Speaker Dennis Lister Addresses Ugandans

September 25, 2019 | 1 Comment

Speaker of the House of Assembly Dennis Lister recently addressed Ugandans. cautioning them against quitting their jobs in order to pursue political positions.

This is according to a story in Uganda’s Daily Monitor, which said, “The Speaker of Bermuda Parliament Dennis Lister has cautioned Ugandans interested in running for political office to think twice before quitting their jobs.

“While meeting Ugandans who once worked in Bermuda at Skyz Hotel last evening, Mr Lister advised that before joining politics, people should establish themselves to a level where their families can survive when things falls apart.

“People should never give up their jobs to run for political office. You are serving at the mercy of an individual and if you and that individual fall out, your family suffers,” he said.

“Lister who is in Uganda for the 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, however advised that, “they should keep some sort of income, because once you lose your job as a parliamentarian, you will then put the government on pressure to retain you.”

“According to Uganda’s Parliamentary elections act 2001, a person elected to Parliament when he or she is a member of a local government council or holds a public office shall resign the office before assuming the office of Member of Parliament.

“This is however not the case in Bermuda, a small country in the Carribean with a total population of 65,441 people.”

Read the full story here on the Daily Monitor website.

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    please tell me the taxpayer did not pay for this?

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