Video: “Taking Off” On Fun Facts About Airport

March 30, 2018

Skyport has released the latest episode of ‘Taking Off’, a video series with host Mikaela Pearman that highlights the airport redevelopment project, with this week’s video highlighting some fun facts about the project.

During the episode, Mikaela Pearman said, “As the months pass, the site of the new airport terminal literally comes to life. Did you know that it’s almost a quarter way completed?

“Let’s look at some fun facts about the airport redevelopment project.”

“So far, 3,760 cubic meters of concrete have been poured. 127,000 tons of gravel was imported for the site and 150,000 tons of locally processed material have been used.

“637 tons of steel have been erected and 265,000 feet or 50 miles of sub main cable have been installed.

“And the size of the terminal will be 24,490 square meters, equal to four football pitches.

“This historic project is also creating plenty of jobs on and off the site. So far Aecon and Skyport have engaged with more than 220 Bermudian companies, while eleven of the key construction contractors and some 70% of workers on site are Bermudian.”

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  1. Y-gurl says:

    Here’s a fun fact, $33 million a year to Canada for the next 30 years

    • Calvin says:

      Indeed, another great Bob Richard’s deal, giving away the family silver. This propaganda being spewed is pathetic.
      How long before we start hearing about how wonderful Bob’s Ritz C/Morgan Point guarantee is? A shame we do not here more of the small businesses he sank with increased taxes – payroll, duties, etc – and the folks no longer employed. Of course Bob always has been a big shot when it comes to the small, plodding small guys who actually mainly pay the country’s bills.

      • Anbu says:

        U mean how the plp just raises taxes on pretty much everything……..again.

  2. Zevon says:

    are you talking about the “new hospital”?

    • Calvin says:

      A very nice facility that was sorely needed – unlike this airport terminal.