Digicel CEO Responds to CellularOne’s 4G

January 27, 2011

Digicel Bermuda today [Jan 27] released a statement, with CEO Wayne Caines saying they wish to clarify some key points with regards to their 3G+ service versus CellularOne’s new 4G service.

Mr Caines said that “This is a situation which boils down to timings and semantics – not differences in technology or in speeds,” and said that “both companies offer similar download speeds.”

On Tuesday [Jan 25] CellularOne announced the launch of its new 4G wireless network, the first of its kind in Bermuda. CellularOne said: “The new HSPA+ [High Speed Packet Access evolved] network with maximum theoretical download speeds of 21 MB/s is the same network that two of the largest carriers in the United States currently employ and market as 4G.”

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer the first 4G wireless network in Bermuda,” Frank Amaral, CellularOne’s Chief Operating Officer said on Tuesday. “With 4G data speeds, our customers will be able to email faster, surf the web quicker and stream media faster than those using the older 3G technology…”

Mr Caines’s full statement is below:

We would like to clarify for mobile customers across Bermuda some key points with regards to our 3G+ service versus CellularOne’s just announced 4G service.

It is important to point out that both networks (Digicel and CellularOne) use the same technology – namely High Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) – and as such, both companies offer similar download speeds.

When Digicel launched its 3G+ service in July of last year, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) did not recognise HSPA+ as a 4G technology. In December, the ITU then softened its definition HSPA+ technology to fall under the umbrella of 4G.

As such – this is a situation which boils down to timings and semantics – not differences in technology or in speeds.

The two major differentiators between Digicel’s 3G+ service and the offering from CellularOne are as follows:

  • In line with Digicel’s premise of best coverage, Digicel’s 3G+ service is available island-wide – unlike CellularOne’s, which is not
  • Digicel’s 3G+ service is underpinned by the company’s commitment to best value which ensures that customers always benefit from more for less courtesy of Bermuda’s Bigger, Better Network
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  1. blackbeard de pirate says:

    yesterday another cellular company suggested i use 2G, i may have to bite the bullet and break my contract with them, they are slower then an old dial up modem and the most unreliable service in bermuda.

    • Copy Cat says:

      Sounds like the cellular company I have that specializes in dropped calls every time your on the phone… Whats up with that!?

    • Funny Money says:

      Mr. Caines
      Why are you committing this fraud on me by saying you’re going to give me “Double Credit” when I top up when in fact it is only Digicel to Digicel for 14 days after purchase?????????

      Mr. Caines
      Why do you give “Credit” in $$$$ and not in Minutes???? I NEVER know how many minutes I have on my Digicel service because you don’t want me to know.

      Mr. Caines
      I’ve considered using my “Net 1″ USA cell phone because weather I purchase 200 minutes and get 100 bonus minutes ($20), or 600 + 100 bonus minutes ($45) and using it here would cost double “minutes” meaning I could use it in Bermuda and call ANY NUMBER $20 = 150 minutes or $45 = 350 minutes…..

      • But Why?? says:

        I am really trying to figure out how this comment relates to this article. My question to you is… have you E-mailed Digicel directly on this? I doubt Mr.Caines has time to watch Bernews for these arbitrary comments that should be going through their customer care people. You won’t get anything solved by posting randomness. Please take this concern through the appropriate channels.

        • Les says:

          Well you don’t have to figure out any more. He is a unhappy customer, directing his anger at the CEO for all to read on Bernews. A perfect tool before ultimately having to switch.

          • Errr.... says:

            That is a pointless comment. It barely deserves an answer. The fact of the matter is that it has nothing to do with this article and the technology.SMH for people entertaining venting online instead of contacting their cell carrier.

            • Les says:

              Pointless! I think not. Why don’t you just scroll down to the relevant posts, or do you have ulterior motives.

              • Miss. Hmm... says:

                I am sorry I have to agree with But why and Err… Take you concerns to the company because they do not relate to the main point of this article. Whenever I have a concern I speak up. I must say if you switch and do the same thing you will get the same result. Venting to “nobodies” won’t get you anywhere…

      • To Be Real says:

        U should switch to Cell1′s Daily prepaid plan. Unlimited talk & text till midnite for just $2.50 per day. Pay only on the days you use it. Includes lots of freebies like Gov Fee…..

