Fahy: Do You Believe The Government?

December 10, 2010

(Written by Michael M. Fahy – Chairman and finance spokesperson of the BDA)

“Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is opposed. Third, it is regarded as self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhaur

For some time columnists like Larry Burchall and Bob Stewart, on-line bloggers like Vexed Bermoothes, political leaders like Bob Richards, organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, economists like Craig Simmons and more recently the BDA, have been sounding the alarm about the true state of Bermuda’s economy.

Sadly, many in the community have either not heard the alarm bells or simply don’t understand what the alarm bells actually mean. Some in the community have such blind faith to the Government’s mantra that all is well since an external rating agency said so that they are prepared to turn a blind eye to the total failure by the Government to do anything about the problems, largely brought about by fiscal mismanagement and a complete failure to acknowledge the real issues.

Rather than point out the details regarding inflation and failures by Government to adequately project revenue and all the other items that have been rightly dissected by others already, perhaps the better approach is to ask you, the reader, twenty questions.

  • 1. Are you financially better off than you were six years ago?
  • 2. How many people do you know who have been made redundant from an international business company?
  • 3. How many people do you know who have defaulted on their mortgage?
  • 4. Is Hamilton as busy as it was on a weekday or weekend with shoppers or business people?
  • 5. How many people do you know that used to take a small holiday abroad that are no longer doing this?
  • 6. How much stuff can barely be given away on e-moo given the sheer volume of items for sale?
  • 7. How many people do you know that used to work construction that are now doing small hustles to make ends meet?
  • 8. How many people do you know that have turned to Government seeking a hand up since they have income shortfalls to provide for their families?
  • 9. How many people do you know who have had rental units sit empty either large or small?
  • 10. Do you see deterioration in the general maintenance of people’s houses and the public highways and by-ways?
  • 11. Have you had a pay freeze over the last number of years?
  • 12. How many more people do you see on the rocks fishing for their dinner?
  • 13. How many more adults do you see packing groceries at the supermarket?
  • 14. How many more unlicenced cabs do you see outside establishments in Hamilton?
  • 15. How many rental bikes with tourists do you see riding on the roads of Bermuda?
  • 16. How many more people do you know who have been victims of burglary or robbery?
  • 17. Has the value of your property dropped?
  • 18. Is your child receiving breakfast at school?
  • 19. Are you eating out less?
  • 20. How would rate the Premier’s handling of the economy over that past six years?

Finally do you think that the very person and Government that brought you to where you are now financially should be trusted to repair the damage that has been brought onto you and your family? Do you really believe in your heart of hearts that our economic state is due to the USA? Would you hire a person who has been in charge of your business if they oversaw a terrible decline? When you answer these questions, look at the quote at the beginning of the article. The truth should be self evident.

The BDA has a plan. We have shared it on numerous occasions. Have a look at www.thealliance.bm. It is time to be honest. After all if should be Bermuda’s turn.

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  1. itwasn'tme says:

    can someone convince the Jackson lady that she’s just signed up to bail out a sinking ship? such a waste of potential political talent

    • Bottom Line says:

      Excellent article. Shame is too many PLP supporters cannot read it…and that’s the way (uh uh) they like it. The PLP has morphed into a Monarchy where you pledge allegiance to the Queen or risk retribution. Furthermore, this crime mess Bermuda is in is a direct result of the PLP’s policy of Co-Existence with the gangs. They decided to turn the other way because too many of their supporters were making too much money in the drug trade. And now this policy of Co-Existence has blown-up in their faces. And “no” Mr. Fahy, I do not believe the PLP have the wherewithal to bring back law and order. The only thing Bermuda has to it’s name is its Reputation, and the PLP is doing a great job in ruining it.

      • Al says:

        Stop with this arrogance. People who supported the PLP aren’t blind – they can see that the party has lost touch with reality.

        • UncleElvis says:

          Agreed, but when the time comes, what will they do about it?

          Vote elsewhere? Spoil their ballot?

          Will they EVER put pressure on their party to step up and do the right thing?

          • Al says:

            That’s the whole problem – calling people “they”.

            It’s arrogant attitudes of “us” vs. “them” that forces people into their respective camps. It’s only when people (mostly white) stop having superior arrogant attitudes because they don’t support the PLP that we’ll see the psychological shift necessary to take this island forward.

            It’s hard for even the most liberal of many black Bermudians to side with people who are arrogantly talking down to their family and friends who still support the PLP.

            • UncleElvis says:

              Actually, I was using it in EXACTLY the same way you did in your post, to refer to a previously mentioned group… EXACTLY how you did.

              “THEY can see that the party has lost touch with reality.” is what you said, sir. (Emphasis mine)

              I’m not sure what the rest of your rant is about, as there was no “arrogance” nor “attitude” in my post, other than what you projected. Just questions.

              Now that that’s out of the way, would you care to address what I actually said?

              • Al says:

                Mike, Chill.

                At least part of what I’m saying is that we need to stop equating “people who supported the PLP” and “people who consider the PLP to be their party”. It’s one thing to have voted for the PLP in the past, and something very different to consider oneself part of the party (see: Sylvan Richards).

