DeFontes Broadcasting: “Thank You & Goodbye”

October 1, 2015

Following decades of supplying the Bermuda community with radio and television broadcasting, DeFontes Broadcasting Company ceased operations yesterday [Sept 30], with VSB’s Charles Webbe ending the station’s final broadcast by saying “thank you and goodbye” as the “sun has set on over 20 glorious years.”

The company had ceased broadcasting on their television station in August 2014, however had maintained their radio operation as well as an online presence.

Defontes Broadcasting Co Bermuda October 2015

A previous statement from the company announcing the closure said, “After more than three decades of supplying the Bermuda community with radio and television broadcasting, DeFontes Broadcasting Company Limited will cease operations effective September 30, 2015.

“Some 19 staff, 5 of whom are full time and 14 sub-contractors and freelance staff will be affected. In a letter given to the staff today, Mr. Defontes offered his heartfelt thanks for all their hard work and loyalty throughout the past 34 years.

“He also said, however, that the broadcasting landscape over the more recent years has created a major financial challenge and he wished it could be otherwise, but it cannot.”

In one of their final social media posts, the company said, “VSB News, on their last day, for the last interview, spoke to Premier Michael Dunkley.”

In that interview, the Premier said, “You and the team at the VSB have done a great job of keeping our community informed and involved in what’s going on.

“I think back of many fond memories we have of interaction through thick and thin, through good and not so good, the relationships that I personally had with VSB and the relationships I’ve had on a government or business level with VSB have always been of the highest professional quality, and I want to thank you for that.”

Charles Webbe ended their final broadcast by saying, “As the sun sets in the west to close the glorious day, so the sun has set on over 20 glorious years of bringing you television and, more recently, online news from VSB newsroom.

“As this is the final day of broadcasting, the entire staff here at VSB wish to thank you for your support over the years. We have endeavored to bring you fair and balanced news prepared by a dedicated team of professionals.

“All that is left for me to say is thank you and goodbye,” concluded Mr Webbe.

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  1. Sara says:

    Really going to miss the am gold station. It is the best station Bermuda has imo and I’m under 40!

  2. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    To all those involved with VSB over the years, you served the community exceptionally well and you will be missed.

    Thank you.

  3. cow polly says:

    Whilst I am truly very sad to lose Mix 106 particularly The Captain and Shelly Thunder I will definitely NOT miss the 10 minute Market Place commercial at 11:50 every day. It drove me to listen to another channel and possibly was the sole culprit for the demise of DeFontes broadcasting. ……..okay i’m exaggerating but you get my point?

  4. B Rech says:

    so going to miss this great listening station will miss you Tony and Diane all the best for the future.

  5. SHD says:

    What a shame.I’ll miss Tony in the morning.

  6. PointGrl says:

    I will miss Mix106 during my commutes to and from work each day in the morning in particular the Captain’s commentary, birthday shout outs and newscasts, including BBC. To the Captain, Shelly Thunder and other broadcasters – THANK YOU!!! Kenny – thanks for keeping the engine running as long as you could.

    • frank says:

      Looks like. The captain. Is. Headed. Back. On. The. Hill to take over. The. Morning show

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    If you listen very carefully you can almost hear the celebration party coming from a house with golfcourse views on Marthas Vineyard.

    Another one down.

  8. JohnBoy says:

    For those who don’t know, Mix106 is still playing music today with no dj.

  9. chip says:

    thank u for your time on air

  10. Navin Johnson says:

    Goodbye Shirley

  11. Coffee says:

    The workers who have been displaced by the closure of this wonderful t.v. And radio station must ask themselves , are we better off today then we were two years ago ? If yes, than good . If no, then ask your OBA government representative why .

    We will miss you … Remember Larry Thomas playing calypso and the latest soca calling out every island in the Caribbean …
    Surely the end of a great era !!!

    • Lois Frederick says:

      The problems have existed for a number of years well before the OBA took over. The downturn in the economy had a major impact starting over 5 years ago. I can guarantee if the plp had been returned to power this would have happened except sooner. Bermuda’s economy as a whole is improving at a slow pace. The spending locally has increased for the last 8 months straight. That has not happened for close to 7 years. The problems found in local media companies go back many years and what we have seen with closures is what is needed. The strong survive. We the public lose variety and choice, but no one would expect anyone to run a business that is losing money every year. The downturn locally, technological changes and new methods of media consumption have had a seismic effect on media all over the world and Bermuda is no different.

      • Coffee says:

        Only a very shallow person will allow themself to guarantee the outcome of an event that never happened in the past .

  12. Flo says:

    So Sorry to see you go I loved watching the VSB News and the soothing sounds of 1450 AM Gold. Thank you

  13. In Mark's Opinion says:

    Thank you VSB, going to miss you all.

  14. Christopher Dunne says:

    Hi, does anybody have the actual info on AM 1280? Even though it is BBN Radio, it is a VSB station. I was told by someone in Bermuda that it is still going, and may be on for a while longer. Any info will be appreciated, and I plan to keep this article as a bookmark.