    • les says:

      Mr. Caines, i have been a very loyal customer with Digicel since its inception. I always pay my bills on time. Over the years i may have bought about 9 phones from you. whenever i see new technology in a phone and its something i want i will buy it from you, i am always treated like a new customer.i have always had to pay the full price. i dont care about a contract, THAT i have been paying over the years, just make a better offer to your loyal customers that have been with you for years. I HAVE JUST BOUGHT A NEW PHONE FROM CELLULOCO TO SAVE MONEY BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOUR VALUED CUSTOMERS.

  2. Tthe Truth says:

    I knew this was too good to be true… How could they have 4G and it is not out in the majority of the US Cities.

    I also notice that i have not seen an increase in speed when i down load. If it was 4G it should be lighting fast

    Cellular none !

  3. Bda Skink says:

    does that mean more cell phone towers going up to give more coverage, we’ve become concrete and cell phone tower jungle down here. As the song goes, tore down paradise to put up a parking lot, in our case towers and concrete!

  4. Scott says:

    errr as far as i know, 4g is meant to be above 21MB/s, not maxed out at 21…. am i wrong, or is this cell one guy fudging names to impress us?

    • Brainiac says:

      Cellone’s is the same network at TMobile and AT&T in the US so what’s the problem?? Ask Digi how they are selling data modems that are only 7.2mbps and calling that 3G+……smoke screen dude……

      • Scott says:

        lol great so they’re all lying to us? bah!

      • potatoekeet says:

        Digicel is only selling 7.2 because that’s all thats available (that what they told me)
        At least they give it for free .. not like cell one whose were so expensive you paid by the month … ridiculous…..

        • Columbia says:


          you may want to go into cellone cuz they’re giving the data keys for free as well. better check your info. you might want to see if digicel’s putting a cap on the usage before you max out.

          • Errr.... says:

            I get alerts to tell me when I am reaching my limit with Digicel. I am very aware of what my limit is and had a lot of help from the staff there when I signed up for the modem. I have yet to see a major problem with this service personally and I have been there for years. I work in IT so keep in mind I don’t go on hear say I HAVE to look at facts. They have the same service fine… Good for them. All this carrier bashing is just not relevant.

  5. Dragging A Lure says:

    Before 1998,
    I believe you only had TELCO and they provided .50MB. E-mail was a date late and excepted by the ruling party of the day.

    • 32n64w says:


      For someone who purports to be non-partisan you certainly have a knack/preference for selecting very specific dates and issues when making leading remarks. Care to come out from behind the political curtain? ;-)

  6. Speedy says:

    Hspda is considered 3g+, speeds up to 7.2Mb/s.
    Hspa is considered 4G, speedz up to 21Mb/s.

    The only problem I see with cell one is they’re displaying non 4g phones as 4g. Ie iphone, samsyng. These will still utilize the hspda with speeds up to 7.2 Mb/s. Theres currently no 4g phones for sale on the island.
    As for the 3rd carrier on the island….. Coverage and data connectivity sucks.

    • Onion says:

      4G does not exist it’s just a marketing ploy. What is being marketed as 4G is just upgraded 3G. None of the service being provided by any current carrier anywhere is 4G they can’t reach that speed. However being that the technology isn’t really 3G they are marketing it as 4G. they just want you to spend more $ lol.

  7. Speedy says:

    Sorry, 4g is officially support up to 100 Mb/s but in north america

  8. Speedy says:

    Accepted at 21Mb/s considered 4g.

  9. Truth says:

    This debate only too accurately highlights the real problem. Regulators don’t know how to classify what is 3G and what is 4G therefore the bar keeps moving. It’s why you can move from 3G to 4G and not notice any real change in performance. It’s gonna be some time before the bands of what of 3G and what is 4G are narrowed down and consumers are able to see a tangible difference between the two.

  10. tester says:

    Cellularone is 4G Period. look on http://www.gsmworld.com‘s website

    Cellularone has the best coverage voice and data period.

    Cellularone’s data speeds are the fastest and i have noticed the upgrade and speed.

    posting speed’s about what each network can do is bull post real speeds….

    • Mr. Reality says:

      How much did Cell None pay you to say that tester? I use all 3 providers do to my occupation and I can say the 4G marketing campaign is all a marketing ploy. True 4G in my opinion would be LTE as it is the newest form of mobile telecommunications technology. In my experience and honest opinion Cell One is begging for market share because Digicel is kicking them in the nuts. When I see their phones display 4G next to their alpha tag then I’ll believe they have 4G. O and tester if you don’t know what an alpha tag is it is the name of the carrier that is displayed on the phone! Go do some more research buddy!

  11. EXPress says:

    And with the faster speeds you will just reach your monthly data cap that much quicker!

