Video/Photos: Minister Fahy Tours St. George’s

March 20, 2014

Earlier today [Mar 20], the Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy spent some time in St. George’s getting an update on the ongoing refurbishments in the Town Square and at Pennos Wharf. He was joined by East End MPs Kenneth Bascome and Nandi Outerbridge.

Government recently provided the Corporation of St. George’s with a grant of $750,000. The funds are going towards repairs to the dock at Pennos Wharf and Ordnance Island, for the purchase of two new trucks for the Town and for upgrades to the bathrooms in the Square.

The Mayor explained that the refurbishments in an area at Pennos Wharf had been outstanding since Hurricane Fabian, roughly 10 years ago. The maintenance involved repairing deficits in the dock in advance of the influx of visitors who use the dock when ferries berth in St. George’s during the summer season.

He noted that the two new trucks replace vehicles that were more than 12 years old. According to the Mayor, the newer, smaller vehicles will be an asset, as they will be able to maneuver the narrow streets of St. George’s better than their predecessors.

Meanwhile the far side of Ordnance Island’s dock has had a gaping hole in it for the past six years. Construction crews are currently in the process filling in the damage.

Following today’s visit, Minister Fahy said, “It’s always good to visit St. George’s. Today was a particularly positive experience because we’ve had an opportunity to see that the funds we have provided to the Corporation of St. George’s are going towards very good use.

“This Government has maintained that it is committed to the revitalization of St. George’s and we value it as an important part of our tourism offerings. So we will continue to do all that we can to ensure that St. George’s receives the support that it needs.”

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  1. watching says:


    • LMAO2 says:

      Agreed, sick and tired of MP for 1 & 2 all they do is photo op, shirley dill and social media with allegedly scratched cars and bad behavior or illegally taping colleagues. jokers dem both.

      • Baltic Fury says:

        Who cares, he’s not David Beckham. All I know is St George’s doesn’t help itself. I went there last Good Friday and the place was packed with people and 75% of the places were closed.

  2. Terry says:

    Photo op is at an establishment , venue.
    Never mind.
    1609 haunts me.

  3. Terry says:

    Did you not notice that none of them paid attention as to what the other/s said.
    Looking all over the place.
    Not committed and lets get this over.

    -1 for OBA.
    Fahy…….reminds me of song…….Fahy…..Fahy…. deylite come an mee vant go home.

  4. C says:

    Always gotta be negative comments. At least their in St George’s and that the town got some financial aid. Let’s look on the positive for a change.

  5. ABC says:

    no lie none of dem ever said good day photo op is correct

    we have tourist dat have way better manners

    all muppets

    = )

    actin like their **** dont stink have some manners if these r de people leadin bermuda oh boy im smell more sewage ¿

  6. nuffin but the truth says:

    Money?…that was all spent on that trip and stay in Jamestown.

  7. Robert says:

    Larry, curly and moe, your choice who is who ! Lol

  8. Robert says:

    Lmao, these three OBA MP’s could care less. Smfh !!!

  9. Coffee says:

    Don’t hear Kenny Bascome asking for revenue from Freddie Wade International anymore , I wonder why ?

  10. Thomas Mahoney says:

    Is the Corporation Of St. Georges responsible for Fort William, Fort Victoria, and Fort Albert? These relics are not being taken care of.

  11. Town bye says:

    I’m impressed! Haven’t been to st. George’s for days!

  12. ABC says:

    mr doc hall for mayor a true gentlemen
    get rid of dat mayor now

  13. BDAPete says:

    Geeez, touring St George, sounds like they were 10.000 miles away from home. Take off the tie, roll up your sleeves and get some work done instead of sitting around in the A/C all day.

  14. watching says:

    Kenny are you still looking to charge a toll for crossing the causeway?