                As for the superior/arrogant part, that’s encapsulated in two other comments on this thread by Triangle Drifter and Bottom Line.

                • UncleElvis says:

                  I’m chill. I didn’t flip out about stuff that wasn’t said. That’d be you.

                  I never equated the two and I’m not Triangle Drifter nor Bottom Line, so your lashing out was uncalled for.

                  What I WAS asking was when “People who supported the PLP” (your words) who, as you said, “aren’t blind… [and] can see that the party has lost touch with reality.” were going to do something about it.

                  If you look, I started my post with “Agreed”.

                  The reason I ask is this:

                  Neither the UBP nor the BDA are going to win an election. That’s a given.

                  So it’s up to us, the people of Bermuda, to make sure that the PLP, the only option right now, gets back in “touch with reality.”, as you said.

                  If we’re being completely honest (and I think your reaction to my post is evidence of this) the PLP aren’t going to listen to me. They just aren’t.

                  Therefore, it is up to the supporters and members to put pressure on the PLP. I think there are a lot of people out there that are not traditionally PLP supporters that would VERY much be behind an efficient, open, transparent, honest Government that has Bermuda’s best interest at heart and I truly do believe that the PLP could be that Government, if they were told, firmly and strongly, by their members and supporters, that they have to.

                  So, I ask… since you brought it up…

                  When are they going to do something about it?

                  • It's OK says:

                    Have some faith, and I feel your frustrations. If we all forget the pundants and vote with Bermuda’s best interests at heart, then things will work out. It’s the best any of us can do.

                    • UncleElvis says:

                      I don’t know what that means.

                      Who are you suggesting has Bermuda’s best interests at heart?

                      “Have some faith” in whom?

                      Sorry if that sounds rude, but I truly don’t understand what you’re talking about…

                • Veebyes says:

                  Whoops! Must have touched a nerve. The truth does hurt sometimes. The favorite response is “Oh you are being insensitive”. This is not kintergarden. It is the adult world where sometimes one has to listen to what one does not want to hear no matter how unpleasant it might be.

                  The fact is that the PLP have failed & they have failed miserably. Seems to me that is what PLP supporters said of the UBP pre 98. UBP supporters never cried “Your picking on me then”. It has taken a decade of PLP Governance to see what miserable failure really is.

            • Blame Game says:

              What isn’t white people’s fault right?

  2. Where has the money gone says:

    If we add up all of the project overruns in the last 10 years, TCD, Berkeley, Cruise ship facility, and the one we don’t know the final numbers on which is magistrates court, how much would we be left with if the projects had been controlled like a normal business would have done?  Could this money have used for a Bermuda stimulus package, or paid for unemployment benefits.  Why as a society don’t we see all the bad management occurring and keep voting in the PLP?  If Bermuda government was a public traded company the management would have been replaced a long time ago.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Nicely put in simple terms. If only the people who slavishly vote PLP would/could read it. When the mortgages start being called, despite the abundance of evidence of digraceful PLP governance, it will be blamed on the UBP. When the money for trips or bling for their cars dries up perhaps the people, who should have been reading instead of drinking at the PLP Kool Aid trough, will finally see the light.

  4. Dragging A Lure says:

    Mr. Michael M. Fahy,
    Can you answr the following:
    1. Are you financially better off than you were six years ago?
    2. Are you able to take a small holiday abroad.
    3. Have you had a pay freeze over the last number of years?
    4. Has the value of your property dropped?
    5. Is your child receiving breakfast at school?
    6. Are you eating out less?


    • Rob says:

      Dragging, I hope Mr.Fahy does write in and answer your questions. Can I give it a shot?

      I must be doing pretty well hey! Maybe I should join in the fight with the BDA to save this Island, and the thousands of Bermudians in Despair!

      • Veebyes says:

        Dang! Rob you are doing OK Bye. Do you work in the Civil Service or are you in on the Friends & Family Plan?

        • Rob says:

          Veebyes, Thanks Man, No, neither. I am just trying to help my black & white Brothers & sisters of Bermuda realize that they need to support Bermuda first and not just their Party.

  5. Were are on a sinking ship and can,t go now were look out for february 2011???

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      Hey charles spanswick,
      We are all grateful to you for bringing to the public’s attention, the poor state of the forks, knives, spoons and bowls that you had to use while utilizing the free bed and breakfast while occuping a cell in a government run facilty that houses criminals.(Paid for by tax payers).
      1.The PLP and Finance Minister are a kind and caring team, they listened to your complaints that you made to the RG regarding your experinces at two of the facilities
      2.They immediately decided to increase the 2011 budget that will make your eating experience more meaniful while incarserated.!!!!!!
      3.Look out for february 2011??? (read the small print)
      4.Where is your floating ship?

      Cheers to the wanna b mayor.

  6. The 411 says:

    Why I fully appreciate there is at times some validity in the comments made by Bob Stewart, who at one time was a guest in this country, I was deeply insulted by the comments he made on the news last night. Whatever one’s political, social or economic position, one does not have the right to be so disrespectful of people that were elected to hold public office by calling them “lazy slobs who show up in Parliament on Fridays”. Shame on you BBC for not censoring these comments. This type of vitriol is not what is needed at this time.