Surge Causing Severe Flooding at Boaz

September 19, 2010

As Bermuda is in the middle of being battered by Hurricane Igor, the predicted storm surge is causing waters to rise and as of now we are receiving many reports of flooding around the island, with the worst reports coming from The Boaz Island Condos in Sandy’s parish. We just received the photo below, which appears to show people walking in thigh deep water at Boaz Island:


The property also flooded out during Hurricane Fabian in 2003. A resident of Boaz Island said this evening that “Everyone is fine up here, we would rather stay then be evacuated, as if not we will come back with flooded houses. I experienced it during Fabian, this is my second time around.” Click to enlarge for a clearer view:


The photo below was also taken in the area, and shows a resident’s backyard completely flooded out:

bermuda boaz island flooding

Dr. Mark Guishard, Director of Bermuda Weather Service, said that storm surge is expected to be on the order of 5 to 7 feet above the normal tide levels. All photos below also of Boaz Island, no enlargement available.

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Local tide prediction tables show that there should be a very high tide that peaks today (Sept 19) at 6:05 pm. This higher than usual tide – at 1.92 metres that’s just over six feet – coupled with the predicted 5 – 7 foot storm surge could easily mean that water levels could be as much as ten to twelve feet above the average tide level. This may well explain the unusual water ingress up at the Boaz Island condos and elsewhere on the Island.

We would like to thank the residents of Boaz Island for sending in these photos, it is much appreciated. There is an active conversation happening on our Facebook page, with a couple of Boaz Island residents posting. Can be viewed here.

Update Sept 20 12:20pm: Less than 12 hours after Igor’s hit, Boaz Island appears to been “water-free” today [photo]

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  1. Shawna Boisonnault says:

    Wow…flashback of Fabian when I lived there on Boaz Island. Keep safe everyone!

    • Bob B says:

      With such a large diameter, isn’t 5-7 feet a little low for expected surge? Didn’t Ike suggest that very large storms built additional surge?

    • Jade R says:

      Hey Aunt Shawna, We Found You! It was so scary, but gladly no water came inside!

  2. Gloria Trott says:

    I find these photos amazing. Water up to at least the knees of these peole but you still see the lawns, and the bottom of doors. There are no steps leading to where the water is, just a sidewalk to where the people are standing is in the street. This is mind boggling. Great Photos. All the best to Boaz!