    As for the “other provider” I would be grateful if their edge worked properly. That would be a start.

    The last 3 months has not been fun…………….”turn off 3g” should not be an option!

    • potatoekeet says:

      I get my alerts from Digi when I reach my limit .. its great .. and I have online access … even though I have an M3 work phone….

  12. Truth is killin' me says:

    Cellular phone companies are on this island to get your dollars through lies and deception. In this case “TALK IS NOT CHEAP!”

    • Mr. Reality says:

      That’s a dumb statment! So what do you perpose? A cellular phone company is a business so ofcourse they want your money! Is your idea of lies and deception what they call “Marketing”? Lets be for real, you want something for nothing! I bet your a pre-paid customer huh?

  13. It Is What It Is? says:

    Mr. Caines in the real world this is known as COMPETETION….when you all went 3G in July whatever the reason “another providers” customers were for some reason affected by YOUR companies upgrade,,,if they are saying that they have 4G why the need to defend your 3G? competition…get over it! and for the reocrd I don’t use either provider…

    • Lissa says:

      I agree.

      • B Real says:

        Why hate? Clearly Caines understands the ‘real world’ and competition. If I were CEO of Digicel and my competitor launched an HSPA+ network (like Digicel’s) and made claims to better, I would ensure my customers knew the truch behind 3G+ and Cellone claim to superior ’4G’

        it was the right thing to do, I support Digicel on this one…

        • It Is What It Is? says:

          Whose hating Sunshine? my apologies if YOU misintepreted my comment…So not hating..merely pointing out that its called Competetition…..When his company upgraded another cell providers customers were affected..that’s a fact not a myth..Cellular one upgrades..no problem, no sservice interuption to other carriers..hmmmmm..go figure…If it’s the same its the same..I really don’t care…but at the end of the day…let the cards fall where they may….

          Pssstt..IT’S CALLED COMPETETION!!!!…can you hear me now?????

          • Just a thought says:

            Just a thought. If you want to sound like you know what you are talking about…please check your spelling. It’s COMPETITION! And I’m curious as to why,if you are not a customer of either company,you are so passionately ignorant about this subject. Hmmmmm…..

            • It Is What It Is says:

              @ just a thought..whoopee! so I made a typo..it happens all the time..so childish to point that out and even more childish of you to result to name calling and clearly missing the point of the comment…..and whether I am a customer or not I have a right to my opinion ..you can agree or disagreee I really don’t care

          • Mr. Reality says:

            Mrs. It Is What It Is?

            How would a company’s customer’s be effected by Digicel upgrading to 3G+? Please explain I am a little confused by this statement. As for the reality of the matter yes competition is competition but what Mr. Caines has done in which I applaud him for is clarifying to the people of Bermuda exactly what 4G and the miss conception that has been led by this marketing scheme! I know personally as I am a customer of Cell One and was lead under the impression that we had “4G”! I would like utilize this new “4G” service but as Mr. Caines has pointed out it is no different from what the Bigger Better Network already offers to its customer.

            Can you hear ME now?????

            • Columbia says:

              Mr. Reality,

              the word is ‘misconception’. i believe what It Is What It Is is saying is that many M3 customers had “Digicel” displayed on their phones when the 3G+ network was launched. it was a nightmare for many which i believe has been fixed. definitely something any carrier might experience. let’s face it, technology is guaranteed to let you down at some point or another.

              • It Is What It Is says:

                @ Mr Reality you are correct because that is exactly what happened, along with the interruption of sending and receiving messages…I expereinced no delays with Cellular One…The other point is that nobody “rained on” Digicel’s parade when they announced their upgrade..Let Cellular One have a “chance to shine”

                • Mr. Reality says:

                  It is What it is!

                  Why should they shine when clearly what they are offering is the same product! A Rose by any other name……

                  • Columbia says:

                    and what digicel offered by way of phones, etc. was the same as cellone when digicel launched 3g+. so it’s a viscious circle. again, at least there’s a choice.

            • It Is What It Is says:

              If you must know M3 wireless was affected ..check Mr. Caines and he can tell you because ALL M3 Customers received an email that day from to say so and apologies from Digicel..

  14. Curious says:

    I was wondering if Digicel was planning on full island-wide service for their regular cell phone service? I have to walk down the road to get a signal, which has been fun on these rainy nights….

  15. speedy says:

    posting speeds of other providers isn’t bull. It’s relevent. My point was digicel are sour graping, when hsdpa isnt 4g. And cell one are falsely advertising 3g+ phones as 4g phones..

