Premier To Attend Commonwealth Games in India

September 7, 2010

2010_Commonwealth_Games_Logo[Updated] Premier Dr Ewart Brown is set to visit India for approximately three days, during which he will attend the 2010 Commonwealth Games, which will be held in Delhi between October 3rd to October 14th. In addition to attending the Games, Dr Brown will also conduct Bermuda related business on the subcontinent.

No stranger to the Commonwealth Games, the Premier has attended them before in another capacity. In 1966 he represented Bermuda, competing in the 400 meters and 1600 meter relay.

There are 17 disciplines planned for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, and over 70 nations and territories planning to field teams in the games. Bermuda’s 2010 team has not been named yet, and is expected to be named next week.

At the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne Bermuda was represented by a 26 athletes competing in disciplines including athletics, cycling, diving, gymnastics, shooting, squash, swimming, and the triathlon.

Bermuda achieved Commonwealth glory in 1990, courtesy of Nicky Saunders dominating performance in the high jump. Mr Saunders set a new Commonwealth, Personal and Bermuda record of 2.36 metres, became the first Bermudian to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games, and the first to win two medals at Commonwealth level.

Update 5:16pm: The Premier’s press secretary confirmed that in addition to the Premier, the delegation will also include Minister of Sports Glenn Blakeney and the Permanent Secretary for Sports. Among the non-sporting activities planned on the 5/6 day trip is the signing of the TIEA Tax Agreement with India.

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  1. Starman says:

    Another PLP puff piece, IMO. But what is the REAL reason he’s gone India “to conduct Bermuda related business on the subcontinent.” What Bermuda related business? Why wasn’t that question asked, as it seems to be such an obvious question?

    • bernews says:

      Your assumption the question was not asked is 100% wrong, ergo your comment doesn’t really make sense…

      Obviously we sought answers locally as to exactly what the business was and could not get clarification at this time. As usual once more information comes to light, we will update with it.

      • Starman says:

        …once more information comes to light, we will update with it. We all wish. Ha-ha-ha-ha!

      • Starman says:

        Obviously we sought answers locally Obviously? Really. My comment doesn’t really make sense? How’s that?

        To clarify you might have included a line similar to this in your article, “When Bernews asked what Bermuda related business the Premier will be conducting on the subcontinent, as usual we did not receive a response.” Just sayin’.

        • bernews says:

          That, again, would be wrong to say “as usual”….as the Premier’s office normally does provide us with info.

          Judging by your recent comments on various posts, you seem as though you want hard news that batters on subjects – you will have better luck elsewhere honestly speaking….

          As stated, Bernews is a “multimedia news magazine,” and apart from breaking news scenarios, we don’t expend our very limited resources on the negative; we prefer to use our time to cover positive scenarios like locals winning awards, sports teams winning, history, cultural pieces, photo galleries etc.

          If you prefer the traditional hard news format, other local media do exactly that. We rather like our magazine-style format and will be sticking to it – unless someone hands us the $XXX,XXX per year we need to expand and do both which admittedly would be great. That, however, is quite unlikely :-)

          • Starman says:

            I prefer my news without bias. And your responses not so defensive.

            And I’ll have better luck elsewhere…? Nice touch. But I was quite satisfied with Bernews until recently.

  2. Daedalus says:

    Reading this article, it looks like a feed from the ‘pre$$ secretaries’ themselves. Pity really. I always thought of Bernews as being a media source that asked the tough questions. Seem$ change is in the air.
    Good luck with your future Bernews. You’ve lost a dedicated reader.

    • bernews says:

      Interesting that anyone would think we “ask the tough questions” as we never even attempted to give that impression, but that is interesting to hear, so thanks for that. Thats not our main focus….being fast, operating 24/7, seeking the good and “fun” stories and using multimedia is.

      I am powering out very long days/nights, with no day off – so its not a matter of me trying to expend more hours….I literally run out of time daily. The only way I could do the “hard hitting stories” on the politicans is to not cover other stories, sports, crime etc.

      Your choice is the best option….to enjoy other sites. It really is a better choice for those looking for hard battering news…

  3. terry says:

    Don’t let them/it get to you Pat. It’s all about them but fortunately you’ve not reported about “them” so they are one up.

    Royal Gazette Editors, Bermuda Sun et al have their workers to do what you do. They make millions while you just try to keep us up too date with your local knowledge of which they have no clue and ask for ‘information’.

    After reading the local blogs/forums today I am sure I will be quoted/smirked/smaked.

    My theory, which is correct is that they hide whilst you provide.

    A new medium that pisses people off yet are first to be quoted.

    And I am not afraid of the “$@^&(*^%$” ‘ers………..

    Thanks Bernooz (sp)………

    Thats the differance between “Front Line” and “BOTTOM LINE”…………………..