PLP’s Jason Hayward Wins By-Election

November 21, 2019

[Updating] The by-election in Constituency #17 Pembroke Central is taking place today [Nov 21] with Jason Hayward standing for the PLP, while Dwayne Robinson is the OBA’s candidate.

What are the past election results in Bermuda Pembroke Central Constituency #17  2019 by election

The by-election has been called due to the untimely death of MP Walton Brown, who held the seat since 2012.

Looking at past results, since the single MP system took effect, the PLP have won all four elections in the area; winning with 65.61%, 50.43%, 56.94% and 55.09% of the vote.

Update: Live Video replay of Mr Hayward being announced as the winner

The polls will close at 8.00pm this evening and generally in by-elections the results are available later that evening, and we plan to update later tonight.

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  1. Oh,I see now says:

    The OBA vs the PLP/BIU let the games begin ,in the meantime Rome burns get on that fiddle Burt.

    • Scientist says:

      obaUBP needs to bring in some consultants to find out why black Voters and families all departed from their party. In addition stop changing leaders and names every time they fail at election.

      Finally please please stop using surrogates as front man. Bermuda has caught on to this old school white washed act. Hate it or not this is what people are saying my friends.

    • Huh? says:

      You can’t call them the PLP/BIU! That’s the PLP paid commenters trick!

    • Huh? says:

      …but, I guess if you were going to steal their thunder, you should type it like, “PLPbiu” (or is it plpBIU?).

    • If you knew about Bermuda History, de PLP and BIU were both fighting together against a racist regime that was/is being controlled by Historically wealthy, privileged business men who disenfranchised de oppressed.
      Common interest just like de Chamber of Commerse (which is a Union) and UBP/OBA and de business sector.
      Get over it

    • Eyes wide open says:

      The oba is the UBP and you will keep losing! Can’t wait to see the haters type below. Oh and thanks for having Craig as leader to convince me even more not to vote obaUBP.

      • Rubberman says:

        No. YOU will keep losing as a country. You have your favourite party in power, and that’s fine, so long as you accept that everyone will get screwed, including you.

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        Why do you think only haters will respond to your blatant lies.

    • Wow says:

      JETGATE is your leader LOLOLOLOLOLOL…….is that the best you have.

      • Remember says:

        Just shows you that the smart educated people in the OBA understand that their party is finished.

        Someone needs to form a third party because the OBA is seen as a white party and the PLP is seen as a black party.

        That is a serious problem and it will not go away. The OBA continue to try to hide this fact. When people already know.

        • Whats sad is Dr. E.F. Gordon was a soldier for fighting against de racist regime and has family members supporting that regime.
          But you will NEVER see Henry Tucker or David Gibbons family members fighting against their Heritage.
          F@#!ng PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          Here we go again …

          The BDA (Bermuda Democratic Alliance) was established as a third party. It was meant to be inclusive and progressive, not tied to the old guard or the radical left. It was the only time I was ever tempted to join a political party and it was the first time a friend of mine (and like-minded thinker) did join a political party. Unfortunately, the UBP blew up, court proceedings were issued and almost all of the membership of the UBP quit that party and joined the BDA. Now that the former UBP members heavily outnumbered the original BDA thinkers they changed its name to the OBA and changed its direction to align with what the former UBP members knew. MY friend then promptly quit the BDA. The last Chairman of the UBP was Kim Swan, now a PLP MP. Oh, the irony of claiming that the OBA is the renamed UBP!

          You are correct Remember, Bermuda does need a party that will do what the BDA was intended to do. Sadly, Shawn Crockwell is not here anymore to help with that.

          • REAL TALK says:

            THE UBP destroyed the BDA……….and created the UBP/OBA what idiots!!!!

      • When will the PLP be inclusive says:

        Poke all the fun you want at the OBA and call their members all kinds of awful names which the PLP faithful like to do–but at least their composition reflects that of our country.

        What about the PLP? not so much….

        History will tell the story of how de PLP made a very serious and calculated on their part–error.

        Meanwhile–let the divisiveness continue and lets have some fun!!

        • saud says:

          “When will the PLP be inclusive”

          When they accept that the LGBT community have the same rights as everyone else.
          They’ll never not be racist though, so forget that.
          Their xenophobia may change when they finally realise how the economy works.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Dr. Brown. GlobalHue. Friends from Howard. Follow the taxpayers money you halfwit

    • Rasta says:

      obaUBP 173 vs PLP 311

      A third party will be created because the oba/UBP will continue to be the Titanic or in this case THE WALKING DEAD.

