OBA: We Didn’t Keep Voter Info ‘Sent In Error’

July 24, 2018 | 43 Comments

The OBA continue to press for the release of the report on the Parliamentary Registrar matter, and also confirmed that they once “received a data feed with emails and telephone numbers,” adding that they were told it “was sent in error” and they “did not keep the information.”

OBA Chairperson Senator Justin Mathias said, “The Office of the Parliamentary Registrar has conducted an investigation into allegations by voters that their confidential information was provided to the PLP. We call upon the Governor to release the results of that investigation.

“That is the main issue here and everything will become clear if that report is released, in full, into the public domain.

“The PLP should be joining us in calling for the report to be made public as it is also very much in their interests that this matter is resolved, otherwise they will forever have an asterisk next to their name.

“It is important to note that both political parties had a system to automatically download the latest voter data on a daily basis which included publicly available data such as voters name and address.

“On one occasion the OBA received a data feed with emails and telephone numbers; once this was realized the OBA campaign team were told by the then Parliamentary Registrar, Mr. Randy Scott, that this was sent in error and we were not to use this confidential voter data.

“We complied with this request and did not keep the information or act on its contents. The OBA never received this extra confidential data again.

“After the 2012 general election, the automatic feed was shut down, and the OBA received feeds of only publicly available data twice per year through a manual download. Yet we know that confidential information continued to be obtained.

“This has been confirmed to be true, as their Leader David Burt told a press conference the day before last year’s General Election that the PLP was still receiving confidential voter information in 2017.

Senator Mathias added, “We ask the PLP to join us in requesting that the Governor release the PR’s report, so that public may come to their own conclusion and to also call for a full forensic investigation into the matter. What do they have to lose?’.

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  1. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Bermuda needs to have this report ASAP.

  2. Pea ell pea-ur says:


    • HELLO OBAERS says:


      Stop OBA with this silly ongoing nonsense, it does not make any sense, and the issue is not that serious or important….

      Begin to redirect your party into an Opposition that is worth listening too…..get off this nonsense and deal with more serious things that will impact the Bermudian people…this gains you nothing but does make you look more like a weak party that has not changed due to weak leadership of Dunkley #UBPOBAWEAKLEADERSHIP #GAMEPLAYBYOBAERS

      • Answer says:

        So where is the report?

        • Lol says:

          Ask the governor and the registrar general. They already released a statement. And we must follow our leaders like you all wanted us to do with the OBA

      • Anbu says:

        Ok. No work to do i see

      • Remember they invited Rudy Giuliani to be their guest speaker at their rally?
        De Trump madness is rubbing off on them.

        • LOL says:

          “De Trump madness is rubbing off on them.”

          You mean, they’re becoming the plp?

          Xenophobic, homophobic and racist…what’s the difference between the plp and Trump?

          There is none.

  3. sandgrownan says:

    It proves the long standing suspicion that the Civil Service are beholden to the PLP and have limited ability to act impartially. In other words, you have to question the integrity.

    Which makes sense, since the bloated, inefficient civil service (paid for by the rest of us) owes the PLP for it’s oversized existence. Those votes were ‘attained’ by DREB.

    You scratch my back etc etc

    • mixitup says:

      Lets see – Suspicious, Limited Ability, Questionable integrety, Inefficient…these are key words they insert to make themselves feel smart and to drive that narrative, then they repeat them and repeat them again..with or without proof…been going on forever.
      I bet you were that kid that swore there was a boogey man under your bed.

      • sandgrownan says:


        • Lol says:

          What’s hypocritical is the Oba getting caught doing the same thing and they come up with this weak statement. But o well

          • sandgrownan says:

            “..I bet you were that kid that swore there was a boogey man under your bed…”

            The biggest purveyors of low brow “boogey ma” politics are the PLP.

            The reality is, the civil service is bloated and acts with questionable integrity.

    • Lol says:

      It proves absolutely nothing. The oba can try and lie their way out of this one all they want. The fact that they got caught doing the same thing is the typical hypocrisy from them that got them voted out in the first place. But you are a paid oba troll so I expect this from you.

      • Anbu says:

        As u are a pee el pee troll. Pot meet kettle

        • Lol says:

          A troll that speaks facts though. Key word facts. Spell that one cause you all know how to spell LIE really well…

        • Lol says:

          A troll that talks facts. Keyword facts. Can you spell that correctly, cause we all know you OBA lot can spell LIE perfectly..

          • LOL says:

            we get it, you’ve admitted it twice, you’re a troll. Great! :)

            You’re a racist, homophobe as well…I’m sorry for the people who have to be around such a miserable person.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Yup, that’s it obviously.

    • Real says:

      It only proves the people don’t like the oba/UBP. Didn’t that circus party lose another seat in May or June? What happened was the candidate to weak. LOL

      You will never win and trust me I use to vote for the red kool-aid drinker team = oba/UBP/OBA.

