Burglar Smashes Door: Steals Cigarettes

August 18, 2010

Earlier this month a burglar[s] smashed the front door of the Crawl Hill Gas Station in and stole multiple cartons of cigarettes, with Marlboro and Camels being the suspects’s smoke of choice.

The Police say that a store worker arrived on the premises and noticed the front door glass was smashed and someone had gained unlawful entry onto the property, and stolen what the Police say was “an undisclosed amount” of cigarette cartons.

Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone who may know of any unauthorized person(s) selling discounted cigarettes to contact police. of 295-0011.

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  1. Psychloe says:

    With the sudden rise of cigarettes! I am not surprised!

  2. Uncle Ruckus says:

    Yeah poor sites, can’t ruin their lungs at a reasonable price! Boo hoo.

  3. Person Of Interest says:

    Hint to the Police: The ‘Perp’ may be a smoker if that’s any help.

  4. AF says:

    Investing in a surveillance camera sounds like a good idea!

  5. Burglar smashed door…very commoon theme.
    Adding door devils (http://www.doordevil.com) will help prevent the sob’s from kicking in your door.
    Although – in this case – helping them with their lung cancer quest may be preferred.