Premier In UK: Independence, Aircraft, OTCC

June 24, 2010

Premier Dr Ewart Brown today [June 24] engaged in a series of meetings in London highlighted by a session with the newly appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Henry Bellingham. The two, pictured below, discussed issues ranging from independence to the venues for future OTCC meetings

Bellingham and Premier Brown

Premier Brown said:

I thought the meeting was the most focused and direct I have ever had with a British minister. Mr. Bellingham went beyond the usual courtesies to express his desire for a “grown up” relationship between the UK and Bermuda. He was clearly interested in pursuing the idea of moving the annual meeting from London as the sole venue. He appeared to like an idea that I first floated two years ago that the meeting could be held in the territories on alternate years.

I think my objective was reached. My successor now has an open door through which to walk and conduct business between Bermuda and the UK. It made the whirlwind schedule worthwhile.

The Premier along with Director of Civil Aviation Mr. Thomas Dunstan then met with top civil servants from the Department of Transportation (DfT) and Air Safety Support International (ASSI). In attendance were Mr. Francis Morgan, Head of the International Aviation & Safety Division of DfT; Mr. Duncan Nicholls, Senior Executive Officer, International Aviation and Safety Division, DfT; Ms. Maria Boyle, CEO, Air Safety Support International (ASSI). This meeting gave the Premier an opportunity to discuss the concerns of the DfT over the Bermuda Register of Aircraft, matters related to the growth of the Register and the regulatory oversight capabilities of Bermuda’s Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). The group is pictured below:

Premier Brown DFT Meeting

The DfT acknowledged the importance of the Register to Bermuda and expressed their support for its continuance while the Premier reassured the DfT of the Bermuda Government’s support for the Department of Civil Aviation in maintaining regulatory requirements in line with international standards.

The Premier said, “I am confident that we are now back on track and the future of our Aircraft Register is not in doubt.”

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