Video: ‘Taking Off’ Highlights Kite Design Winners

May 2, 2019

Skyport has released the latest episode of ‘Taking Off’, a video series with host Mikaela Pearman that highlights the airport redevelopment project, with this episode highlighting the kite design competition, which will see the winning designs incorporated into the new airport terminal.

Speaking in the episode, Mikaela Pearman said, “Earlier this year, we announced a kite design competition for the best Bermudian designs. After receiving an astounding 155 entries, we’ve chosen our winners!

“But before we get to that part, let’s talk about what the designs are for. In the new terminal, there will be a kite installation suspended from the ceiling.

“The winning designs will be incorporated into actual kites adding a Bermudian sense of place to the new building. There are three shapes: hexagon, octagon and decagon and a variety of these shapes were chosen.

“And now to the winners!

“For the 12 and under category, the judges selected three winners: Lily Mulder-Powell, Mikale Willis and Kiera Wales.

“For the 13 to 18 year old category, the judges were impressed by Priel Minors’ two entries and selected both as winners.

“And finally, in the adult category, winners include Brian Lightbourne, Matthew Tumbridge, Abigail Kempe, Steven Harvey and Jordan Every.

“Each winner was presented with a cheque for $250 and will see their design hanging in the new airport terminal once it opens.

“Congratulations to all the winners!”

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  1. sage says:

    Just make sure the tails are not tied to the head sticks like in the fancy video since a foreign expert will no doubt have to be brought in to make them.

  2. Nerd Life says:

    Them kites better have hummers that make LOUD noise for all to hear

  3. wahoo says:

    I hope they stress that the tradition is for Real Bermudians to fly kites at and around Easter/Good Friday and that at that time we are considerate of our neighbors.