities. This award will help them improve their sailing skills.

“The Sloop Foundation is committed to youth development in Bermuda through our middle school and summer sail training programmes. On behalf of our Board of Directors, staff and crew, many thanks to BISA for their investment and commitment to Bermuda’s youth.”

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  1. Slipnut says:

    The Spirite should be sailing from Bermuda to the Azores, Uk, Spain, Africa, South America, Caribbean, east coast USA, Nova Soctia back Home. Open it up for all the World to sail. You can do one leg or all of it. Gaining creditable knowledge and certification towards a Captains license. The myth of government school children play for free is just that. We pay per child. There are sail training ships passing though our Island and working it. This is our History! Moving kids from Dockyard to St. George is more of stipend to prolong the inevitable.