    • Columbia says:

      i just went to the cellone website… where do they show the phones being 4g?

    • Errr.... says:

      They aren’t denying the 4G classification. They are simply outlining the fact that they offer the same product. Some people take things for face value and wouldn’t even ask if there is a difference. Bermudians want the latest and the greatest even when they don’t need it or know about it. I understand why he would want to set the record straight. If people change providers it should be for valid concerns not ignorance.

  16. 32n64w says:

    Both Digicel and Cellular One are relying on semantics to support their 4G network descriptions. I believe Long Term Evolution (LTE), which utilises spectrum formally allocated to TV stations (UHF and/or VHF), is the next ‘real’ 4G standard. The advantages are significant as the penetration and cost savings to operate at these bands are significantly better allowing for fewer towers and much faster speeds.

  17. Crazy says:

    Really was it necessary to rain all over their parade. I didn’t see the CellularOne CEO jumping all in the press when you released your 3G+ service. But guess what Digicel….. CellularOne Still has superior coverage island wide. Here’s to 4 Bars when it counts!

    • B Real says:

      Are you serious? I could understand why Digicel would want to set the record straight: the Cell 1 network is essentially not superior as they claim. I am glad they did inform us!

  18. Chris says:

    Does it really make a difference when my 3G iPad only gets just over 1Mb/s with full signal from Digicel? You hear about how fast their network can be but you can never see it!

    • Brainiac says:

      On CellOne after the network upgrade this week I’ve been getting a pretty consistent 3.5mb/s on my iPad so thats pretty good I think.

      • Chris says:

        I wish I could get that! I get pages timing out all the time with Digicel! I have M3 for my work phone and the only way for it to work is to turn off 3G! Mobile communications on this island is a joke.

      • Miss. Hmm... says:

        Braniac, you are truly making me laugh. You clearly know a little too much about telecommunications. You sound like a Cell1 insider through and through slipping in data speeds you can’t prove. Let’s stick to the facts shall we; Cell1 has launched the same technology that Digicel already has. They were able to launch it as 4G because of a change in classification. Digicel has highlighted this fact (and rightfully so) so the customer is clear. At the end of the day the phones don’t say 4G. Why don’t you get off the internet because I am sure Cell1 doesn’t pay you to frolic about on Bernews!

        • Columbia says:

          i’m glad i’m seeing both sides of the fence. as a non techie kinda person, at least now i can make an informed decision.

          miss hmmm… do you think digicel would’ve launched the network as 4g if the timing was right according to mr. caines’ response?

          • Miss. Hmm... says:

            I believe that if it fell within the classification and appropriate timeline they would have certainly done so. I don’t believe the term 4G was the issue. I believe not acknowledging the technology already existed on island was why he needed to confirm.

  19. infrastructure says:

    Does it really make a difference how fast the cell network is? If ther are 100 people trying to connect to the same 10Mb internet service they will all experience the same lack of speed no matter the cellular technology.

    Maybe all the cell companies should be focusing on quality coverage and customer support instead of fighting over who’s got the bigger number!

  20. x98car says:

    I’m sorry but IMO just because someone softened the definition of 4G does not make this 4G. LTE is 4G, phones like the HTC EVO use this 4G. All cellularone has done is upped their 3G speed, which is good, but that doesn’t make it 4G. All about marketing I guess. Also in regard to cellone’s statement in the news the other day about having the first 3G network on the island I am pretty sure M3 wireless beat them by a few months in launching their 3G network.

    • Tracker says:

      Cellualrones first 3G network was EVDO (same as Verizon’s) back inn 2005 which is still in service.

      • x98car says:

        I, see. So they are counting that. Was that even real 3G speed though? I mean real world, not theoretical.

        • Tracker says:

          Its 3G EVDO Rev A to be precise. Same as what Vewrizon and Sprint have across the whole of the USA. On average would get 2mbs/s on the browser and that was starting back in 2005! Digi/M3 have been on Edge until only recently. Cell One’s 4G is an entirely separate GSM network. If you want to add the 2 networks together I guess you could say they are 7G!!! Get hip with the facts Dude…..

