CellularOne Launches 4G Wireless Network

January 25, 2011

4GlogowithCellONECellularOne today [Jan 25] announced the launch of its new 4G wireless network, the first of its kind in Bermuda. CellularOne said: “The new HSPA+ [High Speed Packet Access evolved] network with maximum theoretical download speeds of 21 MB/s is the same network that two of the largest carriers in the United States currently employ and market as 4G.”

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer the first 4G wireless network in Bermuda.” said Frank Amaral, CellularOne’s Chief Operating Officer. “With 4G data speeds, our customers will be able to email faster, surf the web quicker and stream media faster than those using the older 3G technology. With our network already boasting best in class island wide coverage, the network with the most coverage is now also the fastest.”

“Our new 4G network should deliver speeds that are up to four to six times faster with the appropriate 4G enabled device.” said Mr Amaral. “With the ever increasing popularity of Smartphones, tablets and mobile broadband products CellularOne continues to evolve its network capabilities in order to provide the consumer with the best user experience possible.”

4G stands for the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards. It rep­resents a substantial level of improvement in performance and capabili­ties with respect to the initial third generation (3G) technologies deployed.

CellularOne plans on rolling out 4G devices throughout the year as the new 4G phones and devices become more widely available from manufacturers. A number of CellularOne’s current customers with certain 3G enabled Smartphones and tablets will benefit now from the network upgrade and the quicker data speeds it delivers. Customers will not have to request or pay extra for the service improvement as they will be automatically upgraded

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  1. Yng Black Mind says:

    Digicel & M3 Wireless – - your rebuttal?

  2. Tam Bagan says:

    4G my backside, The connectivity is barely more than GPRS.

  3. Cellbiz says:

    Read the truth. Cell one is not “faster”