Photo Report: 2010 Round the Island Crashes

September 13, 2010

The Around the Island Powerboat Race took place yesterday (Sept 12), and saw dozens of boats and jetskis zoom around the island at rapid speeds, with the top time of 37.31 minutes achieved by Andy and Anthony Stoneham in S-22. The race was not without accidents, which saw multiple racers being taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

FB-111 driven by the well-known Point Mart father and son duo Stephen and Brandon DeSilva had a mishap which saw both DeSilvas injured. A spokesperson for the Bermuda Powerboat Association said that “Stephen suffers from broken ribs and Brandon has a minor injury to his ankle. They are both out of hospital and resting comfortably.”

E-209, driven by Shayne and Maurice Furbert, flipped over in the St David’s head area, which is pictured below. A BPBA spokesperson said the incident resulted in Maurice Furbert being taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

E-209, driven by the Furberts is pictured leaving Ferry Reach at the very start of the race:

2010 round the island pic (16)

In St David’s, E-209 pictured at the rear, all going well:

aaa around the island race bermuda 2010 10

Starts going up:

a around the island race bermuda 2010 2

And higher:

aaa around the island race bermuda 2010 3

One of the drivers appears high out of the boat at one point:

ats race 2010

Disappears from camera view into a massive splash of water:

around the island race bermuda 2010 3

Portion of the boat is visible:

around the island race bermuda 2010 4 - Copy


around the island race bermuda 2010 8

Help is on the way:

around the island race bermuda 2010 9

View the full race results here, more photos of the event here and here.

(Photos by John Manderson)

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  1. Franklin says:

    Speedy recovery to all those injured

    Wonder how many endangered turtles and other marine life were killed yesterday?

  2. Alex G says:

    None, a turtle shell hitting the hull of a race boat going 70mph+ would leave a decent mark.