Search for Two Bermudian Sailors Continues

December 23, 2010

blue_sky_blue_ocean_istock[Updated - Sailors are Bermudians] The Coast Guard is today [Dec 23] searching the Atlantic Ocean 210 nautical miles southwest of Bermuda for two sailors aboard a 31-foot sailing vessel.

Coast Guard officials say “The missing sailors were transiting from the Dominican Republic to Bermuda when they contacted Rescue Co-ordination Center Bermuda requesting assistance because they had run out of food, water and gasoline.”

“On Wednesday, RCC Bermuda diverted a merchant vessel whose crew was able to supply the two sailors with 60 gallons of water and enough food for 7 to 10 days. They were unable to provide any gasoline but the crew of the merchant vessel noted that the sails, although in poor condition, were usable. After the merchant vessel left the scene the RCC lost all communication with the two sailors.”

“Citing several reasons for concern including the condition of the sailing vessel, the apparent lack of experience of the crew and their lack of an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, RCC Bermuda asked the Coast Guard to assist in relocating the vessel.”

“At approximately 6:30 a.m., the Coast Guard launched a C-130 rescue crew from Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C., in support of the search efforts.At approximately 8:30 a.m. the C-130 crew arrived on scene and began their search.

“The vessel is described as a 31-foot ketch sailing vessel with a white hull and a maroon dodger covering the cockpit. The RCC and Coast Guard are asking anyone with information on the sailing vessel to make reports to RCC Bermuda at 1-441-297-1010 or RCC Norfolk, Va., at 757-398-6390.”

This afternoon a Duty Officer at the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre provided a brief update on the search for sailing vessel “Carefree IV” which is ongoing at the moment saying “A USCG C-130 aircraft from Elizabeth City, is currently conducting a search of the waters surrounding Bermuda in an effort to locate the overdue sailing vessel.”

“Bermuda Radio continues to issue Urgent Marine Information Broadcasts and has also contacted several passing Merchant ships while requesting that they keep a sharp look out for “Carefree IV” and attempt to make contact with the vessel on VHF radio. The C-130 aircraft is due to finish searching at 3 p.m. today when a reevaluation of the incident will take place.”

Update 4:00pm: Bermuda officials say “A U.S. Coastguard C-130 aircraft has returned to Elizabeth City. U.S.A. following an extensive 5 hour search for sailing vessel ‘Carefree IV’. An area of approximately 10,000 sq. miles to the Southeast of Bermuda was searched by the aircraft without any sightings with plans to carry out a second daylight search tomorrow morning. Bermuda Radio continues to issue Urgent Marine Information Broadcasts to vessels transiting the area South and East of Bermuda with requests to keep a sharp lookout for the sailing vessel.”

Update 5:30pm: The boat “Carefree IV” is pictured below:

carefree 3

Update 6:00pm: Local officials confirm that the two sailors are Bermudians. They also say they have not received a distress call from the vessel, however they are concerned due to the high gale weather.

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  1. Let_Us_Pray says:

    I pray that this crew is found safely and quickly. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families.

  2. Sundee Faulkner says:

    Any news yet on who the missing sailors are? Would have thought the families would have been in the news requesting more help .. but with the holidays upon us news has been lacking.

  3. Sailors says:

    The families HAS been requesting more news of the sailors gone missing! Its just not put in the public, the sailors are not found as yet but the family has been in contact with the people that CAN answer any inquiries, the media can not do that so why put it out there with no answers. When an update that the sailors are found or any leads then that will be put on the news. If unsure of whats going on do not comment cause that can upset the families

    • areUserious? says:

      Sounds personal. No one has made any negative comments they have just voiced concern and offered words of prayer…