Pembroke Central By-Election Set For This Week

November 18, 2019

The by-election in Constituency #17 Pembroke Central is set to take place this week, with voters to head to the polls on Thursday, November 21st, with Jason Hayward to stand for the PLP, while Dwayne Robinson will run for the OBA.

Dwayne Robinson and Jason Hayward Bermuda Nov 2019 TWFB

The by-election has been called due to the untimely death of MP Walton Brown, who held the seat since 2012.

Looking at past results, since the single MP system took effect, the PLP have won all four elections in the area; winning with 65.61%, 50.43%, 56.94% and 55.09% of the vote.

The July 2017 General Election saw the late Walton Brown win 540 votes [65.61%] to defeat the OBA’s Andrew Simons who won 283 votes [34.39%].

The December 2012 General Election saw the late Walton Brown win 353 votes [50.43%] to defeat the OBA’s Andrew Simons, who won 347 votes [49.57%].

The December 2007 General Election saw the PLP’s Wayne Perinchief win 439 votes [56.94%] to the UBP’s Austin Warner’s 308 votes [39.95%] and Independent candidate Harold Darrell’s 21 votes [3.11%].

The July 2003 General Election was won by the PLP’s Wayne Perinchief who received 406 votes [55.09%] against UBP’s Leonard Santucci who received 331 votes [44.91%].

What are the past election results in Bermuda Pembroke Central Constituency #17  2019 by election

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    Interesting choice. The OBA offer a young man that I have never heard of, but who I am told is very intelligent and ambitious. The PLP offer a candidate selected by the Central Committee, overriding the local branch’s choice, who frequently promotes what appears to be communist ideals, not merely a socialist ideals.

    Neither of them live in my district as far as I know. I always knew where Walton lived.

  2. Bermuda Politics are toxic says:

    Really–whats the point of an election.

  3. We continue to sell ourselves out.

  4. Bermydude says:

    How is thus possible… Jason Hayward Unions leader, sits in the Senate and now runs for MP… Talk about conflict of interest… Only in BDA!!! AND THE PEOPLE ALLOW IT!!!

    • Pembroke Central says:

      Dwayne “Pepper Mist” Robinson works for Digicel and sits in the Senate. Why is it ok for him to run?

    • Vote for Me says:

      Both candidates were Senators prior to Nomination Day. Each of them resigned their Senate seats in order to run for the position of Member of Parliament for constituency #17.

  5. Why do we sell out?

    • wahoo says:

      Because you are easily influenced by talk of the past and promises of a future that never comes. Open your eyes. This is new new Bermuda.

    • Anbu says:

      Hes not a sellout oj. Dont hate just because hes on the other team and way smarter than your teams candidate. Doesnt matter tho. Even if he wins u can still pop on here and boast of a 24-10. U still win mate.

  6. Long Bay Trading says:

    Good luck Mr. Robinson. Sincerely hoping for a victory for you. Bermuda so badly needs some fresh blood with fresh, youthful thinking. Just. Do. It.

  7. Fresh youthful thinking ???Where? says:

    Mr Robinson has not mentioned one single fresh young idea on anything..
    The economy….nothing
    The homeless…nothing
    Black males….nothing
    Gun violence…nothing
    Score so far indicates he needs to get his hands busy in the community so that he earns a place in the House. His soon demise will be based on a lack luster Senate performance and we won’t hear a word from him like the last OBA Senator who was also a graduate of show and tell. We saw nothing and we won’t see anything even if he returns to the Senate where you DEBATE and don’t fight over a bill. Can someone tell him that?