North Village Rams Win Dudley Eve

November 11, 2010

[Updated] North Village Rams are the Dudley Eve Champions, after beating Devonshire Cougars in extra time this afternoon [Nov 11].

dudley eve cup 2010 nov

Unfortunately for the players and fans, the football game was not without incident, with unofficial reports saying that a group of men “jumped” another man and a fight ensued. We are awaiting further details and an official Police statement, and will update as able.

Updated Official Police statement: “Inquiries are ongoing into a disturbance that occurred in the Wellington Oval, St. George’s area Thursday afternoon following the Dudley Eve Cup Final football match. It appears that a group of men were involved in an altercation; however officers responded to the scene quickly and addressed the situation. There have been no reported injuries. A high visibility Police presence was maintained in the area until all football players and supporters left the grounds. Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact the Southside Police Station on 293-2222.”

The game was played at the Wellington Oval in St George’s, starting in good weather conditions and moving to rainy weather.

Tumani Steede put the Devonshire Cougars into the lead in 42nd minute, and in the 85th minute Sammy DeGraff equalized for the North Village Rams. In the 89th minute Mr. Coddington gave Cougars the lead, and Jason Lee scored for Devonshire Cougars in injury time to level the score and send the game into extra time.

Devonshire Cougars took the lead for the third time in the first period of extra time when Mr Coddington beat Kofi Dill and his cross was redirected into the North Village Rams goal by a defender, however minutes later Keishen Bean equalized for the North Village Rams from close range.

Lejuan Simmons gave the Devonshire Cougars the lead once again with a right footed shot. However Thomas Watson equalized once again for the North Village Rams. Ralph Bean went down the left side and his cross was only half cleared and Mr Watson unleashed a shot from just outside the box that went through a maze of players and into the back of the net.

Courtesy of Islandstats, the Penalty Kicks:

  • North Village Rams – Sammy DeGraff – Scored
  • Devonshire Cougars – Moses Steede – Scored
  • North Village Rams – Jason Lee – Scored
  • Devonshire Cougars – Chris Caisey – Missed
  • North Village Rams – Kofi Dill – Scored
  • Devonshire Cougars – Korvon Tucker – Saved
  • North Village Rams – Kiwon Dill – Scored

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  1. bermyguy says:

    And again I guess it will be “No one saw anything”. Come on Bermuda your relative could be next.

    • rjones says:

      Please explain what prompted your comment…

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        A shame some folks have such short or very selective memorys.

        BTW, any problems at the rugby games other than perhaps a few scuffles fuelled by alcohol? Wonder what the security/spectator ratio was up there?

  2. Brasco says:

    Beautiful game then the Gayngsters Kick In….ooghh when will these little losers learn that Ace Boy Luvin doesn’t pay!!…

    It’s time to start offending the offenders….Somebody in Website land start posting pictures with names of all these losers!!…call it

    • rjones says:


      • Rockfish#2 says:

        Generally speaking, when incidents of this nature occur, spectatators are reluctant to get involved, claim not to have seen anything, and refuse to identify the culprits.

  3. Rockfish#2 says:


  4. Bermy World says:

    Ok so I attended the game. Why should those at the game come forward with inforamtion and the police just stood there and watched the fights take place. That is no sense of security for me to come forward, I have a family to go home to at the end of the day! So it starts from the top! Police do your job. Cause yesterday all I could do was shake my head. I have heard of these situation with our police service but I witnessed it for myself yesterday.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Then the police get involved and have to use excessive force to break up the fight. And then all the spectators will go to the news, blogs, papers, and streets demanding that all police officers be prosecuted for unneccessary force and how the polcie can’t be trusted and that the perpetrators of the original crime are nothing but good boys who are in the midst of turnign their lives around.

      I would hate to be a policeman in this hypocrtical island..

      • Roslynn says:

        What is so hypocritical about Bermy Worlds statement? The Police were there and they did nothing but watched as the fighting took place and now their asking for witnesses..why? they just stood there and “witnessed” themselves..and the video clipping that I saw on the news this evening clearly showed the Police standing around just like the civilians “witnessing”, one even had his hands on his hips…I’m not being cynical but the way I see it we will always have problems on this island ..I mean something as simple as posting YOUR OPINION on Bernews gets you “backlash” and “put downs” if someone does not agree with what you are saying….They should have done something or at least made it look like they were ….. I’m just saying……

  5. Tim says:

    WOW, WOW, WOW another outing on my small island ruining by fighting!!! Can we attend an event w/o witnessing violence? What about the children in Bermuda and our elders??? Where is a sense of respect for ourselves and others.

    A small island w/ small minded people.