Motorcyclist Injured In Collision In Sandys Parish

March 7, 2019

[Updated] Police are advising the motoring public to “expect delays” on Middle Road/Main Road in Sandys due to a three vehicle collision this morning.

collision Bermuda March 7 2019

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “Please be advised there has been a three vehicle collision on Middle Road/Main Road in Sandys in the area of Packwood Home and Pearman’s Funeral home.

“Details are still emerging but it appears that the collision took place between the driver of car and two motorcyclists. The condition of the riders are unknown at this time.

“The motoring public should expect delays while the scene is being processed.”

Update 7.46am: The police said that it was a “minor collision with the victim suffering minor leg injuries, and the road is now open.”

Update 12.00pm: A police spokesperson said, “Around 7am today [March 7th] police, fire and ambulance personnel responded to a reported collision on Somerset Road in Sandys parish near the junction with Wilson Place.

“Initial information indicates that a car and a motorcycle were involved with the rider, believed to be a 35-year-old Warwick man, sustaining a leg injury.

“He was transported to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance and at last check was listed in stable condition.

“Inquiries continue and any witnesses are asked to call the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

Update March 8, 5.00pm: A police spokesperson said, “At last check this afternoon [March 8th] a 28-year-old male motorcyclist – said to be a Warwick resident – hurt in a collision with a car and another motorcycle around 7am Thursday, March 7th on Somerset Road in Sandys parish near the junction with Wilson Place remained in stable condition on a general ward at the hospital, recovering from a leg injury.

“Initial information suggested that the injured man was 35-year-old.

“The driver of the car and the rider of the other motorcycle involved were not hurt.

“However, all three vehicles were damaged.

“Inquiries continue and any witnesses are still asked to call the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

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  1. Pangaea says:

    I am going to use some strong words here.

    This is not about the law it is about preservation of life.

    Speed is not the only problem here.

    Not one day goes past that we don’t read about road colisions ,our statistics have long since proportionately exceeded those of other countries.

    I am saddened with the loss of life an personal injuries that result from these need less collisions.

    I wonerder if those restrictive motorcycle helmed are the cause of many bike collisions.

    Fact : There are many unsafe reverse camber roads and corners remaining in Bermuda.

    There is much that can be done and has been done by local business institutions, however the carnage continues.

    Placing blame does not solve the problem .

    The police use restraint as the they know can not fine every body. More on that later.

    Bernews and the RG do their best to bring these pointless collision to the attention of the public and and the legislature .

    A dictatorial strong arm approach to the problem is not the answer either, that has failed in the past.

    Placing more laws on the books will not work because what we have has failed, dont waste our money on cameras and miles of yellow lines to deal with a people problem.

    May I recomend that all of us take a new comprehensive look at the problem with guide lines.

    ********************** Town hall every body **************************

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 35 K is a catch 22 law. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    My thoughts are, it is unsafe to have a Bus full of school children or a Tractor Trailer traveling at 50 k around Barnes corner ,for example and so on, that is not just the only problem out there the list of public disobedience is long.

    Bermuda needs to take a good look at speed, as there needs to have some flexibility through out the entire island. Realizing in business that time is money.

    Ever vehicle has its safe driving speed .
    Every corner has its saved driving speed.
    Every person has their safe driving speed.
    Every hill has its safe driving speed.

    The last thing we need to continue here is our island wide Grand Prix race track .

    Graduated speed zones:
    better guide lines
    better warning signs:
    Better road marking:

    Above all personal restraint .