Premier Meets With Velocity Ledge, Apollo Global

January 12, 2019

Premier David Burt recently met with executives from both Velocity Ledger and Apollo Global, with the Premier saying he discussed their plans to move their respective companies to Bermuda.

Premier Burt tweeted the photo below, saying: “On Tuesday evening I welcomed Eric Ness and Shawn Sloves of Velocity Ledger to discuss their plans to move their FinTech Company to Bermuda.”

Premier David Burt Bermuda January 2019 (1)

In a separate post, the Premier tweeted the photo below, saying: “Chip Gillis AtheneLifeRe and Eric Press, John Suydam and Matthew Michelini of Apollo Global and I discussed their plans to move their companies to Bermuda. They are committed to developing local actuarial talent and have hosted productive talks with Bermuda College.”

Premier David Burt Bermuda January 2019 (2)

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  1. Vote no more says:

    How many of these big meetings have the companies actually set up here? With more then ONE employee!!

  2. eyes wide open says:

    and Titty Milk just had to be there!

  3. Red rose says:

    Ok good but why isn’t government putting this kind of emphasis on firms affected by eu substance? If only two thousand of the 15k firms affected puts physical boots here it will have immesurably mors impact than anything fintech will do

  4. DeOnion says:

    Now we just need another 3,999 of these and we will be ok. Government’s total reliance on this industry as a salve to our economic problems is both myopic and worrying

  5. Rocky5 says:

    Apollo are already here as they own Athene Life and are buying Aspen. Probably will be some job losses at Aspen this year

  6. Arapaho says:

    Just don’t expect proper trash pick up or buses…..we are a third world country in retrograde.