Photos: St George’s Town Floods Out

September 20, 2010

The storm surge from Hurricane Igor has caused island wide flooding, with word and photos coming in showing St George’s to be turning into a swimming pool before our eyes. The other end of the island has already experienced severe flooding, with the residents of the Boaz Island Condos in Sandy’s dealing with heavy floods, as well as many other parts of the island. It was predicted the waters would raise 5-7 feet during the storm, and as the photos below show this has held true for St George’s.

Water is gushing, photo below is looking towards Town Square from Customs dock:


The roadway outside St. George’s Pilot Station. The Deliverance would be on the left:


The Ducking Stool in Town Square getting dunked, as the waters raised all the way to bridge level. Lots of debris washed ashore:


Looking towards the Train Railway Station from Customs Dock:


St. George’s Ferry Dock:


The Town Square:


[Photos by Only the Best]

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  1. Jennifer says:

    The photos are a little scary. I hope that everyone in St. George’s is okay. Sending good thoughts from Canada.

  2. reddragon224 says:

    The water damage will be catastrophic to say the least!!!

  3. Sheila King says:

    OMG! I hope my friends are okay – they live just off the Square! I hope everyone is okay in Bermuda. Good thoughts sent from England.

  4. Sharon Smith says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed! You guys do a great job! We need you to be safe as well! Peace

  5. Mrs Kelly says:

    Bernews you are the best! Thanks for your pictures as I am in England.I have been on sites looking for pictures and updates of Igor. Your news was very informative..keep up the good work please and Thank you for showing me the pictures of my country! God bless you and my country. By the way I love this picture. The moon is shining in the middle of a hurricane interesting.I just had to put it on facebook.

  6. CRYSTAL says:

    Now there is our answer to What will happen if we widen the Town Cut for bigger cruise ships..MORE FLOODING!!!

    • Veebyes says:

      Whaaaa? And just what scientific facts do you base that thought on? Rediculous!

      • Tim says:

        Oh because I’m sure CRYSTAL based it on that if you open the cut you let more water into St Georges area.

        Crystal you don’t realize that if the cut doesn’t get open there will be no St Georges soon.

      • Anna says:

        errrr veebyes….if you widen a hole, more water comes in…not sure you actually need a degree in science to work that one out.

        • Veebyes says:

          Ummm, Anna, in case you have not noticed, St Georges Harbour, unlike Harringto Sound, has multiple entrances through which large volumes of water flow 4 times a day with minimum current. Widening the Cut will have no effect on water height in the harbour.

  7. Love St George says:

    We’ve been experiencing higher then normal tides for the last 3 + weeks or so.
    Was the flooding caused by that ?
    One thing is for sure , widening Town Cut will have entirely unknown consequences until it’s too late.

    Maybe someone should be working hard to attract a small boutique cruise line to St George as a regular and one stop visit filled with upmarket,educated travellers interested in world heritage sites..

    Then we all win , without unknown ecological problems posed on the Town.

  8. Karen says:

    Wow…unbelieveable..that’s some water.