          • x98car says:

            I did say real world speed for their previous CDMA 3G network. Considering their new 3G network had until recently topped out at about 1.5mb speeds (my sister was with them on a iPhone 4 so I know what speeds they had), I find it VERY hard to believe people were seeing 2mb speed on their CDMA network. Looking it up average speeds seem to be 300-600Kbps on those networks which is nothing to write home about. All cellularone seem to have done now is upgrade their gsm variety 3G network and slapped a shiny 4G sticker on it. It isn’t true 4G by any means. BTW since you seem to know all the facts what makes Cellularone’s 4G HSPA+ different than Digicel’s 3G+ HSPA+?

  21. x98car says:

    Just to add, I get pretty consistent download speeds in the 4.5mb range on my iPhone 4 on digicel. Just to give a comparison for anyone who has tested cellularone’s “3G upgrade”.

  22. Bermy says:

    I guess Digicel will rename their 3G+ service as 4G shortly!

    • Cleancut says:

      That was the plan. But guess what happened. That would infuriate any CEO.

  23. Columbia says:

    if digicel had the opportunity to ‘brand’ their network 4g, they would’ve done it. after reading the article about cellone, there’s no smoke and mirrors here. if the itu says the technology can be called 4g, then i’m sure there’s no harm in it. the problem in bermuda is that only a limited number of people are on devices that will benefit from the upgrade. if you’re on a blackberry, the changes are minimal if any. as a consumer, it’s great to have the choice!

  24. Crazy says:

    4 is Greater than 3+ any day. Long live CellularONE!!

  25. Tracker says:

    So where’s ummmmM3 in all this???

    • blackbeard de pirate says:

      they told me to use 2G seriously no lie.

      • Speedy says:

        You’re on an android or iphone arent you? That seems to be their solution. I cant even access 2g data

        • hey says:

          im use android most of the time but my moms blackberry is about the same.

  26. x98car says:

    ^ They are using the same technology as Digicel. Just by one company calling it 4 and the other 3 doesnt change the fact that they are the same.

    ^^ You are probably right about that. Like I said it’s all in the marketing. Doesn’t change the fact that true 4G devices will not see any benefit of this. All it does is boost the speed on current 3G devices, and to nowhere near that 21mb rate (I realize they said theoretical, but again that is just marketing. Throw out some big numbers to get people excited). I would like to know the real world statistics from this. One person earlier said they were seeing 3.5mb speed now on their iPad. Like I said I have had 4.5mb on my iPhone with Digicel, so no advantage there.

  27. Oy Vey says:

    I’m not a techie, so these acronyms are all Russian to me… I’m actually glad that Digicel put out a statement to clarify what 3G+ and 4G mean because I think we deserve to know that 4G is the same thing as 3G+, just with a shiny new label. A rose by any other name…

    • Not Dopey says:

      I am not Dopey, I am a loyal Cell one customer and I have been since the Levrock/Eve days…

      I now have this so called 4G, They Cellular one do not have 4G coverage island wide. It is awful in some areas and it is non existant on others.

      Yo, Digicel is looking mighty appealing right about now.

      • Crazy says:

        Don’t do it. You’ll be leaving superior coverage.

      • Columbia says:

        if you never been on digicel, just remember that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

    • Columbia says:

      i’m pretty sure cellone explained what 4g is… did digicel do that when they launched 3g+? not sure, but i’m certain they hyped up their network without backing stuff up. that includes selling stuff that doesn’t work on 3g+ speeds. the next time you talk to a digicel rep, ask them what speed their modem works on and see if they’re straight up. i get nothing but “um’s” on the phone.

      • x98car says:

        That’s an issue with employees for all 3 companies. Only a handful of people know any specific details with regard to the technology in use. And those people are not the ones in the stores or answering the phones.

        • Columbia says:

          that would mean that people like mr. caines might want to be clear on what digicel offers on top of feeling the need to clarify what other companies are doing. just saying.

  28. Not Dopey says:

    Crazy, just walking over to Digicel now to switch providers… my son is with them so it makes sense, with thier free incoming calls. i save a bunch…

    sorry Cellone.

  29. Not Surprised says:

    I’m sorry. But most of the cel phone providers on the island say the same ole same ole to bring in numbers. Once you sign their contract and find their services don’t work, that’s the true testament. I have been a Cellone customer for years, and have always been treated like a customer should, when anything has gone wrong. They have always given me very good service. So props to cellone. 4g or not I don’t care I’m staying with them for that reason alone. I have seen first hand how the other providers treat you and in fact have a friend who has been fighting with one of the other for 2 months now and still no resolution. When i try to call him or other on that network straight to voicemail because they are not in a “good area”. Good forbid a real emergency. I have also heard many people complain about the signal on the other two as well. My friend was also told to switch to the 2g and data would work. This is ridiculous as he is paying for 3g services so why shoould he switch to lesser and still have to pay 3g. That’s just wrong. SO what cell one’s 4g is not true 4g but they have not lied because it falls within the 4g parameters.