  4. yesitsme says:

    Lets go back to the original story here……..the PR basically said that this matter had already been before the Governor and that for the OBA to make this matter public was and is an insult to the Governor himself. (a few words are different but that is the jist of what was said) She then bats on to say that before anything else is done the OBA needs to publically apologize to the Governor.

    They keep batting on singing to their own drum and not listening to people, yet again!! Simply apologize and then you can get the report. Whats so hard about that????

    • Double S says:

      I can only imagine the outcry from the PLP and their supporters if they were told to apologise to the Governor in exchange for a report on how confidential voter information was leaked to the OBA.

      Man, you guys really know no bounds to your hypocrisy, do you?

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Double S, you said it correct. It’s all your imagination, now let’s keep to the facts as they actually happened rather than how you imagined them. As for the other point you hit on, since this story first broke it has only been the OBA that has been exposed for hypocrisy, but I guess that fact never made it past your imagination. So far it has been the PR, Governor, PLP & the people all saying just move along yet the OBA with the same mindset that got them voted out keep pushing their own will despite the will of the majority.
        I can tell you this for a 100% fact though, on the eve of the last election I received a call from the area OBA candidate soliciting for my support. However, the only issue is my number is unlisted. At the time I thought someone in their camp knew me & my number seeing as how we are such a close community here, but now I have to wonder. I have to admit though that I found all the OBA pop up ads all over the internet & the mid YouTube video interruptions from the OBA ads at the time more intrusive than I did the election eve phone call. It was just crammed down our throats too much with no escape to allow your mind to rest. They were on the TV, radio, newspaper, internet, phone lines, road side signs, in our mailboxes, leaflets left on our car windshields. It was just too much & for me personally it all backfired for them because it became such a turn off and seemed more like an attempted form of brainwashing with the constant bombardment.

        • Happy says:

          Take the politics out of it for a minute. A government department gave personal information out to at least 2 third-party organizations without authorization. I don’t care who received it I want to know how long it’s been ongoing and if this information was given out to any other parties. I personally would like to see the report.

          • Time Shall Tell says:

            Authorization was given as revealed in the Governors reply to the OBA. One of the main points of the taken from the Parliamentary Registrar’s review, as communicated by His Excellency was “Provision of the information requested was approved in 2012 by the then Parliamentary Registrar”. The end all & be all of authority physically on this island is the Governor himself & he himself has said for the OBA to simply drop it. So, any issues you have you should take up with him.

            • Happy says:

              Just curious as to how this was supposedly still going on last year if it was only approved by the previous PR.

            • Double S says:

              If the Governor told the PLP to ‘drop it’ I am damn confident that your comment would be a lot different then the one above.

              Then again you PLPers have never met a hypocrisy that you didn’t love .

          • Lol says:

            Did you actually read what he stated. THE OBA CALLED THEM WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION. you just skipped cross all of that. Denial is real with the OBA

            • Happy says:

              Didn’t skip across a single thing. Not some diehard OBA follower, as I said personal information was given out to AT LEAST 2 third-party organizations. I want to know the details. I could care less about either party having more or less access, no one should have had information that isn’t publicly available

      • Lol says:

        Key word IMAGINE. And we know how wild the OBA and their followers imaginations are….they love a good lie

      • Lol says:

        And you claim hypocrisy to a totally made up situation in your imagination. Now I know you all are fools

  5. Aww says:

    Bu***** from Justin Mathias! Jeanne and Dunkley are mentoring him well if this is the crap he is shoveling! If they did not use or keep the data how did thy get my unlisted home

  6. Unbelievable!! This is the WORST political party in Bermuda’s history.
    Your worst deed was: bringing in OTHERS while you knew that BORN BERMUDIANS were dashing to England.They have been slapped with jobs, cars and have odd complexes about themselves. In essence, we are all EQUAL!!
    Nothing there for Bermudians in England.They will be encouraged to return to their homeland….Bermuda!!
    Born Bermudians : Never, never forget the harm that OBA attempted to do to people born here.
    True colourful gombeys, with no positive direction for Bermuda’s born persons!!!

    • Lol says:

      Thank you. I’m in the states building myself up through education and experience on the job which I couldn’t get under the Oba. I’m studying IT and with Fintech based back home I can’t wait to finish to come back home and build. We young ppl will NEVER FORGET the hell the OBA put us through. Salute to Premier Burt and The PLP govt.

      • Heck says:

        Here here! Well said!

      • Answer says:

        If you’re in the States presumably you couldn’t get that valuable ‘fintech experience’ under the PLP either, despite the MOUs they sign every couple of days.
        What ‘hell’ did you get put through? Having to go overseas to attend university?
        Poor little snowflake.

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