  2. Things a Gwan says:

    Good luck Mr. Robinson.

  3. Fooled me twice says:

    Where’s bitcoin.

  4. Paul says:

    Let us hope these two young men are not led by party politics, but have a mind of their own and not afraid to voice their opinion.

  5. Blind Faithfuls says:

    The blind faithfuls strikes again.

  6. Blind Faithfuls says:

    Jason and his people campaign has been muffled since plp won. Now he will be told to sit and be quite just like his mate Famous.

  7. Rotten Onion says:

    Just shows the ignorance of the average voter. Bermuda will suffer and I will not feel sorry for any of you who voted these fools in.

    • Remember says:

      Just show you it’s a white party and a black party. That’s the truth.

  8. Real Deal says:

    important lesson here. watch what you say people are not def.

  9. worrying says:

    Over 50% of voters couldn’t be bothered to come out and vote. Probably more telling than the result.

  10. Oh,I see now says:

    Burt has put another Ernie in place.

  11. Frank says:

    Congratulations mp Hayward
    Lets see what big mouth Craig has to say now

    • Anbu says:

      Doesnt need to say much actually frank, weve all learned all we need to. Plp voters love to get shafted. Funny actually given their stance on other topics having to do with shafting. Ah well. Business as usual i suppose.

  12. 2scoops says:

    There is a lot of “hate” comments recently. I was born in 1040. Do not remember
    so much of that in my years growing up, very sad.
    Bermuda has about 60,000 people, like a small town in the rest of the world.
    If we do not find some common ground and start getting together we will fall.
    Maybe it is time we started being Bermudians and not Black,white and Portuguese.
    Watch sports and you will notice that a team is of a nation not colour.

    • There is racism in sports too, as long as you have one group who thinks they are superior and abuse that thought through economic, social and political legislation or business practice, it will not go away.
      It took 400 years to get to this point so its not an overnight fix.

    • JohnBoy says:

      Really? You were born in 1040?? Are you a vampire?

      • Make a New Plan Stan says:

        You found a typo……congratulations…..I hope that didn’t prevent you from understanding what was being said.

  13. sandgrownan says:

    Is anyone surprised by this? Bermudians have shown themselves to be repeatedly stupid when it comes to voting, easily led by race baiters and incompetents.

    Bermuda continues to spiral the drain….higher taxes, fewer tax payers, capital projects completing, declining retail sector, declining business confidence, poor getting poorer, declining public education, trash doesn’t get collected, buses repeatedly cancelled, fewer charitable donations…..18 years of abject failure….and Bermudians vote for more.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “Bermudians have shown themselves to be repeatedly stupid when it comes to voting”

      Thank you for that sweeping generalisation. I must remember to tell my wife and children what you think of them (I don’t care about what you think of me).

      • sandgrownan says:

        If they voted PLP, then they voted for incompetence and ineptitude. They voted against Bermuda’s future.

    • So when de white group wins by voting its intelligence, but when de Black group wins by voting its stupid.

  14. Joe Bloggs says:

    The people have spoken. Like it or not, 25-11 is the peoples’ will.

    • sandgrownan says:

      And the people will continue to pay the price for voting for incompetence.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        But it matter not a bit as long as they’re getting s****ed by their own .
        “I still may not have it but at least you don’t have yours any more! ”
        Said to me many years back by the CEO of an IB who ended up here because of political reasons.

  15. North Hamilton says:

    Your comment is full of ignorance. Clearly you are unaware of the issues in that constituency. At any given time the only faces we see are PLP. OBA avoids North Hamilton like a plague.

  16. Dejavu says:

    Jason has been… his whole life and now he’s getting power is a very scary thing. Bermuda will be worse than Jamaica in 10 years guaranteed

  17. Rocky5 says:

    44% turnout shows real APATHY – neither Party should be celebrating anything here – especially the completely disorganized OBA. Cannonier needs to go. Bring on Leah Scott.

  18. puzzled says:

    Enjoy what little there is with economic status.

    St.Kitts is looking good.

  19. ROGER LAMBERT says:


  20. oneness says:

    you said so much but were are your solutions/ideas