Police Appeal: Information On West End Incidents

September 13, 2019

Police are appealing to members of the public for information regarding two incidents in Somerset yesterday [Sept 12].

A police spokesperson said, “Around 6:50pm Thursday, September 12th police officers were dispatched to an incident on Somerset Road in Sandys parish in the vicinity of Warren Simmons community field.

“On arrival officers conducted inquiries and spoke with the mother of an 11-year-old boy, who accused an older man in the area of following her son while making inappropriate comments, as the boy walked from Champs Variety near the junction of Somerset Road and Cambridge Road.

“In addition, the individual involved – said to be a 61-year-old Southampton man – was located and spoken to by police. There was no evidence at that time to substantiate the claims made against him. However, efforts continue to identify what happened, and any offences disclosed will be investigated thoroughly.

“Police are also aware of an account of this incident circulating on social media along with video that apparently shows the aftermath of an assault on the 61-year-old man, which is understood to have been carried out on Scotts Hill Road near West End Primary School.

“Detectives are appealing for members of the public with information regarding the alleged inappropriate interaction with the 11-year-old boy near Champs Variety, as well as anyone with information regarding the subsequent assault of the 61-year-old man on Scotts Hill Road.

“Witnesses or persons that can assist with information regarding the alleged inappropriate interaction with the 11-year-old boy are encouraged to contact the Vulnerable Persons Unit on telephone number 247-1678 or e-mail group-vpu@bps.bm as soon as possible, while witnesses or persons that can assist with information about the assault of the 61-year-old man are asked to call the Criminal Investigation Department on 247-1744.

“The Bermuda Police Service wishes to reassure residents that any acts of inappropriate interaction reported to police involving adults and children – or adults and other adults – will be addressed sensitively and in confidence.

“Likewise, members of the public are reminded that any acts of vigilante justice – in relation to any incident – that come to the attention of the police, will be appropriately investigated.”

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