  30. x98car says:

    Little off-topic but has Cellone fixed their issue with FaceTime on iPhone 4 yet?

    • potatoekeet says:

      They should not even be selling the iphone .. they are not an official reseller …… when you buy one is it under warranty ? ask them

      • x98car says:

        They, just like M3 sell factory unlocked iPhones, which is perfectly legal to do. You are right they are not an official carrier of the iPhone though. I would assume the warranty is good on them for the standard year that Apple gives, only issue is it would be from whatever country they are bringing them in from.

        • Cleancut says:

          A lot of iphone customers are going to be very angry after they try to update thier firmware. Are the local companies willing to unlock the phones after APPLE applies a factory restore. I don’t see any warnings in the sales agreement.

          • x98car says:

            The cell companies here sell factory unlocked iPhones. They do not lock when updated or restored so that isn’t a issue.

            • Cleancut says:

              Because the phones are unlocked does not mean you can update on iTunes. I don’t think the local companies here have any agreement with APPLE. Please tell me I am wrong. I did make enquiries.

              • x98car says:

                As I said they do not have any agreement with Apple. That is why they have to bring in factory unlocked iPhones. These type of iPhones do not lock when updated. If you buy a locked iPhone and then get it software unlocked by jailbreaking then that is the type of iPhone you must not update or restore, as they will re-lock.

                • Cleancut says:

                  The point I was trying to make is that the iPhone cannot be updated on iTunes unless you are an AT&T customer. ITunes will restore the phone back to factory settings and it cannot be used until old firmware is restored.

                  • x98car says:

                    That isn’t correct at all. Factory unlocked iPhones which is what M3 and Cellularone sell, are unlocked, no matter how many times you update or restore them. You are confusing software unlocked iPhones and factory unlocked iPhones. I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 bought from the UK Apple store. It had 4.0 on it when I bought it. I have updated every time a new firmware has come out and the phone does not relock. Please understand the difference between the two.

  31. Miss. Hmm... says:

    I think that some people are missing the bottom line. Digicel is outlining that the statement “Bermudas only 4G provider” is incorrect. I think that makes perfect sense seeing that they had this technology since last year. The fact that Cell1 upgraded is not the issue… Come on people! Debating what each carrier offers is a total tangent that should be left out of this.

    • x98car says:

      Very true. Also the line where they are saying they will be rolling out 4G devices as more become available is not accurate as the phones coming out that are billed as 4G phones are not referring to the same 4G that Cellone is.

    • potatoekeet says:

      This is hilarious …. Cell One have fooled you all ….. There isn’t even 4G handsets out there yet ….. so even if it was 4G (and its not) you would not even be able to access the speeds anyway !!!!

      Sprint are doing it in US.. they just copied them ….

      Cell One are cleary struggling to survive and this is a last ditch effort to fool Bermudians …. and easily fooled by some of the comments on this thread…..

      • Columbia says:

        just out of curiosity, do you folks build a house, then furnish it or the other way around?

        • x98car says:

          I see what you are saying but it doesn’t really apply here since Cellone hasnt built their 4G house. This “new” network is used by the same 3G phones that are out today, a change of hardware is not required to take advantage of this. Nobody has a true 4G network on the island (LTE) that the new 4G phones can take advantage of, and probably won’t for a long time.

  32. x98car says:

    Please explain to me why my comments are not going through now??

    • bernews says:

      Sorry, if truth be told, its a logistical problem…we only have one person to approve the comments and I stay on it around 18 hrs a day, but for around 6 hrs a day they get held – as I am asleep. Nothing nefarious, sorry about the delay…


      • x98car says:

        Not a problem, was just wondering yesterday since I kept seeing new posts going up but mine still had waiting for moderation on them. Not an issue though :)

  33. all i know says:

    the technical side of things is far beyond my comprehension. all i know is i’ve had cellone for years and i don’t drop calls and get good coverage pretty much everywhere. i’ve lost count of the number of times my friends or family with digicel complain about their network being down or not being able to get a signal. many a time i’ve lent my phone to people to place calls because they can’t get a signal with digicel.

    i may pay a bit more for cellone, but i get what i pay for. i wouldn’t dream of switching. maybe digicel has too many customers to be able to provide consistent and good service, i don’t know. i just know that cellone is far more reliable for me.